Saturday, December 25, 2010

A trip to Harnai, again.


As the phone alarm goes off, you wake up and the sound of rushing sea waves fall on your ears. You look out and holds the magnificent view in your eyes. The sun has risen and looks burning red, a flock of birds is sitting at a distance on the water which look like white dots floating in bunch. You smile and keep staring. It was a different morning for me and my friend who had travelled to Harnai the earlier night.

It was a long weekend, an opportunity which comes very rarely. We grabbed it and were now next to the seashore. Three days holiday, I had sighed the day we left. For a moment, while stepping out of the house, my lazy mind had somewhat kicked back, “3 days holiday…3 days of lazing around…doing nothing”. Our mind is so powerful, isn’t it? For many days I had the wish for a holiday and now when I am on it, this strange mind, for a moment slips and urges to stay back, just to lazy around. I am not sure if it happens with everyone.

Coming back to the Harnai, I had already visited this place earlier and had written in detail about the trip. This time too, our places of visit were somewhat similar. One addition was the Harihareshwar beach.

Harihareshwar is a serene and beautiful beach at about 124 km (2-2.5 hours) from Harnai. It is also called as Kashi of southern India. The main attraction of this place is the Shiv temple. The gaabhaaraa (veranda) is quite spacious and quiet. Most of the spiritual places are now over-popularized and hence over-crowded. But this temple is saved from that trouble. The place has an importance for spiritual rites after funeral. After the darshan, we got into the waters. The sea is just marvellous and any photography fan will go crazy to capture the turbulent water and the setting sun. I will be posting many of the pics on my photoblog.

The vast sea and it’s power makes us look tiny and insignificant as we stand before the huge water body. It has the potential to depress you, boldly pointing you as a tiny creature or it may bring the infiniteness that is dormant in you and may make you find the real you. For me it was just a state of awe I went in, looking at the beauty surrounding everywhere around me.

Finally this trip gave me the break I needed. At least my photoblog would be updated regularly, for some time….

P.S : After I wrote my first post of Harnai, many asked me about the address and telephone no. So here’s it, for those interested in visiting the place -

Ocean Palace
Namrata Chopade
Mukkam Post Harnai (Harnai baazarpeth),
Taluka Dapoli,
Zilla Ratnagiri.
Mobile : 9270169869

Saturday, December 11, 2010



Complaints & Complaints! I have been doing that from past few months. I don’t get time to post blog nor I get time to read other blogs. I promise, make plans and then don’t get sufficient time and have to compromise.

Why is this happening to me? Sometimes I think of myself taking the last breath and I think about the desires that I would leave behind in this world bonding me to come back. There are so many things that I want to do. At times I wonder what have kept me from achieving these? Was I so busy that I couldn't do realize what I planned? When I look back, I don’t find any reason or so.

I still have to contemplate and find the root coz I have to destroy it…I want to do what I like…Time is precious…Life is too short to be wasted…2010 will be past in a few days and 2011 will begin. It will be foolish to let go another year with desires unachieved…

Thursday, November 18, 2010



I hunt the world
In search of happiness

In money I find it
But next moment it deceases

Then I learn
It’s not without, it’s within

For outside you’ll find materials
And not the eternal bliss


It’s not in money
It’s not in fame

It’s in your soul
Give love and love you’ll gain

Seek it outside
You will find none

Within you reach
And be one with “One”
- Megha

P.S - I am sorry I am not getting enough time to read much these days. I will see to it that I take out time this weekend and read fellow blogger's posts. This poem just popped into my mind out of inspiration and awe. Do write what do you think about it.

Friday, October 29, 2010



I could hear the voices
The laughter and the cries

I could see in blur
The kids playing and the picture was nice

There I was, swinging…
up, down and rise


What happened then?
Why did the picture stained?

The kids disappeared
Colors from the picture drained?

No I wont allow
No I wont allow
Please fill the colors...
I cry in pain
I cry in pain

- Megha

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I need a time machine


Life is running so fast….

From the day that we started understanding things, thousands of desires penetrated our mind. Toys…Friends…Fun….Money…as we grew the list grew too and it will keep extending until we are burned to ashes. Which is not bad at all. Only when you desire then you will achieve it. There’s a saying in marathi which goes like this -

jo saakhar maagto, tyalach dev saakhar deto…which translates to – God gives sugar only to he who asks sugar

So ask and you will get it. But that’s not what this post is about but my point here is that there are so many things that we want, things we wish to happen, things we want to do. Dreams, dreams…but no plans. And unfortunately there are only seven days a week, of which five days, we spend in office. So we just have two days left. To speak the truth, two days is not less, but you blink and Monday is back. My experience says that times runs faster than usual on Saturday and Sunday.  Shouldn’t it be otherwise ?

I think this was the most haphazard post I have written till date. But I have to be fast coz…

Life is running fast…

Sunday, October 17, 2010

PhotoArchive – Need a break

From past few months I have not been to any place for a holiday. And whenever I see my old photos it reminds me of the good times that I had and then I get anxious.

I think I need a break. I want to spent at least a few days peacefully, away from work, away from the tiresome travelling. Somewhere near the beaches or in the mountains. I need to think about it.

By the way, this pic below, was taken at Harnai in Konkan Maharashtra. A cow at the beach, different isn’t it ? Seems even they need change ?

BTW, what title comes in your mind for this pic ?

Sunday, October 10, 2010


How was the past ?
What will be the future ?

Why do we care?
Forget the questions!

It's the good feeling in the journey
That is to be nutured

- Megha

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Time wrap

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The train stopped at Nandpur and she alighted. She was the new collector and had privilege to all the conveniences. But she chose to come to Nashik by plane and then the small journey from Nashik to the remote Nandpur by train. There was a big reason behind that. She wanted to be at the Nandpur train station, for some time. It was this place she had started her journey to a new life twenty years earlier. She was proud of her growth from the old Rekha to this new powerful collector Rupa. It was this place! she acclaimed. Its this place! She could still remember the night.
She, the young and beautiful Rekha, was waiting at the Nandpur station. She was caring a trunk filled with all that she needed. The train was about to come. It was 1:30 am. A few of the station lights were lit. She couldn’t see even a single person in the vicinity. A man with black dress was seen far. ‘Must be the station master’, she thought.
Shekhar was coming towards her. He had gone to buy two tickets for Mumbai. They had dreamt about this time from such a long time and now it had arrived. She rushed towards a corner. Shekhar followed her. He was smiling. The happiness was evident on his face. She had never seen him happier than tonight.
“Hey, see, I have the two tickets to Mumbai. These tickets will set the base for our new life” he said with hands stretched wide in air, happy. She smiled.
But she had something else in her mind, “Not we Shekhar. Only me. You are not coming with me dear”
“What ?”
“Yes. Unfortunately after a lot of thinking, I have come to conclusion that you won’t be of much help to me, in fact you’ll be a boulder in my progress…So I have decided that you will stay here. Forget the Mumbai dream. Do your stuff, gulami at the savkaar, and you will survive”
“What ?” he was still trying to make sense to what she was saying.
“You don’t get it? I said give me the tickets and get out of here” she raised her voice.
“ you betrayed me. All those dreams and love you showed was for this day. The dreams you showed me was the cloud of deceit. But how can you think that I would just leave you to do whatever you think ?” his voice was trembling with anger, but she was unfazed.
“So you, you, a small tiny worm who does what the savkaar orders is threatening me ?” she laughed, the cruelty evident.
“You can’t” she added aggressively. “You can’t. You know why ?….b’coz of this” she pointed at the trunk in her hand.
“See this ? The money you have stolen from the savkaar. Somebody must have seen you. Or if nobody has, still they won’t take much time to identify coz only one from the helpers have access to the safe room. It will not take much time, Shekhar. I would advise you to leave this place as soon as possible.They are coming after you” she laughed, a vicious laugh.
He was hurt, terribly wounded. His fist tightened, anger overpowered and he came rushing towards her, charged. There wasn’t even a slight fear in her eyes. She was as calm as she was at the time when she made the plan. As he was near her to hit her, she pulled the log she had hid and banged it on his head. He passed out the next minute.
“You dare to hit me Shekhar ? Okay…..I promise you, I’ll come back here…to see your degrading life. If you are doing well, I’ll see how to show you the hell. And if you are not in this village. I’ll find you.” Her voice was raised, talking to the deaf body. She snatched the ticket and left.
‘That was the beginning. Now I have transformed. I have the sources you won’t imagine’ She felt better as she stood and reminisced that night.
The village officials and savkaar were standing out to welcome her. She smiled  and exchanged greetings. She sifted her eyes through the crowd to see if she could see the face. It wasn’t in the crowd.
‘No problem Shekhar. I’ll find you’ she thought.
The next morning as she drank the tea, she called the old servant. “Do you know anyone with the name Shekar ? He used to work for the savkaar. His servant”
“Yes…you bitch” he said with angry but low voice. “It’s me. Look at me. You came to find me ? Here I am. Killing you.” she stood, caught off-hand.
“Killing. Did you hear me ? In some time you will be dead. The tea that you just drank now had poison” He laughed. She sank in her chair. She tried to throw up.
“It’s done. The  circle has completed. You will soon be in hell” he said and left.
- The End -
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ganesh Festival - Part 1

Tomorrow is Anant Chaturthi. Our favourite God will bid us goodbye, leaving us sombre and sad.

Past few days had been pleasant and full of energy. When on other days I refuse to step out of home after being back from office, now I happily agree to have a night tour to these Ganpati mandals.

We encountered a few pandals who were in mission to siphen money out of people’s pockets by giving entry to few people in the pandal at a time and then proposing pass tickets for faster entry. We chose to avoid these and visit where there was no or shorter queue. It’s all together a different feeling, full family stepping out late night, wandering in different galis, each having their own idol.

Following is Ganapati from Anjirwadi Ganesh Mandal, a mandal funded by Chagan Bhujbal.

Don't forget to drop your comments!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Kankavli trip (Konkan Maharashtra)


Last weekend I happened to visit a beautiful place in Konkan belt of Maharashtra, a village called Kankavli.  There are number of trains that leave from Mumbai CST, we took the overnight sleeper ‘Kokan Kanya’.

It was the first time I entered an express train, so everything was first time and also amusing for me. The passengers in the train talked to us as if we knew each other for years. One after another came the vendors calling out their merchandise, bhajiya, chicken biryani, veg biryani and also bread omlet. We bought tea :)

After some talks with fellow passengers, when the clock showed 12, everyone pulled bed-sheets out of their bags. I climbed to the uppermost berth. I stuck to the wall, dad looking confused, asked me ‘You won’t roll down, right ?’ I smiled and hoped I won’t :)

When I got up the next morning, fortunately one piece, as I looked out of the door, I couldn’t believe how beautiful this earth could look. Thought of sharing the pics :)

Following  are few pics that I clicked from running train. Thankfully even in fast running train they are quite good :)

After every twenty minutes there was a tunnel, and when the train exited tunnel, a beautiful scenery was ready to mesmerize you…Green fields…rice...sugarcane…wild rivers…

Above is a station ‘Nivasar’ on our way. Again some beautiful houses surrounded by coconut trees.

Next few are the ones that I clicked after reaching Kankavli.If you see the last pic, the roads are in much better shape than Mumbai roads, aren’t they ? ;)

Kankavli itself is a beautiful place.But it is also a central place from where one can travel to some beautiful tourist places like Sindhudurg fort which is built in sea. Then Goa, Kolhapur, Malvan are few hours away.

After the trip, I wondered, If it is so beautiful here in August, how it would have been in monsoon ?

Friday, August 06, 2010

Afternoon is for rest


Venue : Ganesh Mandir, Mumbai.

I thought people visit temples in search of divinity or to add peace in life. But probably dadaji was a bit tired for any divine lessons :)

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Secret to you

[ Written for Sunday Scribblings prompt : I'd like to thank... ]

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Are you a reader ? Yes or No., whatever your answer be, I would recommend a book that I liked and helped me. Well, actually I am not a fan of personal development genre, in fact I have always been reading everything other than Personal development. And I am sure many of you too may have the same approach. I never thought I would have PD books in my library until I came across Rhonda Bryne's 'The Secret'.

A friend used to mentioned many a times 'law of attraction' in our conversations which used to amuse me.

I knew of Murphy's law and it's perpetual realization in our everyday life. I experienced these. I believed it.
I knew of the Bollywood dialogue 'Agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho to saari kaaynaat usse tum se milaane mein lag jaati hai' which translates to 'If you ask anything from the bottom of your heart , the whole universe will come into action to bring that thing to you'. Haah! I used to laugh at the dialogue.

But after I read the book, I realized the meaning of the words. And yes, it had an impact on me. Things we think happen. Some say, it might be co-incidence. Yes, it might be. Some say it's the positive approach to things. Again,Yes, it might be.

It's just the matter of experiencing things working. And not  how or why. Right ?

Well, for bringing positivity in me, I would like to express my gratitude to
 My friend Hema who recommended me this book, Thank you
 Rhonda Bryne who wrote this positive and powerful book, Thank you
 Yogas & Vedas, where vast information and knowledge about spiritual development were documented ages ago, Thank you

Thank you.
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

No excuses please!

Too many important things happening in my life
I am too busy to sort things
Sorry I forgot
...these are the excuses that we sometimes hear or  we many a times give.
Maybe these are not just excuses but facts. There may be too many things taking place in our life or may be not so many than we think. Most of the times, there are things that have to be completed but are not under our control, sometimes insignificant activities but their mere presence intimidate us.
For example, when I used to live alone, while at onsite, I had to do all my chores myself (which I was not used to). Sometimes at office, by evening, I used to get a bit low thinking of the things after reaching home. Once a colleague asked me about it. I replied, "I have so many tasks to do....Cook food. Do the laundry. Have food. Do the dishes".
He smiled at my answer. And replied to which I had no answer, "Ok about cooking and eating. But what about laundry and dishes. You have washing machine with dryer and also a dish washer. You don’t have to do anything, just load the things, and press a button, that's it".
Yes, he was right. I was just lazy or maybe in the absence of household responsibility back in India, I was intimidated by small chores away from home. Or rather I was over-rating the tasks.
Most of the times, it's not the significance but the long list, that makes us a bit nervous. I have experienced that one thing that helps in such cases is creating a checklist and assigning date or time for each task. Striking the completed chores gives our mind a satisfaction and a picture of where we stand and visual assurance of completion which we lack when the task list is on our mind.
I know I sound too preachy. Well, I just heard those words from a friend and the old days peeped from the memoirs.
But the truth is someday somehow we have to sort things and take our life in our control. Some things are important which cannot be relegated or given excuses. Rather, we should go by the Nike tag (my favourite too) Just do it!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Horoscope and Faith

How many of you plan your day yourself or let the horoscope plan your day ? I occasionally read this horoscope column, just for curiosity. Usually by the time I leave home, I forget everything about the horoscope and what it said.

Even though we show ourselves strong and non-superstitious, sometimes important decisions and hazardous predictions regarding these, makes us go weak in our knees and compel us to doubt. The greater the risk, the greater is the fear. Now positivity law says do not doubt but at the same time it also asks us to look for signs of nature, warnings.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Her heart cried all night – Part 2/2


Refusals were a part of Gracy's life. From the day of birth, every happiness that came her way was drenched with some poignant sadness. But today she felt too hapless, too tired of her life. Broken from inside, the tears flowed down incessantly.....Continued from here

(Two Weeks ago)
Gracy stood at the driveway while the taxi driver carried her bags to the porch. He seemed to be in a hurry. He bid her bye with doubtful eyes. She heard the taxi drive away. Standing twenty feet away she looked at her new home. She wouldn't call it beautiful, anyone would rather call it no good than ugly. It was a two storey house, dull and shabby due to negligence, saddle roof untended for years. Overall, it wasn't a pleasant house, but that wasn't her requirement.

She looked around. It was a quite neighbourhood. She could see eyes sneaking behind the window screens. She felt her heart thump heavy. The most she'd hate was when people looked at her like that. She wanted to disappear into thin air than stand those inquisitive eyes. But this has happened for years. Life had been unfair to her. But she had learned to bury herself in an imaginary shell. She was a coward.

She realized that she had been standing there for long, so she started walking towards the door. From the corner of her eyes, she could see women from the houses shooing and could feel them watching her, with apprehension. By now any new neighbour would have introduced themselves, but how could she expect them to introduce to someone who have just bought their neighbouring haunted house ?

She searched her keys in her bag. But abandoned the search as something struck her mind. She turned the door knob, it opened. It wasn't locked, not surprising for a haunted house, who  would dare to enter ? The inside was too neat for a forsaken house. The dining table was old and rugged, weirdly, there was only a single chair with it. The chandeliers, the rug, looked ancient and intricate, but covered with dust, unmoved, untouched. The room emitted eerie vibes, so cold, so silent that it hurt her ears. She felt like she was standing in a sole house at the centre of a vacuumed space, in some phantasmal presence. Derelict, just like her.


The night had grown too quite and depressing. She stood up and shoved the chair away. The helplessness was taken over by fury. He eyes which were pitiable, now emitted fire. She ran to the numerous doors, opened them, searched for the lifeless, calling them, cursing them. The house cringed in her shrieks.

Bastards”, she called. “You drove away all the people that came here. And now you refuse to show up. Why ? Why can't you dare to come before me ? Everyone betrayed me, everyone...even my parents...they threw me away, like some sewage. Because I was unwanted to them. When the real life refused me I came here, at least the ones who broke me from the real world would accept me...but no too ran away...come out....bastards come out...”

The lonely defeated woman banged the doors with rage, threw things. All her anger that was suppressed like a dormant volcano, erupted with full force. There was no stopping today, she was not in her control. Life had torn her, dabbled her....She was shrieking with all her might...Curses...Curses...Curses...


A neighbour dialled for police. Sounds of thrashing, shrieks was heard from the neighbouring house. Something has gone wrong with the new neighbour...probably she needs medical attention...probably lost her mind…


And she cried all night…

* The End *

P.S : I know this is very depressing story. But I didn't want to give it an unreal ending. Please share your views. Thanks for reading :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Her heart cried all night – Part 1/2

Gracy was sitting on the chair at the dining table looking out of the weathered window which opened to the pine forest devoid of any life. Her eyes were sore red due to crying. 
How unlucky she had been since the day she entered this world. Her mother died in child birth, her father abandoning her subsequently. They never talked. The only person who pulled her close was her nanny. She was an old lady, Gracy called her granny. She was the only one whom she could speak her heart out. Like her family life, her school life was neither easy.
Probably the problem was in her self. Other students found her lost in thoughts, otherworldly, sometimes talking to the dead. Gracy often said she can see her mother. But nobody believed her. Her mannerisms were weird for this sophisticated world. Her father who was already hateful towards her contemplated of institutionalizing her. But her granny came to her rescue.
With time, things grew worse. Her paranormal connection disconnected people from her. Now when she looked for shelter, her deceased mother ceased to see her. Gracy's life became a barren desert with the mirage that fooled her with a sublime memory to spend a single happy moment with her parents.
Years passed, Gracy grew into a beautiful woman, but a weird woman who was given a blind eye. A few years ago, her father had died, leaving her all the money, which was the last thing she expected from him, the first, he never understood. She did a small job just to keep herself engaged. One day she made a decision to shift to the house that once granny had mentioned. Granny didn't stop her or warn her. Granny knew what she was looking for. She requested granny to accompany her but granny refused. Granny said she wanted to spend her last years with her family. Refusals were a part of Gracy's life. She was once again left alone...shattered.
She looked out of the window with the coffee mug in hand. Two weeks had passed since she shifted to this new house. She wasn't happy but also not surprised when nothing happened what she had wished. Refusals were a part of Gracy's life. From the day of birth, every happiness that came her way was drenched with some poignant sadness. But today she felt too hapless, too tired of her life. Broken from inside, the tears flowed down incessantly.
... continued here

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Introduction of Gallery page!


Hi friends, If you have noticed, I have added a new page Gallery. I have assorted all my writings on one page. Don’t forget to explore this page. Would like to hear your suggestions and comments!

Happy reading!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


This period of four months is the most awaited period for the people working on ship trawlers. The sea is difficult and risky at monsoon. For four months they step on land and live the short life at Home to their fullest.

Every life is different and each has it’s own challenges and difficulty, isn’t it ?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rain Rain

Monsoon is in. Summer is out. Now we talk of rains, rains and just rains. And thats what I would be blogging for some time. Here's a pic taken at Ferry wharf, Mumbai during high tide. The large drops of rain made a beautiful pattern on the water, like a grainy chart, hadn't it ?

The ship, should be fish trawler is the highlight that I liked in the gray picture. Keep watching this space for more pics and more monsoon stories.

Well, how's the monsoon with you ?

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Will it every come true ?

Lost in wild thoughts…

With the first sunlight,
I opened my eyes

I breathe in the fresh air
And forget all my plights

The first chirp of the bird
That tingles my ears

The open window brings the freshness,
In my soul, longer that hovers

The cool breeze that stings me
Also brings the first scent of the beaut'l flowers

I want to be there
To free the shackle

To own my dream home
Beyond the concrete jungle

In the wild nature
I want to live in peace

Mountains, Woods, Birds, Rivers
One among them, is my fairy dream

- Megha, The Dreamer

P.S : I was posting this picture on Facebook. As I started to write the description, I don’t know how, but the lines came out with a flow. Seems they were deep within me waiting for me to realise…It’s a dream, a very fairy dream

Saturday, June 05, 2010



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The wind blew eastwards brushing the chill to their faces. They were 50 something, married for decades, spending time together was now not only rare but never thought of, until today. With no one in vicinity, they sat together, close. The atmosphere was quite cool and beautiful. But with the age, the cold was more of inconvenience. Hands were wound tight around the cup of coffee, vapour swirling thick  from the cup, crawling up thinning, vanishing. Sitting on the steps of guest house, they waited for the sun to set. It was a heritage house, a huge, beautifully decorated with traditional mountain culture. It opened into a beautiful view of the valley, with a small rocky road that snaked down the hill. With the backdrop of pine stretching over the hill slope, the sun could only be seen partially. All this, after so many years, sitting together, can only be a dream, playing magic before their eyes. A dream that they yearned years ago only to be forgotten. But now, the magic wand had swung, rewinding the days to their time of youth, when they had been here, after their wedding.

“Wonderful! Isn't it ?”, Navin said to Reena. She smiled in approval. Both watched the sun moving down slowly between the trees, throwing beautiful shades all over the sky.

“Thanks to you, Navin” she said. A faint smile crackled on his face, the face that had wrinkled over years of hard work. He had put in lots of efforts and time to raise the now successful business. It paid off well, but only after years of travelling and separation, then later raising the kids and expanding the business. In earning all the mercenary profits, they lost their youth and routine set in. But in all this Reena never complained.

“Thanks to you, Reena”, he turned to her, gratefully. Tough time had worked out its effect on him, but she had eluded the time, and still effused the same glow.  Though her features had matured with time, they grew subtle. Her cheerful smile still spread the same contagious happiness around. They both smiled. Over the years, they had learned to appreciate each other, one of the many secrets to their successful marriage.

“Our children are now settled. They have their own families. Lets live the rest of life for each other” , he said. A smile appeared on her face. The blush was evident on her face, and why not, such romantic words had fallen on her years after decades. She nodded and rested head on his shoulder....They thought of that lucky day the turn of events also turned their life...


It was last Friday. Like every other day, Navin and their son Rupesh drove together to their office. From past few weeks they were too busy even to think of anything other than work. As Navin jumped out of the car, collecting his things, he was contemplating the agenda for the day.

The first half passed and the clock showed 2 pm. He pushed the files to the edge and started opening his lunch box.  To his surprise, a folded paper was lying  hidden on the small steel cover of the steel container. He frowned. This never happened before. Something made him ponder. He mulled over the open window. Yes. Reena looked different this morning, he saw something in her look that he hadn't seen past several years. What can it be ? He unfolded it.

The contents startled him. The lines were too romantic...

"Darling, the most beautiful time of my life was when u held me in your arms" His face blushed red. He couldn't stop smiling. Was this the secret of the twinkle in Reena's eyes ? But she never been so vocal about love. So age is getting a new Reena from the old. That would be interesting. He laughed. He was enjoying it. Romancing at 50. Without opening the lid to peep the contents he moved aside the container. Under it was another letter on the middle container's lid. Now he was smiling ear to ear. Whatever miracle or dream it is, it's damn good, he chuckled to himself. He unfolded the second letter.

"Darling, the most beautiful words that ever fell on my ears were those sweet three words that you whispered in my ears"

Reena was in a good mood to bomb me out with these letters, he thought. But when was the last time he said uttered those words to her ? Wouldn't be less than decades. A doubt now crept in his mind. He shoved this container aside. As expected there was another letter in the hiding. He was grinning, Why hadn't this happened before ?

"Darling, the most biggest award of my life is you.

I love you. Please come home early today! Love, Neha."

Neha ? So this is a different love story. He was laughing. Hard until it hurt. His cabin's door opened. His son hushed inside, with the other lunchbox in hand, they were swapped in hurry. Why didn't it strike him before ? His son is newly married and such a letters are expected in early marriage days.

"Come many days have passed since your marriage ?"

"One month", Rupesh was promt but the voice apprehensive, guessing, seems Neha had done another stupidity.

Navin continued, "Don't you think you need a break from this work and take her out somewhere ?"

Rupesh was silent, he was seeing a new candid avatar of his dad, unlike the old 'lover of work' father. What's the matter ?

Nain continued, "Well, I think that Neha will agree with me. She has some letters for you". Navin was laughing, with mummed lips, trying hard to control. Today was a best day of his past years that he could think of. Reading someone's letters can be so enjoying, specially when they are love letters...the thought made him laugh loud.

Rupesh's mouth fell. He felt sudden anger on Neha. Stupid, he thought.

Navin was not done yet, he continued, "No problem son. I'll arrange a good trip for both of you"

Rupesh was smiling, blushing. But his eyes twinkled, as if in avenge, that caught Navin offhanded.

Rupesh continued with a big grin, "Dad, I think you too need a break". Navin frowned with surprise.

"Mom would agree with me. She too has a letter for you". What ? What is this weird day ? Navin grabbed the lunch box from his son's hand and banged it on the desk, in the hush of the moment. For the first time, after decades, his wife wrote a letter to him and his son caught them. How embarrassing. Rupesh smiled over the victory.

"No worries Dad. I will also arrange a trip for you too". He said. Off course two different places, to avoid further embarrassment, he mumbled to himself as he left, happy and lively.

Navin opened the letter. In a beautiful cursive handwriting Reena had written,

"Rupesh, When I slept last night, I knew I would write this letter to you the very morning.

Whenever I see Rupesh and Neha together, I think of our old days. The days that are still alive in my memories, though little faded with time, as if they are calling us to relive them together. Why can't we have some time together, just like the old days, in the mountains, again, sipping coffee together ?

Even though the words were lost in years, I still remember the way you proposed me. But today I have to say to you that I love you.

Waiting for you, Reena"

Rupesh slipped in chair silent, overwhelmed by emotion. Yes, he wants to live the rest of his life with his wife, not behind the files


The two were still sitting there. The sun had set, the darkness fell, but in their life, the sun had risen, announcing the new beginning of their second innings.

- The End -

P.S : If you find the letters funny or not good, please don't blame me. I am not good at letters, let alone love letters. Nor do I read romantic novels. If you have some beautiful romantic lines, please share.

The fellow Blog-a-Tonics who took part in this Blog-a-Ton and links to their respective posts can be checked here. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Blogadda Travel Photo contest

Blogadada has launched a contest wherein we have to post our 5 favourite travel Photos. So here are my entries, Photos special to me.
Sailing to a new horizon!
This picture is taken in Dabhol, Konkan Maharashtra. We had taken a ferry to cross the river divide. Two enthusiastic kids were trying their best to haul the boat towards the sea without fearing anything.
One fears when one think of failures. These kids seemed completely unaware of the word 'Failure' itself. What I like is when they saw me taking their photo, they posed themselves, smiling ear to ear. We can learn so much from these small kids! Travel does teach us a lot!
In the wooks, by the river, I dream of a beautiful home…
This picture is taken at Lonavala, Maharashtra in Monsoon. I guess it's not a house, but should be some guest house.
But how beautiful it would be to live by a river. It brings dreams alive. No dream is bigger than to own a big beautiful house to relax! Home is home! It’s the home where we come back to relax after a long day of work.

A painting before eyes…
This picture is again taken at Keukenhof, Netherlands. The garden produces tons and tons of tulips which form a big percentage of the country exports. The garden is open till April after which they are cut and exported before they get wilted. It's a beautiful landscape. I am sure you must have guessed it from the photo. What I like is the way it is maintained. It’s not easy to maintain acres and acres of land, along with deep care about the delicate flowers and the surrounding beauty.
It’s a learning for the Indian tourism, and equally for the Indians who tend to spoil beautiful places. India is full of beautiful places that needs attention and care.
The Curve to Splendour, ‘The Himalaya’
The picture is taken in Solang Valley, Himachal Pradesh. It's a beautiful and sparsely populated space, an ideal place for relaxation. If one is keen on activities, there are other choices, for the adventurers. One can go for  Trekking, Paragliding, Zorbing and also camping at Friendship point in the Himal!
Wouldn't you like to sit here and gaze at the picturesque beauty for hours ? Everything is special in this pic.

For the shades of green!

Again a pic from Solang valley. Trekking back down in the cool, pleasant air. The river to the top is river Beas which flows all along Himachal Pradesh.

What I like the most about this picture is that one doesn’t need to be in the picture, just the photo springs out the freshness and coolness, what we yearn throughout the summer in the scorching heat. I met a lady while trekking down.

A beautiful village lady in a traditional attire and her son popped on her back. I asked permission for her picture. She hesitated first and asked me what would you do with the picture ? I wasn’t surprised. These are village people, innocent, far from the city mindset. “I’ll keep it with myself, as a reminder of this place”, I replied. They both smiled and posed for a picture.


Travel and Learn…There are beautiful places out there!

These are my favourite photos. For more such entries, visit Travel Photos.
You can also visit my Photo Blog – Impression.

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Got the ‘Cool blogger’ Award

Awards are motivating, specially when one is struggling to escape procrastination. Thanks to Tarun for honouring me with this award, it really helps. Tarun is a commendable writer with fully researched and sensible posts. He writes wonderful stories and poetries too.

Well, the award name is also very cool. In this scorching heat, when one seeks escape from heat, getting a ‘Cool-blogger’ award is like going ‘What the beep’ (have you seen that ad ? Nothing like anything, It’s Micromax’s tagline, for those who don’t know. Dunno how people come up with such stuff. btw, I never utter the phrase, just added here with sheer excitement)
I would like to give this award to some of my fellow buddies, who also happen to be cool in their blog views. I would like to give the award to -

Mia for her candid and honest views in her blog ‘Keeping the moon

Nethra for her beautiful stories in ‘Otiose Opinions

Saurabh for his short and fantastic 55’ers in ‘Stuff I learnt today

Sid for his humorous and exploring ideas in ‘Sid-O-Scope

Rajat for short and impressive poems in ‘Soliloquies

Tarun for his constant support and encouragement. And his wonderful writings in ‘In my point of view’.

Mridula for her beautiful pictures from the Mountains and other pics in her travel blog ‘Travel Tales from India’.

Keep visiting!

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Convert your blog to book


Printing your blog articles, how does it sound ? Yea, It’s possible. Blogger have come up with Blog2Print. Using this tool you can convert your blog into book at following expenses.

  • Soft cover is at $14.95. Price includes 20 pages. Extra pages at 35 cents each.
  • Hard cover is at $24.95. And extra pages at 35 cents.
  • PDF version will be for $7.95.

You can select articles that you want to print. For more information, check following links -

  1. Blog2Print Announcement
  2. Blog2Print Enhancement

The feature is good to gift someone, but just 20 pages for 14.95 $ is a bit expensive for me!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Who dunnit ? My answer

As I’ve written in my earlier post Blogadda had started this contest called ‘Who dunnit it ?’ A murder plot is posted in the story ‘Reunion’, by Ajay Nair, which we have to read and identify the killer. Below is my interpretation of story, with my answer to the quest, the identification of killer. It may be correct or incorrect, we can only know after the contest is closed, on Wednesday. So before reading further don’t forget to read the main story ‘Reunion’.
Lila liked to spread her love around. How difficult is it to live with such a wife ? It’s beyond imagination. Lila had charmed M., I., R. and G. in her love. Each of whom had never shared the same feelings post-marriage like that before marriage. M., R. did marry her rather quick but their bail out from the harrowing marriage also had been equally fast. G. lived his own way, sharing his love, just like Lila, without getting into the trap of marrying her. Sia had differences with Lila, but she’d abandoned her.
The only person who spent much time before and after marriage was I. He had a strong motive and the capability to give her her part of  punishment. Rather, like written in the story, I. was only capable and the one capable had succeeded, which affirms the charge.
I. offered her rose, his way of killing, the subtle way, slow poison. He’d stuck to a slower effective way to avoid being caught red handed, but fast enough to see her dead the same day. Lila had always collected articles from her past which backs the fact that articles were found in her room.
When she came out of her room, she looked anxious because the effect of poison had started it’s action. The poison was active now, she’d started feeling uneasy, she needed to relax, so she went back inside. But as she entered her room, the poison had spread till then, and she lost control over herself, hence the things were broken and the beads fallen in bathroom.
I wanted to kill Lila, I was capable, I succeeded.
To read more answers, visit the main page ‘Who dunnit ?’

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Blogadda contest – Who dunnit ?


Here’s an excuse to give your creative mind a reason to get carried away in imagination and bring out some interesting stuff for us readers to read. Blogadda has started a contest - A Mystery Fiction Contest. Check out the following snip -

You have to guess the killer, there are a lot of hidden clues, some are obvious some are not, some are distractions, some are for real
so you have to get very smart to crack the puzzle.

Ajay Nair, a blogadda member has written a mystery ‘Reunion’. We have to play detective and crack the mystery. C’mon, play Sherlock Holmes and identify the Killer!

* New Look *

If you’ve noticed, I’ve changed my blog template. I am using the Template designer, a new feature Blogger have added for us to tweak the once rigid and simple blog platform. Check out here to find out more about Blogger Template Designer. And well, how do u find the new look ?

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White Desert : Part 4

Tashi looked dumbfounded. Why wouldn’t he ? He had not expected him alive.
Anil glared at him with eyes wide. His hand holding the knife, shaking as if set on vibration. Tashi moved forward. His gaze fixed on Anil. But instead of anger, a smile was carved on his face. Why did he look happy ? Anil sleuthed him. He was puzzled. His brain refused to cooperate. The next moment he couldn’t believe what he saw. Tashi folded hands and thanked God.
“Why did you try to kill me, Tashi ?” No answer.
“What do you want ?” No answer.
Anil saw amazement on Tashi’s face. Anil was now shaking, with anger.
What does he think ? He will easily get away ?
“Kill?” Tashi uttered, visibly astonished. He stood in silence trying to comprehend the questions Anil was shooting at him. He stood with mouth open, loss of words, dazed.
“No. Tashi did not kill you” said a voice. Both the faces turned to the tent door. A man was standing at the door. Both men stood silent staring at him, still muddling in the mystery of events that past few minutes ago. Few seconds passed in silence, staring at the face.
The man was still standing crouched at the door. His face glowed with some unknown, but positive aura. He walked slowly to Anil, as if he had all answers and will untangle the situation and salve both the men from the events. He was now standing before Anil, hand stretched for a handshake.
“Impossible!”, there was uneasiness in Anil’s voice as his voice sniped escalating the tension in the tent.
“Relax Anil”, he requested Anil.
He stood before Anil, taking the control of the situation, as of ready for a treaty. “I am Doctor Mak. I was with you from past few days, trying to help improve your condition. You’ve recovered real fast”, he said with a smile, trying to neutralize the high-strung situation. His strategy was working. Anil’s mind was diverted for the moment, trying to listen what this strange man with this strange smile wanted to say.
He signalled Tashi, and Tashi left. Anil moved in resistance but the man who called himself doctor signed Anil to relax. It worked, again.
He came close to Anil and sat beside him, legs folded. “Now”. Silence. “Can you help me understand what happened with you ?” Whatever technique Mak was using, worked on Anil. Anil started at him. He could see assurance in this man’s eyes, which somehow cooled him further. He iterated the events as they occurred to him.
Anil was watching him, without expressions. Did he make sense ? No He don’t! Mak placed his hand on Anil’s shoulder. He looked in Anil’s eyes, let the words sink in and then continued.
“Anil, do you know how much you travelled up ? more than 350 meters. Which was too much for you. A professional expeditor has to take care of his health at the same time has to control his desires. High up there, one tends to get carried away and pushes himself to go further and further. But what are plans for ? Always keep up with the plan”

Anil showed frustration. He wasn't interested in any lecture now.

“Believe me Anil, you are back from death’s grip. You should thank God. It’s a miracle. And another man whom you should thank is Tashi”

They were too bitter words for Anil. Mak smiled and continued. “I don't know how long you were lying there”

“1.45. It was 1.45 pm. I remember”, Anil contributed.

“Ok. Then you were lying in there for precisely 45 minutes". Tashi entered with two cups of tea and left leaving them behind. Anil went back to the memory of the high altitude, him lying, sick and nauseating, frightened and praying. He felt the chill by just the thought of it.

Mak handed the tea to Anil. "You were lucky, really lucky. A storm was anticipated. You could have disappeared as if you never existed." Storm ? Anil gulped hard. The hot tea helped him stay a little warm.

“Around 7 am, a few hours after you left, Tashi made a call to meteorology and learnt of sudden change in weather conditions. A storm or heavy snowfall after a few hours was a distinct possibility. He was worried” “We should commend him for his far-sightedness. He immediately made right calls and contacted me” “He decided he would wait one hour for the team to be back, if not back then set out for a search. But fortunately the team stuck to the plan and were back on time. But only one person wasn't back, You."

"Tashi was worried. He pulled together few other Sherpas and set out a search camp. In such times, there are different possibilities” “Either they would find you while they climb up. If not, either you are lost or you would be lying down somewhere tired or unconscious or buried or..some unfortunate accident had happened and have fallen into some that case there’s no hope"

He heaved a sigh. Anil was waiting. He realised how much pain these people had taken so that he would be safe. He felt guilty. All the anger and fury was gone and his face blushed with shame. He kept the empty cup down, folding his legs up, buried his face.

Mak continued "Tashi wanted to go. But they somehow convinced him to stay back and look after himself. The group then parted in small teams and set out, calling your name, looking for anything that looked human-like. They dug heaps randomly, searching, looking down the crevasses. Tashi was in constant contact with them through  satellite phones. A long time had passed, and hopes were dwindling. Tashi informed the group about the lack of time. They had to hurry. The storm was probable. If they couldn't find you in 15 minutes, they’d have to terminate the search and come down without loosing time"

He took a sip and let the words settle down. "But ..WOW...they actually found you. They gathered together and dragged you down. Man, you owe them big."

Anil looked up. His face looked wilted, eyes red. He had troubled a lot of souls with his stupidity. But the question still remains. “Yes. I owe them my life…But...Tashi strangled me”

“Man, you are on Everest, at altitude you've never been before, walking more than 300 meters without rest, without caring about anything. Have you heard of HACE ?”

HACE ? “Yes. Know some stuff”

“HACE is High altitude cerebral edema. It's highly fatal altitude sickness. There’s swelling of brain tissue due to fluid leakage. One feels nauseated/vomiting, insomnia, weakness, dizziness, headache, loss of coordination and decreased levels of consciousness and sometimes even enters coma”. Anil weighed the words. He was indeed blessed to escape death. He could related all of it to the strange condition he suffered up there.

Anil was indebted but wasn’t ready to give in. His sickness doesn't make Tashi innocent. Tashi was there, strangling him. He was the witness, he was the victim. "So ?" Anil questioned with stern voice with a hint of anger. Mak smiled which added to Anil’s confusion.

Mak continued "Another symptom of HACE is disorientation, irrational behaviour… and hallucination! Your mind fooled you, man" He chuckled.

”Hallucination ? You mean my mind made up all that ?” Anil, visibly surprised. Mak grinned ear to ear.

It was unbelievable for Anil, He shook head incessantly. Laughing to himself. He pulled himself out the bag, and hugged Mak. “Thanks”, He sounded relaxed. He got up and exited the tent. It was a bit dark, affirming the past storm. Tashi was standing facing the steep edge, lost in thought.

“So buddy when can we summit ?”, Anil jested Tashi. Tashi turned.

“Never”, Tashi replied with a poker face. Anil’s grin disappeared.

“I would never summit with a mad man”, Tashi laughed. Anil sighed and hugged Tashi hard.

*** The End ***

P.S : I know that the last part is a bit too long. But dividing it would have taken away it’s essence. So kept the entire stuff together. I know I raised curiosity in the first part. I hope I could satisfy with this concluding part. I would be glad to hear your comments good or bad, let them come. And finally, thanks for reading :)

White Desert : Part 3

Part 1 * Part 2 

When his eyes opened, he was inside a tent. A familiar tent. He was lying in a sleeping bag. To his left were some utensils. All shut except one. Something was lying inside. Were they eggs ? He felt dizzy, his eyes burning, his body heavy and aching every inch. A number of packets were lying around. To his right, bulk of medicines laid near. Except him, there was no one in the tent. The only thing that sounded alive was the wind that blew outside with hustle as if upset with something.

He breathed deep. Where was he ? Why is he lying in a sleeping bag ? Is anything wrong ? Why is his head hurting so bad ? He strived to think, but couldn’t without hurting his head. The last he could remember was the sight of him lying in the snow. He tried hard, recollected some memory, but only in flashes. He threw up. But what happened after? He strained more. The pain was unbearable, frowning, he held his head between hands, massaging the temples. Yes! Somebody was there. Who was it ? He was now banging both the fist on his temples. Yes! The man. He strangled me. He tried to kill me... But I am safe. I am not dead… Who was he ? Should I run ? Run for life ? But... He heard a sound from outside the tent.

Somebody was approaching. He searched around. No hiding place. What will he do now ? His heart was pumping wildly. He picked the knife that lay near the eggs. And shammed to be sleeping. Someone unzipped the tent. The stark and grating unzipping sound was the only sound that interrupted the silence. It sent a chill down Anil’s body. He can’t fake sleep. How could he ? He can’t stay calm. How could he ? He will be dead soon. If not the first time, it would be this time.

The man entered crouching. It was Tashi.

Tashi! The sight of Tashi strangling him snapped before his eyes. His pupils widened. He was about to scream but felt his voice was lost in fright. Why did Tashi try to kill him ? What did he wanted ? Everything was so incomprehensible….But now he will have to use the knife. He will use it. Tashi hadn’t moved an inch from the door, still crouching. He looked dumbfounded. Why wouldn’t he ? He had not expected him alive. be continued

Monday, May 10, 2010

White Desert : Part 2

Part 1
While the other professional trekkers left, Anil stayed back. But after one hour, Anil decided to do a solo. There wasn’t anything to be worried of, but Tashi had observed the clumsiness and eagerness in Anil and which made him restless. Since morning he had a bizarre feeling of ‘Something’s gonna go wrong’ and his intuition was a thing that Tashi, like all Sherpas, trusted and reckoned on. Something wasn’t right!

Sun was shining bright in the sky. He had been walking since morning. He bit the last of the only energy bar left. The oxygen in air was depleting and so was his health, but not his spirit. He glanced his watch, altimeter read 5500 meters. He had surpassed 350 meters of distance and should have been on the way back to the camp. But he was in full spirit. Never had he felt so excited. The eagerness and excitement had kept him walking.
But now his body refused to co-operate. He dragged his legs and breathed heavily after every three steps he took. He need to climb down immediately. He looked at his watch. It was 1.40 pm. He still had time. He hoped that his team find him. Had he come the wrong way ?
If it gets dark then finding way back to the camp would not only be difficult but close to impossible. Tashi had told him to keep an eye on the watch and also warned him of the unpredictable weather of Himalayas. Keep up with the plan, he had warned. It could snow but if there’s a storm, survival in exposure can only be a dream.
He have to gather the energy and guts to make his way down, a task of couple of hours, possible only if his body supported him. He felt weak and his legs started shaking. The next moment he was down on the cold powdered snow. He lay on his back and gaped at the sky. Clouds traversing slowly. No indication of storm, but this was Everest, weather cannot be predicted. He was breathing heavily, coughing wildly. He needed medical attention, urgently.
He was scared now. Scared as hell. The sky was whirling. It went round and round. In seconds it started blurring. His stomach gurgled. He felt nauseated and then he threw up. Half an hour had passed and it was fifth time he had vomited. His eyelids were heavy. Body heavy and dead-like, Head swooning.
Where am I ? What is happening ? He tried to think. Oh yes. Expedition. I need to go back down. His brain was switching on and off.
He heard a sound. Sound means help. He needed help. He had lost track of time. He opened his eyes with effort. The sun was still up. There was still hope. He strained his eyes. A disfigured dark ball was above him. Dark ball ? He strained his eyes more. The blurry ball rectified into human figure. A human! Help was near. His lips curved into a crooked smile. He frowned, strained his eyes more and tried to figure who’s it ? He had seen this man. He knew him. His head hurt badly.
The more he thought, the more dizzy he felt. The man was now moving. Was he smiling ? Yes, he carried this wry smile. A hint of cruelty. He moved forward, hands stretching, towards his neck, as if to strangle him. Anil tried to inch back, but in vain. It’s danger, not help! His mind was sending red alert signals. The man was now close. His hand around Anil’s neck. His face so close, Anil identified him. It was Tashi. It was Tashi. Why is he killing me ? His throat hurt, and so did his head. He tried to scream. But he was choked. Tashi!
This is it! This is death! His eyes closed. be continued

White Desert : Part 1

It was early May. Anil stood before the mighty Himalayas. A law professor by profession, most of his life was spent in a class room. At 35, he was single and loved it that way. He was wary of relationships and responsibility. Weekdays in college and weekend in bars had been his life. He was tired of teaching same subjects year after year. He looked for freedom,from repeating the same words before batches after batches. He wanted a change, a stark deviation from the dumb chores. And this was it.
Before finalizing expedition he had considered a number of options including bungee jumping. But he would jump once and the whole thrill for next would be over. He wanted something long lasting and a different try. So he decided for an expedition to Himalayas. He had small history of mountaineering and Everest would be his biggest bet. It wouldn’t be a full-fledged expedition but enough to give him the excitement he cited.
“Do not get carried away. Keep up with the plan. I will still ask you to stay back. We’ll start tomorrow, Anil”, Tashi requested him from behind.
Tashi was a Nepali Sherpa. He was 40, but with attractive boyish face and effervescent energy, everyone mistook him as less than 30. His profession of guiding expeditions was passed on from generations and he had carried it fairly with a moral responsibility. For him, reaching summit was important, but not at the expense of one’s health.
“You should have left with others in the morning. You can’t go alone” Tashi repeated. “I’ll catch up with them Tashi. They won’t be far” Anil pleaded.
The concern was evident in Tashi’s voice. They were at base camp. The original plan was that the team would climb up together to half way to the next campsite, for acclimatization and then come back down. The next day they would head up again for  camping. But diarrhoea had grounded Tashi. While the other professional trekkers left, Anil stayed back. But after one hour, Anil decided to do a solo. There wasn’t anything to be worried of, but Tashi had observed the clumsiness and eagerness in Anil and which made him restless.
Since morning he had a bizarre feeling of ‘Something’s gonna go wrong’ and his intuition was a thing that Tashi, like all Sherpas, trusted and reckoned on. 
Something wasn’t right! be continued

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Back from break, hopefully

Fortunately or Unfortunately, the big, lushly, controversial stories are over. Swami Nityanand, Shashi Tharoor, Sania Mirza and Lait Modi, the list was never big. Last few weeks have been haven for the journalists. Without trying too hard, the controversialists themselves were offering them stories.

But it was equally negative for me. Office load was pretty good, TV was boring and my mind was in a block, a writer’s block, as I learnt from a friend it’s called. Photo blogging and blogging was hit hard. Somehow I tried to buck up by reading other posts, but somehow it didn't worked.

So now to our refresh minds, we are following a different schedule at home. It’s Doremon, Sinchan and Takeshi’s castle that we are watching from last week. And yes, they are much better than the other TV regulars. And yes, the T20 world cup is also back, so there’s a some entertainment to add too.

I am quite sure I am recovering from the broken interest in writing and would try to maintain the regularity. Amen.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Archive – Another chance

Here’s another story from my archive – Another chance


Sitting at my study table, I tried to calm myself. But the more I tried, the more I got restless. Thoughts kept churning on my mind. I had never thought that one dreadful day, I'll kill my own brother. But never had I thought that my own brother would kill my father. How could he kill my father, the same man who had changed his life from a orphan to a well educated doctor. He had always been my idol. But all his love and care for me and dad was never genuine. He faked it ? Just for money?


That day when I rambled to the ICU, I was sure that my brother, who was handling my dad's case, will be the best doctor for my dad. I was assured. Until what I saw from the glass opening of the ICU door.

He pulled out the oxygen mask from my fathers mouth and stood there watching him die. I tried to comprehend what was happening. I didn't knew it was an attempt of murder. Hastily, as I knocked the door, he opened the door. The mask was in place. "You have to be strong. I am sorry. He is no more" said my sly brother unconscionably. I stood there crying over my father's still body.


Opening the drawer, I ascertained the gun was there, hidden under the books. The plan is in place. I don't know what would happen of me. I am just 16. But I will avenge my father's death.

Above the books, there was a letter folded. I picked it and opened to read. It was by brother's writing.

"I know you couldn't get over dad's death. It's painful for me too. But you should know the truth. I wanted to tell you personally, but you have been very depressed, so I thought I must wait. But now the time has come.

Dad always treated me as his own son. He never thought me any different from you. He was a brave man. But he was very ill and had already lost the will to live. He wanted to get rid of the incessant pain that he was suffering. I knew what he was going through. Maybe that's why he chose me to do the sin. The Sin to kill my own father. I never wanted it, But the pain in his eyes only pleaded for a favour, favour that was sin for a son. A mercy-killing. I had to do it, for his sake. You are too young to understand. But you should know. I am sorry"

I was shocked. Wiping the sweat, I turned around. He was standing at the door, with tearful red eyes. Running towards him, I hugged him tightly. I realized I don’t want to loose him. Sometimes our vision fails to understand the reality.


Very soon, I’ll try to post a new story. Till then please bear with me.