Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Need a look beyond

He didnt knew how long he had been lying there. The kept staring at the fan his thoughts whirling with the fan.
It was not not fair what she had done to him. What had he not done to please her. And then after so much efforts, her reply was a rejection ? He was red in face and sweating profusely, cursing her, burbling.

"Manav. Manav" his mother called as she bought the dinner to the dining table. "Manav has not eaten anything since morning. After returning from college, he went directly to his room. Since then he has not opened the door". His mother told his father worriedly. "Don't worry. "Must be some friends's miscief that has upset him. He'll be fine."
"You know, he has topped in exams this time too. He is good at almost everything. I am sure he will do us proud one day." she said dreaming Manav being awarded.

He still had not moved. He was now fuming,.His eyes had turned red. He might have be crying. He was never so depressed. "I'll teach her a lesson. I know how"
A sly smile. "Fan...Fan...I'll hang myself. And then you know what's the value of my love....."

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Mischief

She was studying Mechanics, her favorite subject (though she knew how bad she is at it).

The phone rang.

"Hello" she answered.

"Hello Ma'm. Good Afternoon. I am calling from Vxx plaza. You have won a prize for shopping here."

She placed her hand on the phone and shooed her friend. "Hey Priyal. You had shopped in Vxx Plaza ? You have won a prize."

"What is it ?", Priyal asked with eyes wide with excitement.

"What is it ?" she asked the guy on the phone.

"Ma'm. It's a surprise. Ma'm can you tell me your name ?" he enquired.

"Hey Priyal, he is asking for name. Shall I give yours ?" she asked Priyal who was now beside her smiling ear to ear.

"Noooo...never tell real names. Fake it off" said Priyal shrugging. She always had some weird advices and weird reasons to it.

Taking few seconds finally she had a name in mind "Hmm...Shilpa...Shilpaaaa....Matondkar" she finally christened herself with a new name.

"Thanks Ma'm. So when will you come ?" the conversation went. Now the other room friends too gathered and there were whispers about the gift.

"Let see. Maybe tomorrow."

"Ok. You can give me a call on 98********** once you come."

"Ok. Thanks"

"Ma'm. Did I tell you that you have a wonderful voice ?"

"Uhhh?? Ohhkk.....Thanks. Ok Bye" she placed the receiver on the phone, with surprised smile.

"What ? What is the gift ?" the friends said together with excitement.

"It's a surprise. Here's his number. You know what the guy said ? I have a wonderful voice. " she said shyly.

"Ahhhhhh...ha....." friends started teasing was a good break from the studies and they were trying to make best of it.

"Ok Girls. Now lets study." she said as she got back to her favorite subject.

The phone rang. The phone had now reached the bed from the table. With the long wire, it had been to every corner of the house . 'Megha it's yours', said Priyal as she passed the phone from the bed to the desk.

"Hi Shilpa" said a male voice, she realized it's the same Vxx Plaza guy.

"Ya Hi. What is it ?"

"You called me right ?"

"What? No."

"But I have your number on my cell." She looked around. Everyone had buried themselves in the books, faking. She knew the culprits.

"I don't know. But I have not called you."

"Ok. I don't know how it came. So are you coming tomorrow?"

"Ahh ? ya maybe. Ok bye I have to study". "Hey Girlz, stop it OK. Don't bother him", she shouted she placed the receiver and got back to Mechanics.

The phone rang and she knew the reason. Same guy.

"I am sorry. Actually my friends are doing the mischief. You gave your personal number and they got a way of entertainment. You don't pick the call, and they'll stop calling. Ok. Bye." ...and so the story ended.

Written under – Gang of Girlz

Friday, August 21, 2009

Question emotional dialogues ka

The mother gets a saree out of the cupboard.
"Ye saree maine tumhare shaadi k liye rakhi thi. Tumhe bahot pasand thi na ye."
"haan" says the daughter who next day would leave to husband's home after marriage. The mother then opens a suitcase.
In it are her daughter's childhood things. Drawing book. Doll, and other childhood memories.
"Ye saari cheeze ?" says surprised daughter with wet eyes.
"Tumhari bachpan ki yaaden hai. Kal tumhe leke jane k liye sambhal k rahe the"...

The dialogues seemed to be eternal, the TV drama went on...I looked around and caught sister's eyes. And we smiled slyly.

"What a drama. First of all, nobody will keep so many things for years, at least our mom dad. And then our mom will just shout at us, Check things! otherwise, like every time, you will forget something and then hurry on time of leaving" my sis said laughing.

We never do any of this emotional dialogue thing, na ? Why so ? I asked.
I recollected and realized that I have never seen this at any relatives place.
Is it that it never happens only in Maharashtrian families? I asked thoughtfully. My sis took some time. Maybe, she said.

It was just one time when my aunt said, "Kiti chote hote, aata kiti mothe zalet" (How were small and now have grown up). I remember we all had a very good laugh. What a dialogue delivery man, we had teased her.

Does it happen in your home ? Do you hear emotional dialogues in your home ?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Woman & Shopping

Ribbinzz, clipszz, hairbandzz waliiyyyyyya.....
These are the usual poignant shrieks that fall on your ears if you travel by Mumbai train. They are fine, until there are two-three hawkers doing their job, then God save your ears.

I am not sure but I think these hawkers(including gents) only sell in ladies compartment. Actually speaking, being a female, I don't have any problems them selling in train (against Railway rule). In fact they make us available lot of choices at a pretty good rates. You can see varieties from nail-cutter to wallets, oranges to dhoklas, recipe books to Nursery rhymes, scarves to Punjabi dresses, Rings to Mangalsutra.

But the most favorite among the ladies are the earrings and hair clips. As the seller hangs the hanger of clips suspending, you can see women at the door, wanting to get down at the next stop, coming back to have a look. I guess shopping is in woman's blood. Many people complain, but if it brings pleasure and happiness, then why not ?

But there are people who go shopping looking every shop but never come up with a choice. At the end of the day, nothing selected, plan for some other day to a new shopping place. Now that's frustrating.

Whatever, with Indian women and their insatiable hobby of shopping, at least they give boost to Indian markets, kinda helping the economy. Isn't it ?

P.S. If anybody finds out what is that long iiiiyyyaaa  they attach while selling, please let me know!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Govinda aala re!

They practiced the human pyramid. Seven layers was their last year's target. This time they aimed for eight. They prepared the statues for the tableaux. They put in efforts for days and months. But as the days went by, swine flu entered Mumbai and everyone doubted if the festival would be celebrated with same jubilation.

But it's Mumbai. The day arrived, Gokulashtami. The mandal boys with their masks stepped out with loud cheer. 'Ganpati bappa morya', they cheered, so did the Pandavas and Gods on the tableaux. 'Govinda aala re' shouted the loudspeakers. The tableaux trucks moved. There were three, depicting 'Draupati's satvapariksha' 'Samudra Manthan' and 'Markandeya Mrityunjaya'.

Off they went celebrating, aiming at prizes for the Dahi Handis. The govinda's cheer and exuberance brought everyone out of the shell of fear.

It was twelve in the night when they returned with the award. What would it be ? Trophy and big money it always have been.

But is was An Ambulance! What a noble idea, I thought. Whoever's brilliant brain is behind it, I thought, I hope the Govinda mandal gives justice to the cause. Amen.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

National Geography Photo Contest 2009

Photography is my passion and in past few months I have come across many good photographers among us. To all of photography passionate folks, there is a news. National Geographic contest is up. Those who have a superfine photographs, they can participate in the competition Worldwide International Photography Contest.

Here are some basics about the contest -
1. The contest ends on October 31, 2009 (After that late fees will be charged, additional $10)
2. Entry fee is  U.S. $12 per photo
3. Maximum 6 entries per contestant are accepted
4. Categories are People, Places, and Nature
4. In photo-prepossessing minor burning, dodging and/or color correction is acceptable
5. Judging Criteria is  (1) Creativity 50%; (2) Photographic quality 50%
6. Images should be 5 MB or smaller, must be in JPEG or JPG format & must be at least 1,600 pixels wide (if a horizontal image) or 1,600 pixels tall (if a vertical image).

Checkout the Rules in detail -

Understand past Winning photographs -

National Geographic is the world of professional photographers. But those who are comfortable with photography and have some good shots and confidence can give it a shot. So who all are going for it ?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New terror called Swine Flu

Swineflu Mumbai. What are the first words from a non-Mumbai’kar about the city? It's crowded streets & Mumbai trains.  And when the government announces to keep distance from crowded areas, how in the name of God, a Mumbai’kar can abide ?

But like every other cruel advances of Nature or Terrorism, jinxed Mumbai has fought back, so will it, now too.

Now, the most hot topics on the street and in the neighborhood is the Swine Flu. It's the Name that has done more damage than the actual disease. To add to the problem, many people are suffering form fever without qualifying any other symptoms (a kid in my building), which raises eyebrows of most people. Isn't it a symptom of swine flu?

I entered beauty salon, there we were, discussing Swine flu. I reached home, my neighbor was up with the latest news about who in the area is affected. I enter the train, I see 80% of the females with mouth covered. I imagine what if a woman sneezes in a crowded ladies compartment, how would the rest near her will react, the thought itself brings chuckles and some panic too.

Even if the flu entrance has brought fear to people, it has definitely done some good for few. The mask which was actually been sold at Rs.10 jumped to Rs.20 in a week and now it is sold at Rs.40. Well, even though most of the time I have some laugh at the sickness, before getting into a crowded area I don't forget to mask myself too.

After all, as the wise saying goes, Prevention is better than cure.

P.S Posted to Three Words Wednesday.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Archive of Photos - 1

It has been a long time I haven't got a chance to step out and get some good shots. So I have been posting some earlier photographs from albums. Here are the thumbnails of some pics I have posted.

Click on the pics to see the original.

IMG_1925Cologne river1Yellow flower  
IMG_0536Rohtang passPower House   

Hope I could get to click some more good pictures soon.

For more pics, check out my photo blog My Clicks !!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

In Search of New

“Hi, How are you ?” “That’s great! So after such a long time we are at last meeting”

After a long time we friends were meeting. The news brought some freshness to my mind.

The Sunday came. “Hi girlz” I yelled. “Hey Megha”, came back the smiles. After a long discussion over how everyone has grown fat and slim and then how everyone reached the venue, we were settled with the ice-creams. “So, what’s new in life, friends”, I asked. “New ?, nothing ya” came the dispirited answers loud enough to turn heads. “Hmmm…just the same…life is going on just like a long old story book, on on and on….”

P.S. I wrote this post for prompt “New” of Sunday Scribbling. Its just what is happening with me. I feel the excitement is missing. But there is one new thing in my life which is enough to cheer me in this monotonous life. That’s the SAP XI Certificate in my inbox.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Listen but shrewdly

listening Today I was traveling to office, by train. The ladies compartment was almost empty. I usually open novel while I am traveling but today I was not in the mood to read. So I was just having a look around. But I know  I sometimes I do it badly. That's what happened today. Two girls were sitting to my right. After meeting over a long time, they had enough to talk about. And I was listening, not shrewdly but stupidly. The girl looked at me a few times, every time I realized I am constantly looking at them listening to their talks. I realized that's not the wise way. But this happens inadvertently.

I remember once I was traveling with my sis and mom. There was a women's group traveling sharing their anecdotes. I was hooked to their stories and was almost among them, from my side. Suddenly there was a funny joke and I burst out laughing with others. I found they were staring at me. Embarrassed, I tried to look away, and they carried on with their talking. My mom and sis looked at me indignantly as if I have brought them such a shame. If you are listening at least pretend you are not. What's this ha? Now, let's go. It's our station next, whispered my sis and I left grinning, both over the incident and over myself.

P.S. I am elder to my sister. But she seems to forget and snipe me every time she get a chance. But the incident still brings a smile as it plays vividly before my eyes.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Tying the Rakhi on his wrist
She waited for the gift

What ? he gave a blank look
Won't you give me the sweet, he sniffed

Where's my gift And what is it ? she questioned

Here's it, handing small box wrapped
as she hastened

So small ? Not interesting, she pitched
But her eyes widened as she opened the gift

Holding the keys she started jumping
Oh my dear brother, she could stop hugging

she pulled him, Lets go for a long drive afar,
For now, her brother was a rock star.

Today is Rakhsha Bandhan and this poetry is dedicated to the sweet love between brothers and sisters.

Rakhsha Bandhan is an Indian festival, when Sisters tie Rakhi, a holy thread, on their brother's wrist. Sweets are fed and gifts are exchanged. When a sister ties Rakhi, the brother is tied into a bond(Bandhan) to protect(Rakhsa) his sister. He need not be blood brother or of same religion, just someone with whom you share brotherly love and will always keep you away from any harm.

Happy Rakhsha Bandhan to all.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Punish those immoral

Mumbai is the best place to survive, that's what could be said of Mumbai. It may be true. But with the increasing crowds, most of which are illiterate immigrants, it's streets are getting filthier, the earth and mind. The word respect and decency seems to have wiped out of most of the people's mind. Being a female, these are my views and I am sure this view is shared by my other female friends.

Can't a girl expect even a 10 minutes respectable walk to nearest train station or Bus stop ? In just 10 minutes she goes through indecent behavior by *** crowd, young and old. Teasing, obscene whispering, pushing, and what not, does she has to suffer. And it's not one that she can fight against, if she does, there's next one few steps away. No matter how strong she is, the mental torture that this molesting does, is very painful. Are ethics and morals, just words in books ?

It's really sad, and I am really out of words as I write this post, full of anxiety. Hope the sleeping conscience of these beasts wake up and treat a women the way she deserves, with respect.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Imraan Hashmi case : A Community issue ?

Latest that hit the headlines was the complaint by Bollywood actor Imran Hashmi after a Housing society declined him to buy a house in their society because he is a Muslim. Even though I feel there is truth in his statement, but I think it could be a partial truth and not the complete truth.

What I mean is that the society has took some form past few years. Today you see that every religion stays in flock, let it be Jain, Marathi, Christian or Muslim. To make it clear, I would mention a society near ours, where only a Gujarati can buy a house. Now in this Gujarati society, even a Marathi Brahmin or a Sikh is not allowed. I think it's just what might have happened in Imraan's case. It's not because his religion Muslim, but it's because it's not the society's religion, then whether you are South Indian, Maharashtrian or Muslim, it doesn't matter to them. Now the question is, is it right ?

Now, the answer could be complex and totally based on perspective. I would just say that, even though we call ourselves multi-cultural and free society, we are still chained by our religion and continue to guess opposite person's religion/caste based on his surname. And this is the approach of every Indian, be it Hindu or Muslim. This is the bitter truth we all have to accept and address the real problem here and not take the issue to Hindu-Muslim divide.