Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Tying the Rakhi on his wrist
She waited for the gift

What ? he gave a blank look
Won't you give me the sweet, he sniffed

Where's my gift And what is it ? she questioned

Here's it, handing small box wrapped
as she hastened

So small ? Not interesting, she pitched
But her eyes widened as she opened the gift

Holding the keys she started jumping
Oh my dear brother, she could stop hugging

she pulled him, Lets go for a long drive afar,
For now, her brother was a rock star.

Today is Rakhsha Bandhan and this poetry is dedicated to the sweet love between brothers and sisters.

Rakhsha Bandhan is an Indian festival, when Sisters tie Rakhi, a holy thread, on their brother's wrist. Sweets are fed and gifts are exchanged. When a sister ties Rakhi, the brother is tied into a bond(Bandhan) to protect(Rakhsa) his sister. He need not be blood brother or of same religion, just someone with whom you share brotherly love and will always keep you away from any harm.

Happy Rakhsha Bandhan to all.


  1. Thanks for sharing part of your culture. I'm always interested. Great poetry, too.

    Wishing Well

  2. What a lovely celebration, and you expressed it so well in your poem! I love this idea of a festival that celebrates brothers watching over their sisters.

  3. Enjoyed the writing, and learning about Rakhsha Bandhan. Thanks for sharing both!

  4. Nice Poetic description of the Rakhi, Good one..

  5. Yeah, nicely done, and happy Rakhsha Bandhan to you too!

  6. nice poetry and tribute to your culture.

  7. Ah, a sweet custom - thanks for sharing - it warms my heart!

  8. That was a nice one abt Rakshabandhan!

    Hope you had a great day!:)

  9. @ThomG
    @Sweetest in the Gale
    @KJ McLean
    @Tarun Mitra
    @Andy Sewina
    @Daily Panic
    @Just someone said
    @Americanising Desi
    @Anonymous Bobbie
    Thanks a lot to you all :)

    It's really good that you liked the custom. I'll try to post more about Indian traditions.

    Well, the season of festivals have already started, there are lot of festivals to come, one by one. :)

  10. didn't know about Rakhsha - sounds like we do need such tradition, thank you for sharing this

  11. @Gautami
    Yea, I had, I don't have a blood brother. So I celebrate with cousins.

  12. @Lissa
    Thanks for appreciating :)


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