Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A return gift : 55 fiction

“Happy Birthday! A gift for you” she said, blindfolding him.

“You are my gift darling” he replied smiling, happy in the anticipation of gift.

“It’s nothing compared to what you’ve given me darling”

“Happy Birthday Sweetheart”

He did away the blindfold. Her girlfriend was standing arms folded & next to her was his wife, infuriated.


P.S This is my first attempt to 55 fiction. I see that writing short has a different challenge coz if the plot is not clear everything goes for a toss. Hope it didn’t happened here. Let me know how you find it, tough I know that this is not a smart one but I pardon myself as it’s just the first time & I am going to try to write more & better.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mi Premika

It would be dawn in few minutes.She picked her clothes and pushed open the carved wooden door. She started walking towards the river. It was dark with the moonlight sliding through the trees and lighting the dust and grass indistinctly. The insects that flew around were making brief appearance time to time as they flew through the discreet moonlight and darkness. Their fluttering made her smile. It was cold and pleasant. The birds were chirping in a wait for the break of light. The nocturnal insects beautifully complimenting with their harsh but monotonous creaking adjusting the gaps between the chirps. She kept walking. The rustling sound of the river could now be heard. It sent a refreshing fragrance with the wind. Today is Ravivar(Sunday), she thought and a gush of happiness ran through her. She took a deep breath. Ravivar, she thought again. She met Him, Krishna, everyday but ravivar was not like the other days. She found Krishna mystically associated with Ravivar, she didn't knew what exactly. Was it the Ravi(Sun) who brightens everyone's life is like my Krishna ? Or is the Krishna himself the sun. She had experienced nothing less than a God in him, whenever she looked into his eyes. She had now reached the waters.
In few minutes she emerged as a beauty from the river. The first ray of the sun was about to touch the ground, she was ready in her new clothes. The green ghagra with golden lace sang about her womanhood. The dupatta swayed the with the wind rtyhmic with her long silky hair. A bright smile was flashed on her face. She sang, hummed as she walked her curvey style taking few turns spreading her hand in the wind as she smiled and laughed in between thinking of Krishna. She would meet him soon.
From somewhere, the breeze carried the gentle sound of flute, calling her and she inadvertently moved towards it. Krishna was around, the idea of his presence was enough to make her happy. She walked hurriedly, almost dance-like with her curvey walk. He was there, she could see him. But ... he wasn't alone. He was with a gopika, she was gawking at his eyes as he flirted with lock that was brushing her face in the wind.
It wasn't acceptable. How could he ? He is mine, a gush of anger and longing filled her heart. She wanted to grab him from her. Her eyes filled with tears. She jerked around to escape the agitation, couldn't stop sobbing. "Radha", a soft voice called, the golden voice, the voice she was longing for. Before opening her eyes she turned to recheck if they were still there, but it was empty, untouched. He was before her eyes. She wanted to be angry on him but the frown on her face disappeared, it was impossible. "I am angry on you. You were flirting around" "You are special to me Radha. Look in my eyes" the silky voice said, she complied. His dark skin was scintillating. The two eyes just like lotus petals were like magnet, pulling her. He must be smiling as it make the eyes point at the corners which made them look more beautiful. "Tell me Radha, are you angry on me ?" She was already trapped in the eyes but it was a divine trap, she could willingly spend her life in it. "Tell me Radha, are you angry ?" "No", how can she ? He pulled the his flute and dragged her into the sacred dream with her favourite melody...
P.S This was the most beautiful experience of writing to me. I have always wanted to write about the love of Radha Krishna, but I knew it wasn’t a piece of cake.

It’s magical, selfless love that makes me wonder.There’s a song “Mi Radhika” sung by Arti Ankalikar that takes me closer to the divine couple. Do listen. The song, the words, the rhythm, the Flute, it’s really magical.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


She door opened after the third bell. She backed a step after seeing the police. “Where’s the girl ?”, she shifted to make the way. The girl was in their sight now but went inside. “You will have to come with us”, she looked at him, the fear clear on her face. They left.

“We have got a complaint from Rao family that you beat your daughter after she married their son Rupesh. Is it true ?” No answer. “You also brought her back from their home against her wishes” They looked at each other, she, the mother was visibly frightened but the father seemed calm.

“No. Its all rubbish. We never hit our daughter. And she came back at her own will, we never forced her.She realized her mistake & she is repenting marrying that worthless Rao. Now can we go ?” “Hmm. But you’ll have to report here everyday. And tomorrow… bring your daughter with you”

The slap left mark on her face. She felt down with the force. “You brought us shame. How dare you marry that road romeo ? That bloody rascal” He kicked her feet. “You have to pay for all this” Another sharp sound as her brother’s hand came down on her face.

“And tomorrow you have to give your statement” they entered, her father and mother. Her father continued, “You are worried about your future and so you want to leave that bastard. You came with us on your own wish. You have to say it”

She tried to stand but her knees were weak. Just one day had passed after she got married and she’d seen things she’d seen never before. Her own people changing. She tried to stand strong. “YOU DO WHAT WE SAY ELSE…” his voice came so wildly, her knees betrayed her, her heart thumped, she fell back to the ground…I have to do what they say…I have to …


P.S. It's so sad that women are still not safe in our so-call free society, and to add to the grief ,the threat sometimes start from within the family

I have been pretty busy with work these days. Past 2-3 posts are from my drafts. Hopefully this weekend I'll get enough time to comment back and visit your posts, there are so many to read. 

Your comments and thoughts are welcome. Hope you like this one.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Cipher – Part 2

The darkness grew before her eyes, the eyelids felt weary and heavy. Slowly the words began to drag until it sounded just burble and then the silence proclaimed. Continued from Part 1

It was a close room, an ancient one, the furniture looked antic and the paint was worn. Her eyes wandered. Where I am ? How did I come here ? I was ...chanting, right ? She wobbled around looking for an exit. As she wrapped her hand around herself, she realised she was wearing a black cloak and the hood was pulled over her head. What's happening ? She was puzzled, and hell scared.

Don’t dare, it was written, is all this all about that ? I am sure I am dreaming....

Zap, she heard a snapping sound, then saw just a blur, something passed too fast, fast for a human eye and then the next second it got still before her.  Someone was standing at ten feet from her. The room was dimly lit, making it difficult to identify the person. The person too was wearing a similar cloak.

She didn’t move, she was curious to see the person’s face, but didn’t wanted to move closer. Tough it didn't look hostile, but it didn't look friendly either. No more risks, enough is enough, that’s was what her mind was firing at her. And she abided. The next second something shifted in the figure that sent an awful feeling inside her. She knew nothing was right. Something bad was awaiting her.

Another shift, and she could see there was something shiny in the person’s hand. She shivered, her knees felt week, she thought she might fall down. She didn’t had to much wait coz the person shifted his hand and she could see it. It was a dagger, a good old regal dagger, the light took the opportunity to touch and flee it. As he rotated it between his fingers, it shot back the light that tried to settle on it. It looked sharp, dangerous.

Suddenly her ears felt warm for a second, Kill her…a rustling voice said in her ears. She gulped the fear, kill HER ?… Else she’ll kill you, she jerked head left and right but there was no one. Tears rolled down her cheeks. She wanted to end this torment, she wanted to scream. She wanted to come out of the dream. Will someone pinch her ? … Kill her! the voice said again but this time the soft voice had a threatening edge. She moved a bit with fear. Her eyes shot at the figure, the female in the cloak.

The person was moving towards her, step by step. She could hear her heavy breathing, the edge, the rage to kill. In no time she would land the dagger down her throat.  She need to move. The steps speeded and the person sounded enraged, with sounds loud. She looked around there, another dagger was lying, as if everything was carefully planted but she had no time. Move fast…her brain snapped. She bent down to pick it. As she stood up, the person was less than a few inches from her face, she could feel her breath. A cold chill passed down her spine, voice choked, she was wet with perspiration. The dragger was near her neck. She hold her tool upright for attack, just then the cloak slid and she saw the face, red with enrage, fear, all mixed up….Swati, her friend….she too had read it…


The news flashed on TV, The Twin killings, yet again. Motive not yet known…

*** The End ***

P.S. -  Sorry for the late posting.I was too busy with work in the week & then with a function in the weekend. I think I should try the scheduling feature of Blogger. Hope I have done justice to the story and you people like it. Share your thoughts. Would like to hear them :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cipher – Part 1

'Homicides on increase' the news was flashing, like it had been for past several days. She, Tina, was merely looking at the canteen TV, her mind wandering over some other thoughts. 'What is it ? Why are you so disturbed ?' her friend  asked her as she drank the juice.

Chant the mantra ....

We’ll follow...Join us...give your feeble body the charge and evil part of mind the creativity and experience the joy of freedom and cruelty. Nothing is more enjoyable than BLOOD!

Tina held the letter forward to her friend. She read and burst out laughing.

'This ? You are worried of this ?', Tina's brows pulled together, with surprise and a bit fury.

'Swati, this isn't the first letter I got....' Tina replied, with startled voice that trailed silently as she completed the sentence. She looked really concerned.

'Just ignore. Really, just ignore. They are spam. Some bullsh* is doing that', Swati said watching her tone, trying to suppress her laughter.


No matter however she tried, but the mantra boomeranged to her mind whenever she was free of work, be it for a second. It was weird, she never felt like this before, the mantra thing was different, like hypnosis, like a spell.

It was dark and unusually sleepless, she had the time. She sat on the floor, legs folded, eagerness was creeping in with every second. With pounding heart she started chanting the words.


The darkness grew before her eyes, the eyelids felt weary and heavy. Slowly the words began to drag until it sounded just burble and then the silence proclaimed.


To be continued…

P.S : I couldn't manage to get a tantra-vidya mantra. Sorry for that. Tried to Google but couldn't get any. Sure there are bad things/mantras on the net, but i couldn't  find one :(

Story is in 2 parts.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Do or Die

She brought the kanda-pohe* to the breakfast table. The whole family were waiting, to taste her dish. It was her second day post-marriage and the artillery was out.Mother-in-law wanted to know how her daughter-in-law cooks.


Oh God! I should have been careful with the water in the poha. Did I add salt ? I don’t remember. Bad job Rupa, look at the family, joint family, you wanted…now get ready for the laugh…See…they are already smiling…they know it’s bad…ohh they are having their first bite…NO NO…i forgot to add salt…What’s this ? two mother-in-law…two Rupesh…(blinking)…ohh…they are disappearing. And so she fainted…

*Kanda-pohe is a Maharashtrian dish. It’s prepared using paddy and onion. It’s prepared regularly in Marathi families and is essential recipe. If you prepare it well, then kudos.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

You’ll never know - (Blog-a-ton 6)

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 6; the sixth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

The trek was fun. Even tough five out of nine turned up, the whole trip got more enjoyable with the smaller group.  It was already 8 pm. I phoned home as I boarded the train to Mumbai. The most I hate is travelling alone. Since it was dark outside, even watching the passing scenery outside was out of option. So my eyes wandered in the train, trying to pick up anything interesting. Trains & passengers can be very entertaining, my experience says.
I didn’t had to go far. The conversation next to me caught my interest. Two guys were talking in low voice.
“You know, yesterday I met her. She came to return my books. I wanted to say it to her right away, but I was nervous”
“You are dumbass, see, if you don’t tell her this week, don’t ever talk to me about this. I am sick of your hypothesis. Are you going to do it ?” he made a face as he said it.
“Hey, understand ya. You know how she is. Sometimes I feel that I say it, when I’ll tell her that I like her, she might punch me in my face”
“You are afraid of her. Ha!”
“I think I have only one chance. If I miss it she’s never going to turn her face to me” The train came to a stop, they peeped out of the window and hurried to get down. As they moved, a folded paper fell from the guy’s book. I picked it. Being an express train, most of the people were asleep, I unfolded it.
Hi Rahul,
We  don’t know  each  other  much.  But the  truth  is  that  I  like  you.  I  don’t  know  if  you  feel  the  same. If  so  then  meet  me  tomorrow  at  the  Rastek  cliff.  If you  don’t  turn  up,  I’ll  get  my  answer.
I looked up, almost jumped. But they were gone. He’s not going to meet Sheetal. But what will happen next. Will she talk to him about the letter ever ? Will they come together ? I’ll never know…
P.S : The story is piece of fiction based on the prompt pic.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

C’mon start

My neighbour started her engineering last year and my sis this year. When they study together, I often stumble against the terms. And then the memories come back. Then, engineering might not have seemed that interesting but now that I am through, it feels refreshing to go back to the old days and have a laugh.
My sis’s first semester is now over and their exams are going on. That day my neighbour came and was discussing the paper, it was OK, she said, so was my sis’s paper. OK was always an enigma, I suppose I used to say whenever I had no answers. I smiled.

“You know, many time I know the answer but still can’t write!" my neighbour said making a terrorised face. A Oh-I-know-what-you-mean smile appeared to my face.
“I know exactly what you mean”, I said. “It’s like Yes I know this answer, Yes, I know this answer, we keep repeating this to ourselves but our pen doesn't move, this used to happen with me always but once we start we get going. I think it happens out of excitement. But initially it’s like, Start, c’mon Megha start!
The memory was so evident, like, as if I was just yesterday I gave the paper, perhaps the engineering days are carved on my mind. But I like it!