Sunday, January 10, 2010

Do or Die

She brought the kanda-pohe* to the breakfast table. The whole family were waiting, to taste her dish. It was her second day post-marriage and the artillery was out.Mother-in-law wanted to know how her daughter-in-law cooks.


Oh God! I should have been careful with the water in the poha. Did I add salt ? I don’t remember. Bad job Rupa, look at the family, joint family, you wanted…now get ready for the laugh…See…they are already smiling…they know it’s bad…ohh they are having their first bite…NO NO…i forgot to add salt…What’s this ? two mother-in-law…two Rupesh…(blinking)…ohh…they are disappearing. And so she fainted…

*Kanda-pohe is a Maharashtrian dish. It’s prepared using paddy and onion. It’s prepared regularly in Marathi families and is essential recipe. If you prepare it well, then kudos.


  1. ouch!!
    Some knowledgeble one said once " The way to a mans heart is through his stomach; unless she is a surgeon.
    har har har..

    nice one :)


    so she fainted…..
    this is how my blog post ended today!! call it coincidence

  2. I too want a joint family, but my mother-in-law should cook for me instead of making me cook. :)
    Nice post! :)

  3. chan chan...kande pohe chi athvan anlis...:D

  4. jara ati nahi ka vatat ahe?

    I expected something long, but my expectations came to an abrupt halt!

    That reminds me.... Its ages since I had kande pohe. Udyach!

  5. lol! She fainted? I love it! This is so going to be my state in the future! I won't faint but I'm a bad cook!

  6. lol...does it happen these days too? I would have thought that gals are more geared for the fight :)

  7. lol...does it happen these days too? I would have thought that gals are more geared for the fight :)

  8. @Socerer
    Thanks...yea..they both fainted, thanks to us

    Thanks...hehe..mee too...I will make her do the poha for me..

    HAHAHAHA....I'll take those laughs as compliment ;)

    Hmm...mi aajach khalle ;)

    Nothing's ati or maati on my blog...again aajach khalle pohe...chan hote ;)

    Thanks...Ya even I am bad cook, even my younger sister cooks well ;)

    Ages have passed...but the tu tu mai mai is still there...I ahve seen and heard ;)

  9. Me having now! Mast khobra, kothimbir and limbu!

  10. Aaah it reminded me of my Pune days my friend used to get the best kanda-pohe for me.
    One thing that terrifies me about marriage is the part called cooking. I wonder how an OK cook like me will fare in a test like this.

  11. @Saurabh
    bolu nakos.... :P

    me too...i worry about the people who'd have to eat food prepared by me ;)


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