Saturday, January 09, 2010

You’ll never know - (Blog-a-ton 6)

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The trek was fun. Even tough five out of nine turned up, the whole trip got more enjoyable with the smaller group.  It was already 8 pm. I phoned home as I boarded the train to Mumbai. The most I hate is travelling alone. Since it was dark outside, even watching the passing scenery outside was out of option. So my eyes wandered in the train, trying to pick up anything interesting. Trains & passengers can be very entertaining, my experience says.
I didn’t had to go far. The conversation next to me caught my interest. Two guys were talking in low voice.
“You know, yesterday I met her. She came to return my books. I wanted to say it to her right away, but I was nervous”
“You are dumbass, see, if you don’t tell her this week, don’t ever talk to me about this. I am sick of your hypothesis. Are you going to do it ?” he made a face as he said it.
“Hey, understand ya. You know how she is. Sometimes I feel that I say it, when I’ll tell her that I like her, she might punch me in my face”
“You are afraid of her. Ha!”
“I think I have only one chance. If I miss it she’s never going to turn her face to me” The train came to a stop, they peeped out of the window and hurried to get down. As they moved, a folded paper fell from the guy’s book. I picked it. Being an express train, most of the people were asleep, I unfolded it.
Hi Rahul,
We  don’t know  each  other  much.  But the  truth  is  that  I  like  you.  I  don’t  know  if  you  feel  the  same. If  so  then  meet  me  tomorrow  at  the  Rastek  cliff.  If you  don’t  turn  up,  I’ll  get  my  answer.
I looked up, almost jumped. But they were gone. He’s not going to meet Sheetal. But what will happen next. Will she talk to him about the letter ever ? Will they come together ? I’ll never know…
P.S : The story is piece of fiction based on the prompt pic.


  1. gr8 post! I see a nominee in you! You know I never considered taking part in this BAT coz mala kahi suchatch nahiye!

    And after reading this I was like "He mala ka nahi suchla"

    Now I'll scratch my brain for 3.85 minutes and if I come up with something I'll post it!

  2. Thanks. Waiting for yours. Actually aaj kiti divsani mi blogging/commenting kartey...kaamane hairan kelay...waiting for your post...mala mahit ahe tuza pakka chan asel :)

  3. Good one. Open-ended ending :-)

    First time here. Loved the photos on your photo blog !

  4. Thanks Madhu :) Keep visiting!

  5. A very nice ending, I love the look of your blog, Khub chan .....Mana pan kamane hairan kela ahe...

  6. the ending really made me wonder what would happen next... wonderfully written

  7. @Shahid & Rajlakshmi
    Thanks for reading. Keep visiting :)

  8. oh shit... why the cliff in particular...:O

  9. nice blog here..good one...:D

  10. Nice story. I like open ended stories more.

  11. Nice story. Good idea, leaving it open ended.

  12. @SiD
    haha...te majhya manat pan nahi ala :D tu ekdum hatke vichar kelas ;)

    & Thanks :)

    @Aativas & Dreamer
    Thanks :)

  13. A very lovely interpretation of the picture!! And the intrigue at the end ... liked it!!
    Cheers :)

  14. Hey Megha, that was a nice ending. I like stories with an open end. That way the story lingers on the mind even after reading it. Works well for short stories.
    Liked it very much. Keep writing.
    All the best!

  15. Thanks Sorcy :)

    Thanks :) Keep visiting!

  16. I love that you left it open ended! :)

  17. Hey I liked it. I really wanna know what happened after you got the letter. (I know its fiction, still i wanna know) :P
    Nice post. :)

  18. Nice..would like to read 'part 2' of this story.... :))

  19. @Mia
    Thanks :)

    @Pushpee & Nethra
    Thanks..I wasn't thinking of the 2nd part...You want it? I'll have to start thinking...

  20. would luv to see wot happens next

  21. Hello! New here :) Gotta thank Sid for mentioning your post on FB and that is how I ended up here :) Nice one and as for the open ending, I'd appreciate if you can close it with a sequel :) It'd be nice to know how it further proceeds and concludes :) Good luck with BATOM 6!

  22. Good one :D
    Poor girl, couldn't she send a mail or an SMS? She ought to be counselled on the uses of technology.

    Btw, the starting has a few grammatical errors, please do look into that!
    Cheers :)

  23. Wow! Even like nethra I wanna know what happened next! Its was beautiful re :)

  24. Sorry to disappoint you, but I din participate this time...
    Happy to appoint you... I'm voting for you!

  25. Very sweet story but I would like to read the end of it! I thought like Sid at first....pan tine udi marayache chances kami vatatat...She was a brave girl to express her feelings atleast in the she will not jump...Is she the same girl they were talking about?! You will keep me wondering for ever!

  26. Brilliant attempt! I liked the plot althought it was too short! You could have added a few more emotions into the climax. Nevertheless, the fact that you made it short and sweet intrigued me! Keep it up!

  27. Not fair yar.......

    isn't it cruel?


    lollzzz. Good One.

  28. @Dido & Shruti
    Hmm...thinking of posting the sequel. Thanks for reading and appreciating :)

    @Raksha Raman
    Thanks :)Glad that you liked it. Will post the sequel soon

    @Just Another

    Thanks ya :)

    Thanks. Sorry couldnt identify any. I am bad at the language. Can you help me out ?

    haha...people have suicidal thinking..pretty destructive ;)
    mi tasa vicharach nahi kela...ekach goshtila kiti vegla vegla valan yevu shakto

    Thanks ya.

    :) Life is cruel...

  29. @Nethra
    Yups...thought of something..but don't know will it do justice to the original...but will try

  30. I dont think so.

    Life is Beautiful!

  31. wow...that was very simple yet said a lot...very well written.

    I liked your blog title...

  32. I liked this very much!
    The flow of thought and an open-ending. It made me want to read more. I was honestly looking for a concluding part! :)

    Good luck for BATOM6! :)

  33. The "never-knows" in our life are some of the painful moments. and when you think of this pain, it reminds of this "Sometimes it s harder to deprive one self of a pain than pleasure"

    so the never-knows are a lot of pain- agreed. But we realize and appreciate it only after it is known. not until it remains never-known

  34. small and cute story with a happy ending......gud one

  35. @Geeta

    @Makk's a mix of both :)
    Kabhi khushi kabhi gam..tara rum pam pam ;)

    Thanks :)

    Thanks. Will write the concludding very soon

    Ya, there are always option and non taken will always make us wonder..the road less travelled

    Thanks :)

  36. Very Nice interpretation! After reading your story, laga part lena chahiye tha!! :)
    There was so much to derive out of that picture, NOTHING occured to me!

  37. Hey it was a shoorrrt story but beautifully written and expressed. I liked the title too!!


  38. Hey Megha, very nice story, good work !

  39. @Preeti
    Hey, working with the next part..
    Thanks for reading and appreciating.

    Keep visiting :)

    @Yemiledu & MR
    Thanks :) Keep visiting


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