Sunday, January 06, 2013

Fragrance of love..

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He scrapped the black edges of omelette off the pan and put in his plate. He ate it silently by the window. It was 5 pm and yet it was dark like midnight. The darkness of the night contrasted the snow that accumulated on every object exposed to the harsh nature. He finished his omelette within a few seconds. His stomach growled. He needed food. He wished his wife was with him here. It must be 3:30 am in India, he thought. His mobile phone began to ring. He looked at the display. It was his wife calling.

“Ayu, you are still awake? It must be 3:30 am”, he enquired.

“I am missing you Adi. I feel very lonely. I wish you were here with me”, she shared the agony in her heart.

I wish too, he wanted to agree but he stopped himself. “We talked in evening, sweetie. Talk to mom you'll feel better”

“She had to go to brother, he is not keeping well. And her presence would not have made any difference Adi because I need to talk to my husband, you

“She should have been with you. Aniket has family to take care of him. You are alone there. Have you closed the door and windows well?”

“You know Adi, it's raining here. This time of the year, it had never rained before. It's raining as if it will end the world today. Will it? We may die without seeing each other. It’s crazy, my mind. It brings some crazy thoughts. I feel restless alone and so in crowd. Its like the world is a big wild crowd and I am the sick lonely soul in search of don’t know what”, her voice restless.

He knew his wife was going through a difficult phase. They were married for just three months when he had to fly to Canada. She wanted to come with him but it was not possible. They both missed each other terribly. He had busy work schedule to drown into during the day but Ayushi had to bear with the loneliness day and night. He had talked her into a job. She went for it but then after a couple of weeks she resigned complaining loss of interest. His job was very satisfying and that was a relief for him but when he returned home he had nothing to do.

That was the time when his mind and soul engulfed in loneliness almost everyday. He called her every evening and they talked for hours. They laughed, cried, teased, revived their wedding memories. It was the time when time stood still, the distance vanished. The love overflowed all words and emotions and no force could keep them from the happiness that they felt in this time.

But as days flew, Ayushi grew restless. She started complaining about not being able to be with him. It was a matter of less than two months and after that he will be beside his beautiful wife. He tried to console her but she had drowned herself in silence and spent sleepless night in pain. Today was one such night, he realised. He had to free her from the loneliness and make her sleep.

She spoke and he came back to the present. “You remember the Chafa** plant that we planted a year ago before you flew to Canada?”, he noticed the quiver in her voice.

“Yea, you had built a shed to protect it from rain”, he chuckled, trying to lighten her mood. She was always protective about whatever and whoever she loved.

“Yes, it has grown now. It grows beautiful rainbow flowers. There is such a beautiful symmetry in it, the flowers are of same size and each petal of same shape and mix of orange and pink colour. And it’s fragrance is hypnotising. I get a few beside my bed before I go to sleep”. He smiled, he remembered her mentioning that when they had planted it. 

“But I can't get the flowers today. It's difficult to step out in this wild rain. (pause) I don't think the tree will survive this storm. It's going to die. I could protect it no more”. He was worried about Ayushi’s tone. Her words carried her plight which he now empathised. He could feel the loneliness she felt, the tears that welled in her eyes. He realised she had called him for help though she didn't knew this.

“Ayu”, he said, his voice tender. “Are you by the window?”

”Hmm”, she replied.

“You see the tree?”

”Hmm”, she affirmed.

“I wish I was there with you. (pause) But Ayu, I could still see the tree, as if I am beside you watching it. The rain drops patterning on the leaves and flowers. You remember how we have fought about the plant. I wanted rose and you refused. You were so adamant”

“I just wanted a plant that I can see grow before my eyes. It would be a mark of our married life. I wanted to see it grow big before our eyes, blossom and spread the fragrance as our marriage matured”

“Ya, I know dear. You were always the sensible one among us. You see the tree, Ayu? It's grown, blossomed and livens up the surrounding with it's fragrance, doesn't it? You wanted us to see it grow big. You said you wanted it to be a mark of our marriage. Then it is, I see it is. Even if I am not there Ayu, I see it's grown, like us, like our relation. It has grown strong, like our bond. It can survive hundreds of such storms, it will. I don't have to be with you physically, I am already there beside you watching the tree. It's beautiful, isn't it? I love you Ayu. And I will be with you very soon. Right beside you. To smell the flowers and to hold you. To listen to the songs of birds on our tree, chirping and butterflies hovering. I love you sweetheart. I love you very much. It has been a beautiful day and now it’s a beautiful night. You know, I dream of you every night. Will you dream about me tonight?

“Yes I will”, she said, blushed and she tucked herself in the bed. The noise in her head had shut, and the world was silent again. The rain patter which earlier sounded fatal now rang romantic chimes and the smell of the Chafa sneaked through the gaps of closed windows and filled the room. She closed her eyes. She felt close to him like never before and his sweet voice whispered from the phone in her petite ear, I love you Ayu. Good night. Dream about me.


NOTE: **Chafa in Marathi is Champa in Hindi, Plumeria in English. This plant grows beautiful flowers and is most fragrant at night


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Saturday, January 05, 2013

Children of heaven, movie

Yesterday I watched “Children of Heaven”, an Iranian film by Majid Majidi. A few weeks back a colleague introduced me to Iranian films. ‘Their cinema is famous. They pick a simple topic, and create a beautiful film on it’, he said.

Children of Heaven deals with a brother and sister and their adventures over a lost pair of shoes. It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 1998.

The movie is filmed in Persian language and you have to read subtitles to understand but it doesn't make it less interesting. Believe me it doesn't.

The film is beautiful and gets close to your heart not because of any extraordinary theme but just because of the opposite, its simplicity. It's simplicity is it’s charisma. And the direction, a magic.

The film takes us into the very common life of an Iranian home and after a few minutes you feel you know the family. You empathize with them and think how their life can get better. It's a film which will hold you while watching it but will makes you contemplate more after. There are couple of things that you dwell on after watching the film, the simple life, the rustic yet cinematic streets, the bond between the children and teachers, Irani education system. Moreover, the problems faced by a poor family, the love and bond between the children and their parents, love between the siblings, the determination of the children to manage with a single pair of shoes, not to avoid spanking but because they know that their father cannot afford to buy new pair before the month end and they don't want to burden him. 

The music is minimal but the background score is perfect at the highlighting shots. Some of the scenes are brilliantly shot, the one when Ali and his sister goes to the girls place to get the shoes back, the girl running after the shoe when it falls into the gutter, the other one when Ali promises his sister that he'll come third and gift her the shoes, then the intricately filmed race, the memories flashing on his mind while running and the most beautiful, the climax when he immerses his feet in the pond and the fishes kisses his feet. There are many shots and those who have watched the film will understand.

The film and the director is extraordinary and I am going to watch the other films by him. Those who love content cinema and good direction should watch this film. Also, I think parents should show it to their children.

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