Saturday, April 25, 2015



I am in the middle of crowd
Cursing as I have enter in
Not that I feel claustrophobic
But afraid of the people in

An ugly transformation I see
From man to monster
Conscience fly away
And what remains is faceless dirt

I am afraid of the lecherous eyes
The hands that trespass space
The sounds that jump my heart beat
The words that are opposite of grace

We talk of society
We talk of culture
Where do they vanish
Why in his face I see a vulture?

It smells of decay
The face shows the filthy layers
I am afraid of transformation
I am afraid of  the Mob


Friday, April 24, 2015



I thought those feelings would never return
And that I had dealt with them for good
I had felt completely free
Until this evening nude.

They have returned!
And are tugging my mind to knot
And I am left to search 
Someone desperately to talk

I struggle to talk and smile
Have to keep away the true feeling
You cannot tell them all
And inside they are killing...


Wednesday, April 22, 2015


6 Swamp 7

The night grows every moment
With every tear fallen

The memories trying to add color
But they only smudge the clear

The memories ride you
But the emptiness prevail

You think they are treasures
But they are swamp that pull

Yet they are are sweet
Even the drowning

Cause when you are drowning
You see him

You can whisper his name
And pray in wait

Even with wet eyes
You have smile on lips

The swamp does wonders
The dew grows and he appears...


Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Y Righteous c

Something's in the wind
That freezes me
Is it the winter
Or the glimpse of love?

Something I ran away from
That feeling of being in bond
Today it looks desirable
And I yearn for the warmth

Near and close I want to be
To borrow the warmth
Body and mind when frozen
The feelings search for a form

Its dark and aloof
Where it had wandered
Them left behind
Then I didn't bother

But those who love
Have this incredible power
I look behind my shoulder
And I see them at the corner

Now is the time
To go ahead or turn
To choose the solitary ahead
Or warmth of love behind