Sunday, December 21, 2014


It was charming. Charming and majestic, one she never expected to see in her life. The white floor was perfect and was implanted with gold, silver and bronze mosaic. The chandeliers twinkled and she almost tripped herself while looking up at the fresco. The corridor was long and grand. She felt blessed to be in the middle of it. She jumped, in happiness, taking in the truth that this grand property was transferred to her name. It had been closed for years till today, her luckiest day, 25th of December 1890, when she opened the door to the black coat. She’d called them, the lawyers, black crow for their greediness until today, when with the property transferred letter looked the most handsome man. She almost had jumped and kissed him thinking the grand life that awaited her.

Standing in the corridor, the question peeped up again and she sat down on floor. Why? She had asked the lawyer but he had shrugged. Why? She repeated sitting in the middle of the corridor. She realized the corridor was long, very long. She looked up at the chandelier as she tried to work out the reason, Why? Somewhere far a telephone rang...tring….tring..tring.. 

Telephone? Who would call this place? It rang again. Morine should pick it up, What is she doing? … Tring.. suddenly the lights started flickering… tring.. the chandelier flickered and went out… tring.. it was dark, “What”, she heard herself say. She strained her eyes but it was too dark. Suddenly she felt the air growing thicker and a stench raised around her. The telephone was still ringing but it sounded very far. She called for Morine but in shock the words stuck in her throat. She was starting to panic, as the silence was consumed by sound of running water. Water? she thought when she felt the wetness on her feet raising up her feet slowly. Morine, she called, this time her voice reverberating the corridor, perhaps it will reach out to the guard. 

She kept shouting and stopped when she heard something. She covered her mouth fearing she would scream and concentrated on the sound. Footsteps. A hope lit in her mind but the next moment a fear rose in her mind, the footsteps, dragging, with faint sound of dangling metal. They were nearing her. She realized it was raining and when she looked to her left where she assumed to be colored windows at the end of the corridors, there was a lightning flash followed by thunder. Within that second, she realized she was trapped. The lightning showed her not the colored windows or mosaic floor but dark stone dungeon. 

She gasped at the sound to her right. There was another flash and she saw them.. filthy drooping bodies wet in dirt and blood. One..two...there were more and walking towards her...then she saw him...the black crow..yes it was him.. covered with blood… there was thirst in his eyes… then it dawned.. No Inheritance.. she was a delivery…

Written for Prompt - 'The long corridor' by Wings Of Change.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Fall

She gave way to the men as they moved the furniture out to the truck. They gave a look of disapproval as they passed her. She did not blame them for it. She looked at her husband. Hair disheveled, with stubble around his cheeks, he looked tired and frustrated. When their eyes met, she felt a shiver. There was fire burning in his eyes. He shrugged in helplessness. “Useless, these guys”, he muttered. She thought different but did not dare to voice her opinion. It would do nothing good to his already sullen mood, so she nodded with a slight smile. “Don't worry. This will be done soon. And…”, she tried to support but he had already stepped out of the house. She watched his back, taking in the stumbling walk, the shoulders drooped under the heavy burden of the lost battle. She saw a hint of fatigue in his every move and her heart went out to him.

When they were out, he asked the truck driver to follow their taxi. In taxi, she felt as if the harshness of silence would tear her off. She wanted him to talk to her. But when she sneaked a peek at him, she realized, be it success or fall, she had no place in his heart. For once, she wanted him to forget everything, even himself and be a husband. Would it be possible?

When she saw him come down heavily on the men as they moved their belongings to the new apartment, she knew the answer. He does not approve, does not accept, the fall, moving to a smaller place, nothing. She feared things would turn worse, this was just the beginning. Off late, he was losing temper easily over petty things but even so, he had never abused her. But..he also never held her, way she would love, with feelings. Maybe things wouldn’t change for her, maybe she just had to play the role of wife whenever he would need her, like until now. She sighed in grief.

She was thankful that the apartment was fully furnished. When the work was done and the men moved out, she made coffee and took it to their bedroom. He was standing at the window. “Coffee”, she said without going near to him fearing his rage. He turned to her, she noticed his red eyes. Her heart were beating faster and her pulsed increased. She placed the tray down on the bedside table with shivering hands.

“I lost everything”, he muttered. Though low, there was rage in his voice. He took few steps towards the her as she stumbled back. “No”, she muttered. “I lost everything”, he repeated as he collapsed at the foot of the bed. Surprised, she gulped few breaths and sat next to him. She would have consoled him, held him close, but she did not dare. Instead she sat next to him like a silent lifeless doll. She felt sorry, for him and for herself. She knew he would win everything back, but what she had lost was for ever. She had turned to a breathing rag doll. She could not hold herself any longer and tears started flowing out, she sobbed.

“Nitya”. She heard the voice, same yet different. She gasped as she looked up. He was looking at her, his face wet with tears. Her eyes were wide with anticipation. “I am sorry”, he said to her with trembling voice that dug like a dagger in her heart. 

“No, please don’t cry”, she said, “You have always been a winner. I am sure soon we will move in back to our home, bigger than before. I am”, she muttered between sobs and looked if he was still beside her. And there he was, looking at her intently. 

“You never cried before. You say I have not failed. Yet you cry…….I am sorry”, he said, his voice drenched in grief. 

“Please don’t say so”, she feared but took his hands in hers, “I have failed you. I am your wife, yet I could not console you, I could not bring you out of this grief, I have nothing to give you confidence, what good am I?”, she cried. She saw her words changing shape in his eyes, and realized she had surprised him.

“And how good am I?”, he asked. “Can you forgive me?”, he took her face in his hands, her eyes still looking down.

“Will you?” he asked. “Are you afraid to even look at me?”, he asked. Tears rolled down her cheeks but she couldn't look at him. Confused, she couldn't make of him. He needs me? Is that a new role I have to play? I always wanted him to be with me. What am I waiting for?

His voice was trembling, “What I have turned you into, I took the life away from a vibrant person like you. Monster, that’s what I am”.

“I never blamed you”, she managed to murmur unable to accept nor reject him.

“If that is so, please give me some time”, he replied. He needs time to make himself love me. Her face fell. “I will need time to make myself worthy of you”, he replied. Her surprised eyes met his.

“We can achieve our dreams together”, he said as they looked into each other’s eyes. “Yes”, accepting she said.

“Together”. They vowed.

She smiled even as fresh tears rolled down her cheeks. He smiled and pulled her close in his arms. She sighed feeling the warmth of the embrace she waited and heard the words of treasure for the first time, “I love you”.

Saturday, December 06, 2014


He looked up at the sky. It looked like a bowl with white cotton floating. He always liked to watch them, lying down on his back on the green grass. When the sun started to turn soft and golden, the parent of the kids came and took them to their homes. Nobody ever came to get him however. Earlier he used to watch them go, bidding him, some with smiles and some crying to let stay longer. But they never stayed back. It was always him standing alone in the field.
The sky was turning into a mix of red, purple and many other colors. Colors, he liked, they warmed his eyes and heart. They were his companion. However soon they would disappear and the sky will turn monotonous black. He lied on his back, watching the colors getting warmer and filling his heart. The clouds took different forms and the flock of birds made a beautiful sight. The field turned into haven of voices, of animals and chirps, of birds returning back to their homes.
Yet he stayed there in the field, lying, smelling the earth under his body. There was still no one calling him, searching him. A butterfly glided on a yellow petite flower next to him. He got up and caught it between his fingers. It was fluttering, trying to escape his grasp. He smiled. He felt an urge to crush it, his heart beating faster. He yelled, his sound reaching the sky, the tips of the branches, the cliffs and the flying birds. Yet as the breeze passed him, it was just the same, as it was a moment before, empty. He collapsed as a cry slipped his lips, the butterfly escaped, as the tears started flowing.
Yet he got up and dragged his feet towards his house. It was dark now and the crickets were out. He looked at the house standing crooked at the end of the field, a lamp shining at the veranda. He saw a silhouette at the door. His eyes grew wide. Was it her? He gasped. He ran and ran. Tears flowing. Mother, he cried running, and stopped at the foot of the house. It was her, standing before him. “Come, my baby”, he heard her, her voice trembling. He ran and sheltered himself in her arms. They huddled, cried, together. Their words croaking.
She fed him with her hands and sang him lullaby. When he closed his eyes, her soft face melting, he dreamt himself playing in the field. They were all laughing and shouting when he heard his name, he turned and there she was. His mother, smiling. He smiled. He was ready to go home. 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Black Love

Running behind the shadows
That goes round the mountains
Thats what my life has become
When it was meant to be fun

You were the genius
The rightfull among us, the great
Genius to fake all
And make it look it like a mistake

Love is a piece of art I thought
That brings out the colors new
Yes I saw your colors
And it only made me blue

With you Life felt like a dream
I thought it was a beginning
Never I thought it was all false
A nightmare, and closer crept an ending...

Written for Wings Of Change Prompt - Beginning.

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Ghost Diary

Deluded, I swayed over the stairs. Though brought up under very protective care of a orthodox ghost, I stole chances to read about fantasy and horror, specially about Humans (a secret I am keeping from my mother). It was these books how I came to know about humans. And so I can recognize a human world, one where I was now floating, it had a peculiar smell, of flesh. It was an elongated space. A hollow that seemed to stretch upwards forever. Apart from a red cylinder hanging to side, the place was empty, hollow, and with a queer construction that gave me shivers. To my left I saw a sign, which I immediately recognized, Fire Exit. I have read about it. Fire, something humans are afraid of and can die, Die, whatever that means.

I heard some noise above me. A laughter. Human presence. The softness in the voice made my white skin creep. However, being a curious ghost, I started floating up. As I swam up, the sounds got louder. I saw two human figures. A man and a woman, as they are called. Shocked, I floated a little down, to observe them. They were very queer, nothing like ghosts. I saw their feet touched the earth and they seemed to talk forever, not that I could understand them. But it must be somewhat pleasant as they seemed to enjoy it and laugh every other minute. I started moving closer to get a better look. Were they beautiful for a human? I was thrilled to see human though I realized I should be afraid. But I was not, maybe because it dawned on me that I was invisible to them.

Soon the laughter died and the woman began whispering to him. They moved closer, like wrapping each other. They were up to something. I moved closer to understand what was going. Perhaps I could enter her body. But the woman suddenly became alert and started shivering. Was it my presence? The man was shivering too. Before I could experiment, they both looked around wildly, shaking. The woman’s  eyes were big as if would pop out and she started asking something to the man, grumbling, she made my skin shrink. Before I could make another move, they opened the door and entered another space, walking faster looking back. I followed.

This space was another hollow object and there were doors to both sides. I was more confused than afraid or happy. I saw them open a door and enter. So these were where humans live. I wanted to explore more, my curiosity was to its peak. Humans! I floated to the last door. There were voices coming from inside. A little socket adjustment and I could see through the door. To the other side was a very weird human. I want to make special mention about this human. It was not as big as the other two I had seen. This one was plump and had big round eyes, that looked everywhere frantically. Perhaps these are the ones they mention in the horror books. It was running around non-stop, stomping, jumping and making loud sounds. I wasn’t sure whether to maintain a safe distance or venture into this unknown world. But I gathered courage. My skin was thumping, my tail shivering while I sway inside. Just when I moved a point forward across the door, this human did a most frightening thing ever. It jumped towards me and shouted BOO!! Oh! My skin crept and stuck into my hollow inside.

That day I swore to myself, I will not enter the queer human world. But now I can say, I have seen a human!

wowbadgeThis post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

Prompt for the week is ‘If humans tell ghost stories to scare each other, share a story that ghosts would tell to scare each other.

P.S: This post was a counter to one I wrote earlier – Dangling, one of my favourite.