Wednesday, April 01, 2015

B for Blindness

The summer sun shines
The rain have created the puddle

We jump into them
The rainbow above appears

Our giggles spreads around
And the cool breeze blows

I see them two kids grow every moment
But the distance between them grown

She says the three words
But the breeze carry them astray

She runs shouting the words
But he seems to be gone away

She looks around the trees
Behind the stony house

Up the mountain
And down the road

The two are still there
I can see ...them together

But he’s lost in something
Right in front of her

And she searching
Calling him and crying

They still can't see (sigh)
They still can't see


Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A for Arrival

When I opened the door
You were here to foray
Looking at me
As if it was just another day

I stare at you 
Thinking of the reason you to be here
But instead my mind jumped
At the prospect of you near

But now that you smile at me
And ask about coming together
I stumble in my own mind
Taking a long breather

All the stories I heard
Would you call it rumors?
Were they just friends?
Or you'r back for small break from the circle 

You say past doesn't matter
It's to be back that counts
But your present is a fickle
And future nowhere to be found

I stare at you, torn inside
My friends warn me to stay away
Why do you like to addict me,
And abandon me to stray?

I know it's just a matter of time
That I see this smile
You would be gone
And I hear another rumor in line

So here and now I say no to you
As I say it, cut and blood I feel
But the little love unspent 
I keep will it for the wound to heal


Sunday, March 22, 2015

A to Z Challenge: Theme Poetry -- Loneliness & Heartbreak

In my earlier post I accepted A to Z Challenge. The Challenge is to write a post for the letter designated for the particular day (Calendar above). 

The game sounds overwhelming to me. would it be if we take a step further? Write our posts on a single theme? I thought over it. To write on a single theme for 26 posts, you need to be good in the genre you would pick. Well, I am comfortable in writing short stories, but looking at the time I take in thinking, re-thinking, writing draft, re-writing, publishing for a single post takes more than a week. I would not survive the challenge even for a week! So I have made my pick! Something that is spontaneous and closer to my heart, Poetry! So --

My Genre is Poetry. And my Theme is –– Heartbreak & Loneliness.

I am eager to post and to meet some inspiring bloggers. I look forward to the fest! 
Hope it would be fun!

If you haven't signed up, there's still time - Visit A to Z Challenge and Sign up.


A Tiny Flame

Life is predictable. So much so that you could just see through everything. But just as much as life is predictable, people are equally the opposite. And perhaps it's the capricious streaks in people that adds the tang to our living. And of all the people, who's more unpredictable than yourself?

Well you might defy saying "I know myself". And you might come up with ten strengths and ten weaknesses. But is that it? I would repeat, Do you know yourself? Are you sure? Well, I am unsure myself, I always suspected we just know ourselves just as much as we want. 

Don't you think, you as a whole, there is a fraction of you, is what you are not? Who you are but don't want to be? Some might call it sub-conscious. Agreeing to that, there would also be a part which is hidden and unknown to us. Something that would surprise us. That's confusing and fussy, I agree. It came rushing to me that afternoon when I went to pick my sister from her school as my mother was unwell. I must have been in first year junior college.

My sister and I was walking towards the train station and just before climbing up the slope to the platform, I bought two Cadbury éclairs. Passing one to my sister, we started walking up the slope. There was a child begging half way up the slope. I don't remember walking to him but I do remember him receiving the chocolate from me. I don't even remember his face and the whole things is just a distant memory. I returned to my sister who stood there watching me. 

When I reach her she asked me, "Why did you give your chocolate?"

"I don't know", I said shrugging. Honestly, I din't know. Why did I do that? However, I did realize that it gave me tremendous happiness and at the same time a feeling of nostalgia. It was a small gesture but it made a very significant impression on my sister and me. Suddenly the ordinary afternoon turned into a special memory and even though I cannot remember giving the chocolate to the child I do remember vividly the few steps I walked from the child to my sister, the honestly amused face of my sister and her asking me, "Why did you give your chocolate?"

Well it's not that I turned into savior of humanity but it did stir something in both of us. I did surprise my sister, and also myself. Something unlocked in me. A tiny flame had lit inside as I took the few steps. It lit in me and my sister. It is interesting what can bring about a change. At times something undistinguished. It can even turn you upside down. More than anything, it catches you off guard and surprises you. And sometimes it also show the hidden potential in you. Potential to understand compassion.

It is a long road for humans to completely unlock it's potential for compassion, as for every happiness gained, also has a streak of confessed and denied selfishness. But not all can be Buddha. Yet a flame, however small can light the path to take one step ahead. Perhaps that is life, one step at a time.

And suddenly, you realize, you are not as tiny as you think!

Written for who's looking up stories of beaming Life, Optimism and Hope!

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Black Anniversary

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 52; the fifty-second edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. In association with Metro Diaries by "Namrata". To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

Happy anniversary! I have never written a letter to you. This would be my first time. You might wonder I waited till the end of the day to wish but you were unreachable. The day was long. The weather gloomy and so was my mood. It was supposed to be a bright day, wasn't it? When I woke up in the morning, you were gone. I kept looking at my cell phone throughout the day but not once did it flash your number. And my day was wasted in anticipation. 

When I stepped out of office in the evening it was dark and raining, unusual for the season. The streets dimly lit in the yellow lights casted evil shadows on the street. And I felt an unknown anxiety and gloom hovering around me. Surprisingly, I was carrying an umbrella today. In spite of it I felt drenched inside, sodden and heavy. Perhaps the rain breaks your defense and you could hear the tiny voice wailing to be heard, only I didn't knew what was it crying for. I walked down the streets towards home, sandals splashing water. It was empty except for the street dogs. I had never seen these many before. They were whimpering and running for shelter. 

The whole place looked different tonight and I walked in some extrinsic alertness. My feet followed the distant sound of rhythmic chants to the garden. The sound of the hymns against the crackling fire was hypnotizing. It was the first time I witnessed a cult in action. It was a strange night as if trying to wake me up. It was like opening a window you never knew existed. And the view beyond unthinkable. At a distance, beyond the rising fire and smoke, the leaning on tree were you, in arms of another woman. I saw you.

I couldn't believe my eyes. But there you were, right into the shameless act. I wonder if you have an explanation. Would you blame it on the rains? I do agree they could turn you inside out. Did it seduce you? Or was it the woman? I wish I had not witnessed it. I wish someone else had told me. It would have been convenient to ignore. But now your infidelity flashes before my eyes and I walk around like a corpse. 

Our dinner passed silently, I expected not. At least a few words on our anniversary? If not greeting, at least condolence for our dead relation? At least when I asked you, how was your evening? But the glint that I saw in your eyes, it was the same I saw in the garden, when our eyes met. You saw me, didn't you? You saw me and you kissed her.

Dinner was good, you said pushing the plate. Should I have cursed you? You looked into my eyes and asked for desert, that simply. Your words pierced my heart and my eyes opened to your cruelty.

I would have broke down if not for the storm thundering outside that gave me strength. Perhaps it was the night to return the vices. It was satisfying to watch you eat the desert, spoon by spoon. You get what you deserve, you motherf* assho*.

This letter, the words, are cries of my soul. But you are unworthy of them. Perhaps, I will read them to your grave. 
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P:S:. I couldn't make myself complete the cuss words...