Friday, March 18, 2011

Back from hibernation


Hiya! I feel relieved that I am back. I have been on and off my blog, sad that I know but not doing much about it.  But there are plenty of reasons. One of which is the the great blame of writer’s block, one being a little lazy and the most troubling one is that I had completely forgotten that I own a blog and have the responsibility to keep it active.

So after the big realization of the big ownership, I thought I should write at least something. So here I am. Btw, let me give you the reasons why I forgot about the blog, not as excuse but because I may need some help.

1. I bought Nikon 3100 and spend most of the time experimenting with it, but just indoors. I am very exited about the new buy. I must take some time to step out of home and do some shooting in the streets. That’s the place where the real and interesting stories await to be shot. I need to be less lazy. It’s the Indian dilemma that also refrain me from shooting in street…will anybody mind, what if somebody says something. Not an easy job! Any tips guys?

2. The most important of all the reasons is that I am looking for a property in Pune. We have made a single visit to Pune. We are little confused about the places. I do tons and tons of searching and it worsens my confusion. It’s too hectic and tiring. Anybody from Pune here and willing to help?

Hope I’ll be on track after I settle things out and I could send some time on my blog as well as you people’s blog. I am short of patience and ease. I need more.