Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Smile and close your eyes…


On the no moon night
When it's darker around

You see twinkle in someone's eyes
And hear the cheer in the sound

Though the twinkle is for someone else
And the laughter not for you

It gives you steel strength
And a new hope lights in you

You feel the tears in your eyes
And prayer out your lips you hear

Someone’s happiness gives you hope
Their love brings you cheer

You see today is not yours
But tomorrow will come

And the twinkle in your eyes return
And the sadness in your voice gone

It's true happiness is contagious
And you can steal some

You have the right to be happy
And you have the right to claim love.

- Megha

Sunday, December 01, 2013


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It was when the hot tears fell on her hand that she realised she was crying. The hot tears dripped from her hand to the paper her trembling fingers were holding. The already blotched words were now a patch of blue. It wasn't the first time she was reading it. Her eyes had shed tears for hours when she read it over and over while trying to find a word or two of solace. But there were none. Every word was filled with admonition and estrangement that stabbed deeper into her heart. There was no reason to save such a hateful letter but she kept it. It was kind of companion. She read it whenever there were times of adversity. Somehow the letter of hatred provided strength to stand against the problems of life of a single woman. It was not the only reason why she kept it closer. The letter reminded her that everything in life is temporary and whatever you are in, good or bad, will pass. But over months the tears dried up and with every word and every curve of the cursive handwriting carved in her head, she could read it as a matter of fact. But today, here she was, crying. Because, times change and sometimes the words too. And most important, it was last letter from him.
She took another look at the SMS she had received from him five minutes ago. She couldn't believe her eyes. She read and reread the name at the end of the message. The contents of the SMS were lost over the time taken for the news to actually seep inside, that it was indeed from her estranged husband. It shook her deep and only after half and hour or so that she was stable and could make out the sentence from the dancing words. At first it all seemed like a joke, one that time has thrown at her for its own amusement. But after reading for a dozen times that she felt the hope rising inside. But if it was some joke then she knew she will never recover from it alive. Still, casting aside all the doubts, she loosened the hold on hope and after days of sadness, today, with eyes swollen, tears overflowing, her lips smiled unbound, trembling with overflowing emotion. It is true, they were whispering. He is coming back. To me. As if bursting with emotions, her hands rose to her face and she cried like a child, aloud. They were tears of happiness. Of hope. And of emotion of being with whom you love. Again.
It was 5:00 pm and she had tried all her best to be ready, with the beautiful Benarasi sari that he had gifted on her birthday. Though trying hard her hands fumbled as she tied her hair. But all was in vain, she was incompetent this moment, her  whole body shaking with apprehension. She looked into the mirror and saw a messed up woman. Her eyes black with the kajal smudged around as the tears refused to stop. She looked away. And then, the bell rang.
It rang a second time. And then a third time. She listened to it rooted on the bed, her body still shaking. Her mobile started ringing flashing his name. Her heart was filled up with a mix of happiness and fear for this could be the last time. She wanted to believe what her lips were whispering. Go! They said. He is here for you. And trusting them that she stood and went to the door.
There he was, just the same as he was when he had left, handsome, eyes innocently enquiring. Even today he could make her weak with his one look. She could feel fresh stream of tears coming out of her eyes so she turned around.
Shona, she gasped at the word she had just heard. It was in the privacy of the walls of their bedroom that Mayur called her Shona. She turned and stared at him expectantly. She wanted to slap him, hurt him but all she did was stand there, like a beggar, waiting and expecting little alms of love.
I am sorry, he said. Will you forgive me? She felt the weight of the words prodding her. Betraying her mind which was asking him for reasoning and penance, she felt her heart going out to him and saw herself nodding and hands stretched out to him.
Tears welled in his eyes and the next moment he was in her arms. They clutched together, their minds tumbling in the waves of emotions. Why did you let me go?, he asked crying like a child which made her cry the more, repeating how much he love her. You left me abandoned me. I hate you, she said holding him closer. I won't let you go. I won't, she said. Never let me go, he reverberated, the words making little sense. They were locked in the embrace, eyes flowing, making new promises. Their fingers fumbled over the faces, wiping each other’s tears. They at once knew this embrace was their life. They are one and inseparable. They held each other filling the emptiness time had bored in the mind, with unconditional love, until he took her beautiful face in his hand and kissed.
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