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Foolish hope

Killing is crime
You’ve killed my soul    Love is like war
    Everything is fair, o dear
I gave you all my love
But you betrayed me    You knew I flirt
    What'd you expect from me?
I thought you would change
My love would compel you

    Ha! Love's an artistic word 
    Wake up, it has failed you
Will not you come back to me?
I will wait for you    My life's like a journey in rosy garden
    Every day I start anew
You'll come back to me
If my love is true    You believe not me but your stupid heart
    Poor chap, your love has again betrayed you...

Some difficult questions

Week by week, we do live like a programmed being hardly doing anything different from our daily ritual. Many a time I sit and think, Am I satisfied? And for 99% times, it replies No. What makes me not fully satisfied? Is there a feeling, in reality, when one can feel fully satisfied? I don’t know if we have lost the meaning of true contentment or we ever understood it. I really don’t know.  If I look back at my schedule a few weeks ago I had so many things on my plate and planning these had become burdensome. I had the plans but still looking at the list made me loose time just thinking about the long list. I have to do this; I have to do that…such a long list. Then I think and ask Why do I am running so fast?Why do I have run after things? I need to go slow. Then I slow down and days go by. Then again one evening, I sit and ponder and see how days few by and that time is lost. There’s no thrill or any excitement in life. I think that we all are different and born with different wis…


Like the sand that accompany the breeze,
Clear my mind
...Make me free Like the palm that tune with the wind
Make me flexible
...Make me strongLike the waves that greet the rocks
To celebrate now
...teach me howLike the Nature that spreads unrestricted
Hold me in your arms
...And show me the unlimited in Me- Megha

The Other Side

Sometime back I was in a situation and a few thoughts emerged…Comparison and dissatisfaction are part of our life. With it brings a look out for different options than the current. Then we strive, think about it day and night, grudge about the present circumstances, swear names. We dream about the objective, find ways to achieve it. We work really hard for our objective. But very commonly it may happen that once you achieve it, it may lose it’s importance as if it never mattered or once you get on the grounds of the other side you start seeing the positive aspects of the current. It isn’t that bad, you think. Off course, this may not be the case with everything and everyone, but it’s not unusual too.  The proverb ‘The grass is always greener on the other side’ is much true and so is the fascination for the road less travelled. Most often we are aware of the negative aspects of our objective subconsciously but still the drive for it is so strong that the issues appear minor, we blindfo…

Unsung Song

Walking in wilderness,
Through the way unmarked
Without destination
No expectations or doubts, when my soul will startI want to walk and keep walking
For no one but for only me
Even if days go by
Without the food or society*Wild nature and Loneliness
Will it bring me closer to ME?
The soul lost in this freaky society
Will then jerk from it's sleeping spreeThat's the destination, it knows
Before it's ultimate sleep
But it's afraid to cross the line
The society is where it's still rooted deepThe society is cruel
With senses, pleasures, holds it strong
Time passes away…the soul never steps out for it’s journey
And dies wailing, his Life song died unsung
- Megha * society refers to the materialistic society