Sunday, June 30, 2013

Love again

Remember I told you?
That I feel jealous of you
When I see you two together
The incompleteness makes me shudder
On new year when clock strikes at midnight
And fireworks splendour in the moonlight
How I wish for a companion
To share my happiness 
But now I need not care
For he is coming
To complete me
With his love to share
As I sit here by the deserted beach
With splendid colours of the setting sun
Every bit like a fairy dream
So lovely almost like out of reach
At one weak moment
I doubt if its all true
What I suffered with you
May come back through
I looked expectantly at the drive
Afraid of the history to repeat
For I cannot bear another heartbreak
It would pain more than a knife
But there he comes running
I can see the love in his eyes
Leaving behind the past
Now I know it's a new beginning
He holds my hand
And lightly kisses my cheek
He whispers sweetest words in my ears, I love you
I hear my blurry words, I love you too

Thursday, June 13, 2013

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