Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ganesh Festival - Part 1

Tomorrow is Anant Chaturthi. Our favourite God will bid us goodbye, leaving us sombre and sad.

Past few days had been pleasant and full of energy. When on other days I refuse to step out of home after being back from office, now I happily agree to have a night tour to these Ganpati mandals.

We encountered a few pandals who were in mission to siphen money out of people’s pockets by giving entry to few people in the pandal at a time and then proposing pass tickets for faster entry. We chose to avoid these and visit where there was no or shorter queue. It’s all together a different feeling, full family stepping out late night, wandering in different galis, each having their own idol.

Following is Ganapati from Anjirwadi Ganesh Mandal, a mandal funded by Chagan Bhujbal.

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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Kankavli trip (Konkan Maharashtra)


Last weekend I happened to visit a beautiful place in Konkan belt of Maharashtra, a village called Kankavli.  There are number of trains that leave from Mumbai CST, we took the overnight sleeper ‘Kokan Kanya’.

It was the first time I entered an express train, so everything was first time and also amusing for me. The passengers in the train talked to us as if we knew each other for years. One after another came the vendors calling out their merchandise, bhajiya, chicken biryani, veg biryani and also bread omlet. We bought tea :)

After some talks with fellow passengers, when the clock showed 12, everyone pulled bed-sheets out of their bags. I climbed to the uppermost berth. I stuck to the wall, dad looking confused, asked me ‘You won’t roll down, right ?’ I smiled and hoped I won’t :)

When I got up the next morning, fortunately one piece, as I looked out of the door, I couldn’t believe how beautiful this earth could look. Thought of sharing the pics :)

Following  are few pics that I clicked from running train. Thankfully even in fast running train they are quite good :)

After every twenty minutes there was a tunnel, and when the train exited tunnel, a beautiful scenery was ready to mesmerize you…Green fields…rice...sugarcane…wild rivers…

Above is a station ‘Nivasar’ on our way. Again some beautiful houses surrounded by coconut trees.

Next few are the ones that I clicked after reaching Kankavli.If you see the last pic, the roads are in much better shape than Mumbai roads, aren’t they ? ;)

Kankavli itself is a beautiful place.But it is also a central place from where one can travel to some beautiful tourist places like Sindhudurg fort which is built in sea. Then Goa, Kolhapur, Malvan are few hours away.

After the trip, I wondered, If it is so beautiful here in August, how it would have been in monsoon ?