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Awaken Your Force

How was 2015?  I think I know your answer.
Wouldn't you agree if I say  Life has become
like that corridor where you're racing through
between the two rooms, home and office.You
just pass powerlessly each &every single day
without any meaning.   Sadly Life has turned
into a passing. Either we  are rushing through or lazying through.  Wake up, rush  to office.  Return home, sleep Replay & In between, fill   the       gaps. BUT It is time to stop and think. 
Time to renovate that corridor. Add spice and 
power to the gadget on your desk. Presenting
HP Star Wars Special edition laptop.Alluring 
look, Powerful processing. Infuse Inspiration
intyour undervalued left brain with Aurebesh
,Story boards, photos, e-book excerpts & more 
to give you that first kick. Awaken your Force
It is time to                                                  
Jump                                                                           out������������������������������������������������������…