Sunday, January 25, 2015


Image by R.Nial Bradshaw

The bottle was ready in my pocket
And the letter was complete
        When I was about to sign
         It was your one Smile

Enough it was to give me hope
Now stable is the candle which flickered
        The bottle and paper are down the bin
        And ready I am to light another candle flickering

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Connection [Final Part 9]

Part 1  ~  Part 2  ~  Part 3  ~  Part 4  ~  Part 5  ~  Part 6  ~  Part 7  ~  Part 8

Ryan was happy too and the news of camp rose excitement in him. He wanted to ask a thousand questions about the camp. How may have survived? And how? What was the camp about? How many people? Do we have an active lab? But despite all excitement, something nudged him, something was amiss here. He stared at Will. “I don’t understand”, he said. 

“I mean you will go to the camp and set up a laboratory and see how we can leverage the resources available and how we bring about the new”, Will shot rudely at him, irritated by Ryan’s defiance.

“You mean us, right?” Ryan said. 

“I have some other things to take care of. For now, you can be of great help. Wouldn't you like to help, Ryan?”, Ryan was surprised at Will's sudden change of demeanor.

“Aerial..”, Ryan was about to reply but was cut short by Will’s snort.

“Stop calling her that, you fool”, he bashed. Ryan looked at him and then at Aerial. Will was almost crimson whereas Aerial stood next to him unfazed. 

Will continued, “I knew you were a nuisance, I knew that as soon as I saw you”, he looked around, Lyna was gone. Good! Will thought.

“She is my Thunderlight Scarlet 2.0”, Will said while running his fingers through Aerial’s red hair.

Thunderlight... Ryan looked questionably at Will. He moved towards Will but was taken aback to see Will pointing a gun at him. A fighter robot's appendage.

Will gave a chortle. “See this..Would you leave us now, Mr. Stupid Scientist? I wanted to take you to the camp tomorrow, a camp I call, but a death zone it is.. you had one day to live but looks like even life is tired of you. And now I have to kill you”.

Ryan took a step back puzzled. Gun? “Why? I don't understand! What's going on? I understand that you have to work on Aerial, I would be happy to assist you...What are you afraid of, Will?” Ryan was too puzzled to make any sense of anything.

“Afraid? You are right. I am afraid of fools like you. I have a bigger operation to take care of", he clasped Aerial’s petite chin between his fingers, "I have to work on her. She is all I need. What's the use are you? you would only interfere…and the experiments that I have to perform on her..", he stroked her cheek and looked at Ryan there was a sly smile on his lips that frightened Ryan.

“I am afraid of fools, fools who fall in love..their love takes over their mind and then ..then they mess up and I have to take things in my hand...You are in love with her. It's plain on your face”, continued Will.

"What are you planning?", was all Ryan could think of.

"A robot, you take her for?", Will asked giving a vile smile.

Ryan’s eyes narrowed as he looked at Aerial. She was looking at him. Her face was expressionless yet somehow he could see her lips were slightly twisted downwards. 

Will continued, "You fell for the small installation I planted inside her... She is more than that, look at her.

"Look at her. She is a robot but only a part..and that's not all my lover fool, she is a clone... with human flesh, cut her and you will see the blood", Will smiled satisfied to see shock on Ryan's face. He is a mad scientist. He will create a being and will not think twice to draw blood from it..

"A combination of clone and robot, my Thunderlight Scarlight 2.0. Don’t ask what happened to 1.0..", he waved his hand, "I was on a mission for an organization. A secret project for which I sweated day and night... and one day ...boom..every thing turned to bloody ash... except for this one here...that's luck I am born with...She is incomplete..sad you would not be alive to see her completed ... she is a perfect tool… you can use her to kill and to...", he looked at Ryan.

He narrowed his eyes, "Now that I have told you she is a clone, do you want to fuck her Ryan?"

Anger took over Ryan and his fingers clutched into a fist and he dashed at Will. Will stumbled back and ran his fingers over his cut lips.

"You are big fool, Ryan, I do not want to rob you one day of life but here you are, provoking me, you can not blame me now for this", he placed the barrel between Ryan's eyes and laughed. Ryan cringed but was immovable with shock. 

The click sound brought both men to senses. They both looked sideways at once. Aerial had a nozzle open on her knuckles of right hand and was pointing it at Will’s temples.

"You are not to harm Ryan, Will", she said plainly.

"I won't", Will said still calm, holding his gun down. He has put his gun down, but still holding. Will continued, "You know how much I love you. I just wanted to protect you from this bastard".

"No you don't. I know what you are up to", she replied. Sixth Sense? 

Will shrugged. There was something wild in this man. Power, Ryan sensed. Power has turned him into this. "You are right", Will said, "I will kill him anyway. At least now, I will. I have grown a weird resentment towards this bastard. You know how I am, dear, and how I take what I want. Besides, what will you get from him?", he said moving closer to Aerial, "Be with me and I will make you perfect". That's more of threat than seduction, bad play, Ryan thought.

"And then?", she asked.

"Then?", he shrugged.

"Sell me. After turning me into an ultimate death machine. And create dozens..thousands..Will. I am sorry. You gave me life. But I have to give you death", she said as the wind carried the sound of metal. Ryan saw sudden movements and heard the bullets fire. Aerial, he shouted, he cannot loose her again. He saw Will pushed back and was collapsing. Ryan saw the white pale face and trembled at the look of shock and resentment in the dying man's eyes before they closed. What for? he thought. It's the end of world and people still can't stop killing, he felt exhausted.

Ryan went to Aerial. or the first time he saw tears in her eyes. She is sad. She loved Will. She killed him for me. "I am sorry", he said to her as he took her hand.

"Soulmate! I thought we were", he was surprised at the emotions in her words and voice. For a moment he was confused who she meant by we. But when she knelt besides Will, he understood. He felt sorry for Aerial and for himself.

"He was not fit for you Aerial. You deserve better", he tried to make her understand.

She stood, "Love, what does it mean Ryan?"

"That would be a mother asking what is parenthood. Love is You, an epitome of Love. I see it in your eyes, your sad smile, your gallant action", he wanted to console her out of the sadness. 

"Am I capable of love?", she asked.

Aerial…he wanted to cry with her.

"Can anyone love me? Or I can be just a tool as Will said..for blood and pleasure", she asked.

Aerial, he took her face in his hands, "Please! for my sake don't say those bitter words, only a fool can not love you.", he said almost crying.

I love you, the words played on his mind but his lips only trembled. He knew he need not speak those words, she knows. Her eyes were teary but he saw they were shining. He saw her lips turn to smile. Do you? he asked her holding by her shoulders. She passed her fingers over his cheek. They were smooth and soft. A while before they were firing bullets, now they looked petite and beautiful. He kissed them. When he saw up she was smiling. She looked beautiful. "I am a lost man without you Aerial" he said to her. She smiled again this time there were tears in her eyes. She reached up and brought her lips to him. She is mine, my girl he thought but the thoughts soon drifted away and they were one soul.

Castles to Ashes
Was the world doomed,
A human face I yearned
Searched the dead and burnt.

With you I searched
A human touch elsewhere
Doom I expected,
Feared how life would fare

Now I laugh at myself
For a fool I was
My eyes searched everywhere
But couldn't see the prize

But now the screen is drawn
I see your beautiful eyes
And sun kissed red hair
I know now, with you my life lies

I beg for your love
To be prince of your world
I pray us to be together
Will my prayers be heard

The world has collapsed
Its grey and black
Only you can add colors
And free it of the curse.

I pray you see my love
I pray I see your worth
Together we have to be
For thousand years


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Connection [Part 8]

Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~ Part 3 ~ Part 4 ~ Part 5 ~ Part 6 ~ Part 7

It was a bright morning. “You said direct distance is ten miles. I can not walk ten miles at a stretch”, he complained when they started the next day.

“You don’t have to. I will carry you”, she replied.

“Hah..Never...Impossible..I will not allow a girl to carry me..”, he made as many sounds he could as she watched and heard him patiently. 

“Why?”, she asked playing surprised.

He pondered over her suggestion for some time and then said, “Okay. Let’s do this. You carry me for first eight miles and then I walk?”, he said satisfied.

“Roger”, she replied. 

He was crimson when she held him in her arms. “Don’t be too fast, else you’ll drop me”, he instructed her. 

“150 miles per hour”, she said. The wind whirled as she started. In few minutes, she stopped.

“What? Done?”, he said getting to his feet. Amazing!

They began walking for the rest of the distance. He took her hands in his. One last time. Soon he would would be with another human. He did not know who it would be, a man, a woman, a child, a cripple, be it anyone..the person would be one of him. There would be a lot to talk. He felt excited. Beside him Aerial walked, would this be the end? We would part soon. He felt sad but a sweet anticipation was rose in his heart.

They stopped when they saw two silhouettes little farther. The two were sitting under a tree with their back towards them. He could make it they were a man and a woman. He felt a sudden excitement, and ran towards them. The two got up turning. Ryan had never seen such an overwhelming surprise and happiness in anyone's eyes. The woman was screaming and tears flowed down her cheeks. The man was beaming and so was Ryan.

After some time when they all calmed down, Ryan introduced himself. “I am Mr. Holster and she is Ms. Raul”, the man introduced. Ryan guessed the man’s age to be around forty. However with the doom they were stuck in, nobody could not possibly tell. The woman looked his own age and was beautiful, even with ash and smoke smeared across her face. Lyna, she said. He found himself beaming at her and got a smile in return. My magic still works.

“By the way, I am not alone”, Ryan chuckled and turned to introduce Aerial but she was missing again. When he turned back, she was behind Mr. Holster covering his eyes. Ryan looked at them puzzled. 

"Oh those cold soft hands", said Mr. Holster. Ryan looked at Lyna, she was surprised too. 

"Oh Sweetheart! My darling Scarlet." He turned and hugged Aerial which Ryan thought was more squeezing than hugging. Aerial was smiling, ear to ear, Ryan thought she might tear herself in trying to smile more. He is Will!

"Aerial" Ryan said with grinding teeth. "Her name is Aerial".

Will nodded and looked back at Aerial. She does not look like a robot at all in his presence. Did she knew it was him ..alive Ryan reddened as he saw them walk away together. He did not like how the bastard Will’s hand grasped her waist. He found himself fuming, stupid, protective of a robot?...stupid

“Is she the doll?”. The voice took him out of his reverie. The girl was sitting beside him. “Doll?”, he asked. “Will told he was working on a doll. His most prized possession. No doubt he is beside himself to find her undestroyed”, she said smiling. He no longer felt to smile. He looked at them. Once he wanted to meet her creator, today he wanted to strangle him. “She was to make him the world’s top scientist. First one to…”, she stopped herself as she saw his narrowed red eyes. "Are you okay?", she asked. He nodded.

He got up and sprinted towards the couple.

“Hey, Wassup”, he said to odd pair.

“Hey”, Will said surprised clearly not happy about the intrusion.

“I was discussing with Aerial about you", he said,"There’s small camp a few miles ahead and we were thinking how lucky we would be to have you to lead it. There are lot of things to be done but we will see how we can manage it”. Will looked at Aerial and then to Ryan, “I will take you there tomorrow. I am very happy to have a fraternity brother”.

...continued here

P:S:. Final Part coming next

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Connection [Part 7]

Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~ Part 3 ~ Part 4 ~ Part 5 ~ Part 6

It was dark. He had eaten nothing, not that he had any appetite. Things had changed so sudden. He lied down and watched the sky with indifference, once it looked beautiful today it looked empty. He decided to plan, to think of survival ... but every time he started it always went back to her. Her expressionless face, and once in a while the prize of unexpected smile. Her imitation of him. Her singing, which was more like playing a recorder. Her technological idiosyncrasies, putting out a finger and purifying water. Her climbing up the trees like a cat. He missed those boots besides his torn shoes. The shining armor in the dark of night. And above everything, he missed holding her hands, those soft hands. Aerial, he whispered with eyes closed. The red hair blew before his closed eyes. Fool, he thought of himself. She is a robot.

Good Night, he heard a whisper. 

When he looked, she was lying beside him. He jumped up, the way things were turning, he would soon go mad. “Stupid” he said and laughed. He laughed hard, he laughed till his stomach hurt while she looked at him with button eyes. Why was he laughing? Something was very funny..he didn't know..he was still laughing. There was water in his eyes. She is back, probably that was it. Aerial, he said finally taking her hand, growing somber, his voice a mere whisper. He shook his head. Ariel, he couldn't say anything else, not that it would make sense to a robot. 

After some time he finally got hold of himself. “I thought you left me”, he said. 

“I got a signal”, she replied.

“Signal?”, he sat up.

“31° 58' N / 99° 54' W. Direct distance is ten miles. We will move tomorrow”, she answered.

“You went there?”, he asked.

“I wandered. And as soon as I got the coordinates, I turned back”, she answered to which he just snorted, Stubborn. “Are you hungry?”, she asked. He shook his head.

“Just need some sleep”, he answered lying. She lied beside him. 

“How many are they?”, he wondered, “And who are they?”.

“I don’t know. But you will not be alone anymore. Isn't that exciting?”, she said with a hint of human excitement.

“Very much”, he said plainly. I wasn't alone, not with you. He turned to her, watching, beholding every inch of her. He did not trust his luck any more. A smile lingered on her face and he felt her cold hand reaching his under the blanket.
...continued here

Saturday, January 10, 2015


"Tom, please walk slow"

"Oh. Michelle, 65 and slow"

"Yes, my growing age is not getting me faster. By the way what do you think of our anniversary?"

"Anniversary? Yea..Anniversary"

"What do you think we can do?"

"Let me think, I think we should buy us a new TV. The pictures are not so clear and my eyes water if I watch the screen even for 10 mins"

"Huh? I was thinking, why not get ourselves a wedding dress. Not that we have to wear it outside. A simple white gown for me and a suit for you. We will spend our time celebrating at our home, I will decorate it with beautiful roses and tulips."

"I like that idea Michelle. Your feet are slower but your wits have definitely gotten faster with age"

"And where do you think we should go?"

"Ahh! That's another good idea. What do you have in mind?"

"Africa! A beautiful African safari. Wouldn't it be beautiful. I want to see the golden sunrise"

"Africa? I was thinking of Disneyland. Just an overnight trip to Paris is what it will take"


"Perhaps a bad idea. Can you give me my phone?"

When she opened her purse, a colorful envelope popped out. They were a tickets of couple package to South Africa.

"Happy Aniversary Michelle!"

"Oh Tom, you always surprise me. Thank you. And what gift you want dear?"

"Oh! That? You already gave me"


"The little angry face! You have been sweet and supportive throughout our marriage. This first time when you twisted your beautiful face, you looked sweeter. That was my gift.

"And now this beautiful smile that is always blossomed on you, is another gift....But Michelle.. one thing.. you gotta get faster lest the African lion gets you", she poked him and they laughed together.

Written for  Picture Prompt by Wings Of Change.

Friday, January 09, 2015

Connection [Part 6]

Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~ Part 3 ~ Part 4 ~ Part 5

Months had passed and they had traveled along the circumference around the lake, but success still eluded them. What do we do now? He asked himself. He knew there was only one way, one which he feared to think, leave the haven and try further. He felt a pang of anxiety inside him. It would be a huge risk, to risk the food, the water, the shelter, the sun, the peace and enter the unknown. He was a scientist himself, apprentice though but still a scientist. How can he fear the unknown? he questioned himself. But it wasn't a matter of fringe benefit but a matter of life and death. 

If the lands outside was barren he might die. They might come across some wild animal or a robot again and get killed. He sounded ridiculous to himself. Don't be a mouse! he shook his head with helplessness. He did not want to make that decision himself. Can someone do it for him? He looked at her. Aerial was sitting in lotus position beside him and the little sun rays that filtered through the veil of ash took shelter in her hair. How easy would be if he was a robot? He would not have to think of death. And he would not die with a shame of being coward. 

They had traveled a lot in past months, he thought back. Despite the perilous path, they survived. Aeriel had been resourceful, he had food and warmth at night. Aerial, she is resourceful. But what if lose her? He would not survive a day..or a night. But why would he lose her and how? That couldn't be possible. She was with him all the time. She is solar chargeable. And it was not that the sun was dying any sooner. So what does he fear? He did not know. 

"We should to travel" she said to him.

"No. We don't", he replied irritated. Why does she insist so much? 

"We might find someone" she said matter of factly.

"You are a robot...You don't need someone. And about me, I don't care... I command you to stop here" he shouted on top of his voice. She stood silent. No, this is not right, he felt guilty and sighed. "I am sorry. I shouldn't have shouted like that", he said. 

"So are we going?" She asked. 

"No", he shouted again which sounded more like a cry. Furious at her defiance, he stamped his way where his feet took him. Past few nights he had dreamed, most of them leaving a bad taste in his mouth. Last night he dreamed again. He saw himself, alone, crawling in the mud of ashes. His body was bare and so thin that he looked more like a carcass, he shivered as the picture replayed before his eyes. He was afraid. Very afraid. Would it be wise? Aerial was the answer. Until he had her, he was safe...However...when he turned back, she was missing. 

He marked the place and ran left and right, searched all around the place but she was nowhere to be found. She was gone. He had scared her away. Scared? Impossible! She was a robot! Yet she was gone and that was the truth. He was alone now. Alone. He waited. And waited. Till he fell asleep.

...continued here

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Connection [Part 5]

Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~ Part 3 ~ Part 4

Days were passing quickly, these were times of highs and low. He would be happy at times and at times be sullen for days. The uncertainty was eating his heart. And today was not a day of high spirit. "How much more?", he asked her. Two miles more and we complete the circle, she said as a matter of fact. Sighing, he sat down dejected. She sat beside him. Whenever she was short of any task, she would imitate him. However he also had realized, she was recording his actions and reactions learning like a child. At times she responded on her own. Once when he stumbled on a stone, “Sonofabitch”, she had sworn. He chuckled at the memory. 

He saw some metal shining far away. The sunlight shone against the steel into his eyes as if calling. He stood and walked towards it. When he came closer he saw it was a board with lot of buttons. He knew at once what it was. He had worked on many of these before. Board control for war robots. He ran his fingers over the broken buttons, just as his brushed it, he saw a small LED at the corner light up and blink. 

He realized his blunder and a heard a clicking sounds somewhere near. He knew that sound too well, a robot initializing. He looked around frantically stumbling back. He heard a few steps, heavy. When he turned right he saw him, standing steel, seven feet tall. Broken but standing. His left limb was missing and his head tilted due to broken neck. Tuk tuk .. the sound echoed as he saw the right limb taking position, the gun aiming at him. He froze. He never thought death was so close. Aeriel, he whispered under his breadth, it was the only word he could think off. Only if he could kiss her good bye.

He knew he should be running yet he stood there frozen looking into the eyes of the robot which were rotating left and right, trying to focus on it's target, however the damage caused was working in Ryan's favor. Then he heard the swishing sound and like a torrent, something passed him. Next he saw was the red hair before him. Her hands positioned parallel to ground. The fists closed and four nozzles opened at the knuckles from both the hands and the firing started at once. He shut his eyes, hand on ears. When he opened his eyes the steel robot was down on ground and Aerial was on top of him dismantling him. He stood grounded while he waited for Aerial. When she came back she said something but he just gaped at her, his ears were still ringing.

...continued here

P.S:. I am sure some would think this chapter to be unnecessary, however I want this series to be more about the journey than destination. Some things take time to happen. And when they happen they are sweeter. A heads-up, this is going to be series of ~10 chapters. I beg for your patience.

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Connection [Part 4]

Part 1

They were travelling to the east carrying few eatables. He was hopeful when they started, however after crossing a few distance, he complained of fatigue. He hadn't been eating enough lately and should have known. His frequent climbs to the hill had helped him build  some muscles but that was minimal. "Should I carry you", she asked. When he growled at her she did not ask him again. As they walked, once in a while she would stop, point down, herbs, she would say, it’s name, benefit, side effect, she would spill out everything from her database, Thanks to her encyclopedia, he was soon gaining strength. 

As they walked he realized, even though the destruction looked diabolical, he saw most of the nature still up with life, what had been blown to tatters was the man made junk. The trees stood, still bearing fruits. The ground was filthy but still grew herbs and food. The lake was murky but still had water. Nature prevailed but was smudged by man made waste. 

As they passed miles, they came across human bodies, rotting slowed down by the cold. At first it had been difficult for him and he threw up the first two times. The most horrible was the sight of a dozen children broken and mangled, he'd crashed down and sobbed like a child. It was all he could take. He asked Aeriel to turn back. But instead she wiped his tears, took him into her arms and patiently cradled and consoled him. When they stood, they did not go back but forward, silent, hand in hand. When they crossed as many as fifty rotting body, their vileness no longer made Ryan sick. 

They had walked five miles and three nights had passed. The herbs helped him gain physical strength, however he was losing much more emotionally. Initial days of the death dance had crumbled him. Each night, as they sat beside the fire, under some debris, he would ask Aeriel her about their mission and she would report negative. That night when they stopped, he told her it was futile. And they should rather not waste time. Better go back, he said almost crying.

“There is no wood tonight. There is no fire”, she said instead. Will this horror end, he thought. He sighed. “In that case you will need to warm my bed”, he said and caught his tongue. He saw her blushing. That lifted his spirit and for a moment he forgot the sadness. “Blushing? You know that art as well? You look cute”, he said as he saw her face showing deeper colors. A little surprised he asked, “Tell me, you said you are work in progress and were not sent to the Expression level D programming, yet you know about warming the bed... Do you know what it means?”, he asked.

“It comes under category Sex... A few categories were installed” she replied as she sat beside him, her neon shoes dimly lighting up the area and her crimson face. “Why?... Of all, why category sex”, Will might have simply installed the program along with others, yet he felt anger surfacing in him. He hesitated but asked her slowly, “Did he use you?”. He felt a sudden resentment towards the man.

She nodded, “Yes. He was working on me and had to make try and make constant changes.”

“No.. you don't’ understand...Did he violate you?”, maybe it was his sudden change in demeanor, she stared at him, she understood, he thought, processing his words?

No, she replied, "He took me to a private military party. He installed the category before that, the phrase and actions were set as alarm, any of which should happen, I was to turn around and come back to the laboratory”, she clarified. “Oh”, he chuckled at his foolishness. “Will seems to a good man”, he said. 

When he saw her she was blushing again. He looked at her puzzled. “Warm your bed?”, she asked. He laughed. “I mean we can use your battery. How much can you warm yourself? “60 degrees and I look just as normal. 70 degrees I would be crimson. 80 degrees and I will melt”, she said. 

“I just need good 30 degrees”, he chuckled.

They lay on the ground, next to each other, rolled in a blanket collected on the way, looking up the sky, her warmth passing to him. He wanted to touch her. But he looked up. The sky looked beautiful that night. "It's beautiful”, he said. Life was getting better. "Beautiful", she repeated. 

“Aerial, you said you were programmed to react on the words. But you are still here.” he asked. She nodded, “Still here”. "Why?", he asked. 

“Sixth sense?” he asked. 
“Sixth sense” she repeated, "Or something.."

...continued here

P:S:. I am sorry my posts are getting longer again. I am trying my best to make them shorter, with every read I am deleting a few words, unfortunalely couldnt help adding a few too. Please bear with me.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Connection [Part 3]

Part 1

They sat together at the end of the cliff and watched the sun rise. They were the only colors he could feast his eyes, the rest had turned into dust and grey. The colorful sun rays fell into the passing clouds, the woods, the grey lake. They looked beautiful into the sky but when they touched the destruction they lost it’s power. He felt sad, like it was a personal loss. 

He sighed and looked at the robot sitting beside him. She was looking at the sun, with an expression of wonder played over her face. She plays it real well. It is impossible to program such complex emotions yet this girl..err..robot does better than a  real girl. Whoever was her creator had done his job very well. has he fed some person's memory into her? And this is just work in progress, he wondered, He would like to see a completed specimen. He looked at her closely. She had light eyes and when the dawn reflected in them, they shined like crystals. Her red hair were absorbing the excess of colors. She looked like a mermaid to him and for a moment he forgot she was a robot. 

Aeriel, he said. "The little mermaid, a twentieth century fairy tale by the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen", she said. “Can I call you Aeriel?” he asked her. She nodded her consent.

“I can help you”, she said.

“In what?”, he asked surprised.

“You crave for human companionship”, she answered.

“Aha...Now where did you pick that”, he chuckled trying to hide his surprise.

She looked at him. “I can search’.

He looked at her intently for mockery but there was none, “How do you know?”

“Sixth sense.... Thats how it is defined in my database.... However, Will decided to keep me human by looping out of the process of how”, she looked at him, “Now, I just know”.

“Do you know how much you sound human. One day I might mistake you for a girl and kiss you... But.. sometimes, with your staring, you freak me out... Will? Was he your creator?” he asked. She nodded.

“You need a human companion” she repeated.

He sighed and looked away from her. It was impossible, he knew. If he threaded that path he would only get disappointment, just like when he had started his search after gaining consciousness, only to find tatters, blood and bones. “I am afraid” he answered.

“I can use my sensors”, she replied. He looked at her with hope and astonishment. She smiled.

“Is it possible, Aeriel?”, he asked.

“To search, possible. To find, I don’t know”, she replied.

“What is your reach?”, he asked. 

“Radius of three miles”, she answered to which he whistled appreciatively. “We can move everyday and we will cover more and more”, she added. He smiled at her optimism, no wonder Work-in-progress. 

“We risk losing water and food”, he pointed out.

“We will follow circular path around the woods so that we are always at a reachable distance from the lake. Besides I can get the water or food for you from the wood. I can speed up to 350 miles per hour” he gaped at her revelation. 

Hope lit in his heart but something was still pulling him down, "And after that, what?", he questioned, almost a whisper.

"After what?", she asked.

"When we complete and still don't find", he said disheartened, he feared he would cry, it was as if he knew, it was certain, he couldn't be that lucky, get to stay alive and have a companion. 

"Then you kiss me", she said. "What?", her answer shocked him out of his sadness.

"Nothing, we start again", she winked at him straight face, he smiled. 

...Contiinued here

Monday, January 05, 2015

Connection [Part 2]

Continued from Part 1

It was late night as he sat inside the cave under the boulders, warming his body before the fire when he heard the sound. The wind was howling outside. The fire had warmed the stone cave but it was not enough. He cursed the wind and heard the sound again, What is it?. His body stiffened and eyes narrowed. He tried to hear but the wind was making it difficult. It was scrappy sound of ..feet? Yes they were footsteps ... feet .. two footed or four?

His mind tumbled into emotions, fear and hope alike. Would it be some human? A rush of hope came to his heart at the anticipation of companion. But what if it was some animal? What if wild? It could be hungry and dangerous. Should I extinguish the fire? He sat undecided staring at the black opening at the end of the cave. The footsteps were coming closer and for a moment he almost closed his eyes. The sound stopped a few feet before him. He looked up. Across the fire was a girl dressed in a short skirt and blouse, age he guessed between eighteen to twenty. Her face was soiled with dirt. Her clothes was torn. He searched the pile of clothes he collected from the debris and handed a jacket to her, “Wear this. It would be warm”. She took it. He realized he was smiling. And why not, she was more than what he asked. “Come warm yourself. You must be cold”, he said little intrigued with her silence. He shivered beside the fire and here she was, walked in through a howling chilled wind but calm. 

“I am Ryan”, he said when she sat beside him cross legged. Something in her in her was unsettling him, She look.. dead? It was cold yet she sat there comfortable. 

“What is your name?” he asked.

“I don't have a name.” she replied as he stared at her. It was when he saw the tiny light on her right shoulder that blinked through the worn out jacket that he realized.

“No name, huh? A brand new piece? I guess”, he asked.

“Work In Progress” she said. Her voice was soft, very much like an ordinary human girl. He was surprised at the hint of sadness in her voice. “Human emotion enabled! Interesting. I would like to see your complete specification.” 

“I can print it for you”, she said.

“Oh! You have paper and ink? Fabulous! But better not waste it, I will study on your UI” he said as he went closer to her and turned her to face her back. It was five months since he had seen a face, alive, though this robot can be called anything but alive, but still it counted, at least for him.

It felt odd to open her blouse, though he knew she was an artificial robot. His fingers shivered as they touched the artificial flesh. It was cold and he relaxed. He studied her, she was indeed modeled on emerging technology. He assumed her creator was working on her privately, it was impossible to work on the technology when the governments across the world had ordered the scientist and mathematician fraternity to work on destructive and intellectual robots, an efficient approach to bring up fleets to be sent on fields. Working on a robot with body a replica of human flesh, with run-time emotional IQ in action was not at all the need of time. Any government would call it treason and the scientist would be risked being sanctioned and possibly imprisoned. He saw that her battery was 90% used. But she was solar rechargeable and that came as a relief to him. He closed her up. She would be very resourceful.

“You are a treasure, do you know that? I would have loved to meet your designer but what does it matter now. And besides I am done with science..", he shrugged. She was smiling. Through the dancing flames he could outline her petite features under the dirt. He felt a pang to think such a pretty face was cold rubber. 

He asked her to go sleep as he lay on the other side of the fire. He was no longer alone, he smiled at the thought. He tried hard but sleep evaded him. He took occasional glimpses to her. She lay on her back with eyes closed. Sleeping?, he chuckled, happy to have someone, be it a robot. 

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Sunday, January 04, 2015

Connection [Part 1]

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 50; the fiftieth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. In association with ​Soulmates: Love without ownership by Vinit K Bansal. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.


He gasped for breath as he reached the summit. It was painful climb. He was exhausted and sticky with sweat despite the cold wind blowing. He sat at the end of cliff and watched the clouds floating down the mountain. They were brown, grey and black and hideous. The ground, miles below, was flat without a fraction of cultivation. From the height, the destruction looked a lot less repellent. He scanned through the debris spread before him and thought if there would be another survivor like him. But all he could see was destruction and smoke. 

Months had passed but the smoke had refused to dissipate. It occurred to him that it might never and he shivered at the thought. It was the new world, grey and ugly. He winced at the thought. He hated it. His eyes went to the only patch of green in the vicinity. It was a wonder how the acre of woods had survived, maybe it’s a gift to me, he thought. All the lives inside the woods had vanished but it still held it's variety of trees. These woods were the reason he was till alive. However he was afraid it wouldn't last forever, they too  need to survive. They needed rain. 

It had rained five times since the carnage five months back. But he had watched the black rain come down in horror. The woods would soon end and with it, him too. For his own survival, he need to keep the trees alive. Water was scarce, even if he water them, how much can he really do? There was a lake but it was equally poisoned with death. There was enough dried wood, from trees and houses. He had practiced for days and had finally learned the trick to spark fire. When he first boiled the lake water he had jumped in horror to find a crushed bones at the bottom of the vessel. But with death dancing all around him, soon his heart had tempered and he melted in the ghastly ecology just like being at home.

Through all this, one thing that hadn't changed and that was the sun and the moon. They had been witnessed the destruction of earth and now they watched him closing to death, slowly. He felt a pang of anger towards the setting sun. But he sighed helplessly and turned to climb down. The poodle at his foot reflected his skinny torso. He felt pity for himself. He was just about twenty seven but looked like an old ragged man. He stooped further low and started walking but stopped at the beep. It was a remote, a red light was blinking at the top right corner. He must have switched it on when he stepped on it. 

He inspected it but it could have been of any device, from television to a robot. He was a science student himself, working under a scientist and a bright one at that but as he looked at it, he realized how much he has grown to resent anything man-made. We drew our own death. His fingers went to the off button but stopped himself. What can it be? Curiosity killed the cat, he reminded himself. Yet he couldn't switched it off. He looked around if anything had been turned on but witnessed only stillness except for the smoke flakes that flew with the wind. He continued to walk down, the remote still in his hand. 

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P:S:. When I had the story in mind, I meant it to be a short story of a single post. However when I started writing, it stretched and stretched, and I said to myself, lets see where it goes...

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Thank you 2014, Welcome 2015

2014 has been a very good year. A year when I achieved personal and professional aspirations.

As a Writer
If I look back my writing years, I started very well with 140 posts in 2009, however the number kept going down and now for past two years I have been writing ~20 posts a year. The count is not very satisfactory however if I am satisfied with the quality. Personal experience, thrillers have been my genre in the past and have always shied away from writing romance. I am satisfied with the quality with has increased tremendously ans so has the length of my posts ;)

Over the years I stepped out of my boundary and wrote 55 fiction, prose and (to my surprise) poetry. I am astonished to see I have written 36 poetry (3 categorized in "A few Lines") I love writing poetry however it's the spur of the moment when the words flow out, if I decide and sit to write one, the words refuse to appear no matter how much I try, maybe that is it...poetry is about spontaneity!

There were times of black out, when I struggled to write. Many ideas were born and died in my head. Many a times I started with draft but could not finish (at this moment I have 66 drafts). Writing fresh is always easier than pulling up old drafts and try to complete it. During these diffucult times, Blog-a-ton, monthly prompt helped me.

During the end of the year, I teamed up with some wonderful fellow bloggers Amita, Shashank, Karan & Brinda and started a Facebook Page 'Wings of Change' for aspiring writers. It helped me in keeping my blog active. I urge all my readers to join our initiative.

Some of my best writing in 2014 came during dark times...
 - Poetry of Sadness
 - Haven
   Sadness is a hollow conch
      It’s resonance is sedating
         It’s privacy giving space for grief
                And it’s really very cozy in there
 - Divine Intervention

As a Reader

Books I read in 2014 

I took fancy to reading Series, following are some I read (not yet completed all) sorted descending based on my rating - 

I bought Kindle Paperbook (one of my treasure). I realize it has helped me reading more books this year. I got hold of reading short stories and downloaded a few from Project Gutenberg.

I dont have any target but I hope I double (at least) my read count of 2014.

As a Travel lover

I visited Kinnaur in Himachal Pradesh in March end (a trip which we had to cancel in 2013) and Jaipur in December. 

I want to continue keep my travel bug and visit some more beautiful places in Himalayas. Some on my list is 
- Nepal (dream to complete in 2015)
- Uttarkhand
- Dharamshala, HP

Some unfinished business to complete....
- Learn Guitar
- Dedicate time to writing
- Do not skip Prompt challenges
- Complete a started story, no more abandoning midway

I wish all my readers a very Happy New Year, May all your good wishes and mine ;) come true in 2015!

Written for Prompt - Recreate yourself in 2015 by Wings Of Change.