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The bottle was ready in my pocket
And the letter was complete
        When I was about to sign
         It was your one Smile

Enough it was to give me hope
Now stable is the candle which flickered
        The bottle and paper are down the bin
        And ready I am to light another candle flickering

Written for Prompt - Smile by Wings Of Change.

Connection [Final Part 9]

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Ryan was happy too and the news of camp rose excitement in him. He wanted to ask a thousand questions about the camp. How may have survived? And how? What was the camp about? How many people? Do we have an active lab? But despite all excitement, something nudged him, something was amiss here. He stared at Will. “I don’t understand”, he said. 
“I mean you will go to the camp and set up a laboratory and see how we can leverage the resources available and how we bring about the new”, Will shot rudely at him, irritated by Ryan’s defiance.
“You mean us, right?” Ryan said. 
“I have some other things to take care of. For now, you can be of great help. Wouldn't you like to help, Ryan?”, Ryan was surprised at Will's sudden change of demeanor.
“Aerial..”, Ryan was about to reply but was cut short by Will’s snort.
“Stop calling her that, you fool”, he bashed. Ryan looked at him and then at Aerial. Will wa…

Connection [Part 8]

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It was a bright morning. “You said direct distance is ten miles. I can not walk ten miles at a stretch”, he complained when they started the next day.
“You don’t have to. I will carry you”, she replied.
“Hah..Never...Impossible..I will not allow a girl to carry me..”, he made as many sounds he could as she watched and heard him patiently. 
“Why?”, she asked playing surprised.
He pondered over her suggestion for some time and then said, “Okay. Let’s do this. You carry me for first eight miles and then I walk?”, he said satisfied.
“Roger”, she replied. 
He was crimson when she held him in her arms. “Don’t be too fast, else you’ll drop me”, he instructed her. 
“150 miles per hour”, she said. The wind whirled as she started. In few minutes, she stopped.
“What? Done?”, he said getting to his feet. Amazing!
They began walking for the rest of the distance. He took her hands in his. One last time. Soon he would would be with another…

Connection [Part 7]

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It was dark. He had eaten nothing, not that he had any appetite. Things had changed so sudden. He lied down and watched the sky with indifference, once it looked beautiful today it looked empty. He decided to plan, to think of survival ... but every time he started it always went back to her. Her expressionless face, and once in a while the prize of unexpected smile. Her imitation of him. Her singing, which was more like playing a recorder. Her technological idiosyncrasies, putting out a finger and purifying water. Her climbing up the trees like a cat. He missed those boots besides his torn shoes. The shining armor in the dark of night. And above everything, he missed holding her hands, those soft hands. Aerial, he whispered with eyes closed. The red hair blew before his closed eyes. Fool, he thought of himself. She is a robot.
Good Night, he heard a whisper. 
When he looked, she was lying beside him. He jumped up, the way things wer…


"Tom, please walk slow"

"Oh. Michelle, 65 and slow"

"Yes, my growing age is not getting me faster. By the way what do you think of our anniversary?"

"Anniversary? Yea..Anniversary"

"What do you think we can do?"

"Let me think, I think we should buy us a new TV. The pictures are not so clear and my eyes water if I watch the screen even for 10 mins"

"Huh? I was thinking, why not get ourselves a wedding dress. Not that we have to wear it outside. A simple white gown for me and a suit for you. We will spend our time celebrating at our home, I will decorate it with beautiful roses and tulips."

"I like that idea Michelle. Your feet are slower but your wits have definitely gotten faster with age"

"And where do you think we should go?"

"Ahh! That's another good idea. What do you have in mind?"

"Africa! A beautiful African safari. Wouldn't it be beautiful. I want to see the golde…

Connection [Part 6]

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Months had passed and they had traveled along the circumference around the lake, but success still eluded them. What do we do now? He asked himself. He knew there was only one way, one which he feared to think, leave the haven and try further. He felt a pang of anxiety inside him. It would be a huge risk, to risk the food, the water, the shelter, the sun, the peace and enter the unknown. He was a scientist himself, apprentice though but still a scientist. How can he fear the unknown? he questioned himself. But it wasn't a matter of fringe benefit but a matter of life and death. 
If the lands outside was barren he might die. They might come across some wild animal or a robot again and get killed. He sounded ridiculous to himself. Don't be a mouse! he shook his head with helplessness. He did not want to make that decision himself. Can someone do it for him? He looked at her. Aerial was sitting in lotus position beside him and the little …

Connection [Part 5]

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Days were passing quickly, these were times of highs and low. He would be happy at times and at times be sullen for days. The uncertainty was eating his heart. And today was not a day of high spirit. "How much more?", he asked her. Two miles more and we complete the circle, she said as a matter of fact. Sighing, he sat down dejected. She sat beside him. Whenever she was short of any task, she would imitate him. However he also had realized, she was recording his actions and reactions learning like a child. At times she responded on her own. Once when he stumbled on a stone, “Sonofabitch”, she had sworn. He chuckled at the memory. 
He saw some metal shining far away. The sunlight shone against the steel into his eyes as if calling. He stood and walked towards it. When he came closer he saw it was a board with lot of buttons. He knew at once what it was. He had worked on many of these before. Board control for war robots. He ran his fingers ov…

Connection [Part 4]

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Part 2 Part 3
They were travelling to the east carrying few eatables. He was hopeful when they started, however after crossing a few distance, he complained of fatigue. He hadn't been eating enough lately and should have known. His frequent climbs to the hill had helped him build  some muscles but that was minimal. "Should I carry you", she asked. When he growled at her she did not ask him again. As they walked, once in a while she would stop, point down, herbs, she would say, it’s name, benefit, side effect, she would spill out everything from her database, Thanks to her encyclopedia, he was soon gaining strength. 
As they walked he realized, even though the destruction looked diabolical, he saw most of the nature still up with life, what had been blown to tatters was the man made junk. The trees stood, still bearing fruits. The ground was filthy but still grew herbs and food. The lake was murky but still had water. Nature prevailed but was smudged by man made wast…

Connection [Part 3]

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Part 2
They sat together at the end of the cliff and watched the sun rise. They were the only colors he could feast his eyes, the rest had turned into dust and grey. The colorful sun rays fell into the passing clouds, the woods, the grey lake. They looked beautiful into the sky but when they touched the destruction they lost it’s power. He felt sad, like it was a personal loss. 
He sighed and looked at the robot sitting beside him. She was looking at the sun, with an expression of wonder played over her face. She plays it real well. It is impossible to program such complex emotions yet this girl..err..robot does better than a  real girl. Whoever was her creator had done his job very well. has he fed some person's memory into her? And this is just work in progress, he wondered, He would like to see a completed specimen. He looked at her closely. She had light eyes and when the dawn reflected in them, they shined like crystals. Her red hair were absorbing the excess of colors.…

Connection [Part 2]

Continued from Part 1

It was late night as he sat inside the cave under the boulders, warming his body before the fire when he heard the sound. The wind was howling outside. The fire had warmed the stone cave but it was not enough. He cursed the wind and heard the sound again, What is it?. His body stiffened and eyes narrowed. He tried to hear but the wind was making it difficult. It was scrappy sound of ..feet? Yes they were footsteps ... feet .. two footed or four?
His mind tumbled into emotions, fear and hope alike. Would it be some human? A rush of hope came to his heart at the anticipation of companion. But what if it was some animal?What if wild? It could be hungry and dangerous. Should I extinguish the fire? He sat undecided staring at the black opening at the end of the cave. The footsteps were coming closer and for a moment he almost closed his eyes. The sound stopped a few feet before him. He looked up. Across the fire was a girl dressed in a short skirt and blouse, age h…

Connection [Part 1]

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He gasped for breath as he reached the summit. It was painful climb. He was exhausted and sticky with sweat despite the cold wind blowing. He sat at the end of cliff and watched the clouds floating down the mountain. They were brown, grey and black and hideous. The ground, miles below, was flat without a fraction of cultivation. From the height, the destruction looked a lot less repellent. He scanned through the debris spread before him and thought if there would be another survivor like him. But all he could see was destruction and smoke. 
Months had passed but the smoke had refused to dissipate. It occurred to him that it might never and he shivered at the thought. It was the n…

Thank you 2014, Welcome 2015

2014 has been a very good year. A year when I achieved personal and professional aspirations.
As a Writer If I look back my writing years, I started very well with 140 posts in 2009, however the number kept going down and now for past two years I have been writing ~20 posts a year. The count is not very satisfactory however if I am satisfied with the quality. Personal experience, thrillers have been my genre in the past and have always shied away from writing romance. I am satisfied with the quality with has increased tremendously ans so has the length of my posts ;)
Over the years I stepped out of my boundary and wrote 55 fiction, prose and (to my surprise) poetry. I am astonished to see I have written36 poetry (3 categorized in "A few Lines") I love writing poetry however it's the spur of the moment when the words flow out, if I…