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Connection [Part 8]

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It was a bright morning. “You said direct distance is ten miles. I can not walk ten miles at a stretch”, he complained when they started the next day.

“You don’t have to. I will carry you”, she replied.

“Hah..Never...Impossible..I will not allow a girl to carry me..”, he made as many sounds he could as she watched and heard him patiently. 

“Why?”, she asked playing surprised.

He pondered over her suggestion for some time and then said, “Okay. Let’s do this. You carry me for first eight miles and then I walk?”, he said satisfied.

“Roger”, she replied. 

He was crimson when she held him in her arms. “Don’t be too fast, else you’ll drop me”, he instructed her. 

“150 miles per hour”, she said. The wind whirled as she started. In few minutes, she stopped.

“What? Done?”, he said getting to his feet. Amazing!

They began walking for the rest of the distance. He took her hands in his. One last time. Soon he would would be with another human. He did not know who it would be, a man, a woman, a child, a cripple, be it anyone..the person would be one of him. There would be a lot to talk. He felt excited. Beside him Aerial walked, would this be the end? We would part soon. He felt sad but a sweet anticipation was rose in his heart.

They stopped when they saw two silhouettes little farther. The two were sitting under a tree with their back towards them. He could make it they were a man and a woman. He felt a sudden excitement, and ran towards them. The two got up turning. Ryan had never seen such an overwhelming surprise and happiness in anyone's eyes. The woman was screaming and tears flowed down her cheeks. The man was beaming and so was Ryan.

After some time when they all calmed down, Ryan introduced himself. “I am Mr. Holster and she is Ms. Raul”, the man introduced. Ryan guessed the man’s age to be around forty. However with the doom they were stuck in, nobody could not possibly tell. The woman looked his own age and was beautiful, even with ash and smoke smeared across her face. Lyna, she said. He found himself beaming at her and got a smile in return. My magic still works.

“By the way, I am not alone”, Ryan chuckled and turned to introduce Aerial but she was missing again. When he turned back, she was behind Mr. Holster covering his eyes. Ryan looked at them puzzled. 

"Oh those cold soft hands", said Mr. Holster. Ryan looked at Lyna, she was surprised too. 

"Oh Sweetheart! My darling Scarlet." He turned and hugged Aerial which Ryan thought was more squeezing than hugging. Aerial was smiling, ear to ear, Ryan thought she might tear herself in trying to smile more. He is Will!

"Aerial" Ryan said with grinding teeth. "Her name is Aerial".

Will nodded and looked back at Aerial. She does not look like a robot at all in his presence. Did she knew it was him ..alive Ryan reddened as he saw them walk away together. He did not like how the bastard Will’s hand grasped her waist. He found himself fuming, stupid, protective of a robot?...stupid

“Is she the doll?”. The voice took him out of his reverie. The girl was sitting beside him. “Doll?”, he asked. “Will told he was working on a doll. His most prized possession. No doubt he is beside himself to find her undestroyed”, she said smiling. He no longer felt to smile. He looked at them. Once he wanted to meet her creator, today he wanted to strangle him. “She was to make him the world’s top scientist. First one to…”, she stopped herself as she saw his narrowed red eyes. "Are you okay?", she asked. He nodded.

He got up and sprinted towards the couple.

“Hey, Wassup”, he said to odd pair.

“Hey”, Will said surprised clearly not happy about the intrusion.

“I was discussing with Aerial about you", he said,"There’s small camp a few miles ahead and we were thinking how lucky we would be to have you to lead it. There are lot of things to be done but we will see how we can manage it”. Will looked at Aerial and then to Ryan, “I will take you there tomorrow. I am very happy to have a fraternity brother”.

...continued here

P:S:. Final Part coming next

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