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The Missing Chapter…

We had started early. She was resting on the rock as she watched Vicky taking photographs of the colorful frog, bigger for its kind. It was Amazon, a world full of surprises. She giggled as the frog maneuvered with its prey. The air was pleasant, full of chirping of birds, sweet sound of the river flowing and Vicky’s comments. Two of them in the middle of Amazon enjoying, ignorant of what was coming.From nowhere a stream of arrows zapped towards them. One struck Vicky. She screamed as he collapsed. Sensing trouble, he cried as she moved towards him, Run..Run away, I’ll follow. Run. Her heart missed a beat as she took steps back. She turned and started running. Shoving the leaves and branches coming my way, she kept running without looking back, my heart beating harder. Not knowing where she was heading, she knew there’s no stopping now, just running, running for life. A bang, and she fainted.She screamed as she woke up. The nightmare has followed her. It was third day she had visite…

The Mysterious village girl

I was in the middle of the novel and it was getting interested, Thrillers and horrors are my genre. Smita was sleeping on my shoulder. We had completed 4 months of marriage but never had been anywhere to spend some time together. She always discussed Trip plans with me. But I had just started my businedd and I had to devote most of my time for it. She complained that i am being callous, and my work is interfering my personal life. I retaliated. But she was persistent, I had to relent. We decided to spent time in some peaceful place, when one of my friends suggested his village would be a good place, It was a good place and his farmhouse was just next to the beach. This was enough to facinate Smita. And we were off.

We had almost passed half of the journey. The train kept its high speed. It was 2:00 am in the night and everyone was fast asleep, except me who was dug in the novel. I peeped outside. It was pitching dark. Nothing could be seen. Only sounds of rain battering on the leaves a…

Adam and Eve, Happily married ?

Eve asked Adam “Why do you love me ?” Adam replied “Because there nobody else around.”“I won’t talk to you” replies the angry Eve.The disputes might have come to us in heritance from Adam and Eve.When we fall in love, the whole world seems to be a beautiful place. We are cheerful, enjoy everything.There’s nobody more trustworthy than him. We confide in him. Then days pass. Your relationship grows. You get committed or get married. You are happy.The after some time, gradually things starts changing. Your partner’s certain things start annoying you. Then there are arguments. Arguments get into fights. Suddenly you feel this is not the same person whom you have loved.When once, his larger problems were trivial for you, now even his trivial problems starts annoying you.When once, you were an open book for him, now you feel he is a closed book for you.When once, he was the only trustworthy for you, now nothing could be confided to him.The interesting part here is, your partner feels same…

A Visit to Goddess

View Full Album Visiting Ekviradevi (Goddess) was a perfect venue for a family trip. Off we were by our car. But the car only took us half way the mountain, further we had to walk to the top.Before starting to climb, I suggested we do pait-pooja (literal translation would be stomach-worship, actually eating) before dev-pooja (God worship), which was at once turned down by my mother. She wanted it other way. But I won with majority and we headed to a restaurant. After pait-pooja, when the bill was placed on our table, we were dumbfounded. It was almost double. We paid reluctantly and started our journey.The refreshments from the vendors along the way helped us in skipping the heat. Lime juice, Kokam juice, buttermilk, cucumber, we were enjoying. As we reached the top, we were panting. But was worth as the view down the hill was beautiful. The only disappointment was the long queue to reach the shrine of the Goddess. We took turns to stand in the queue. I felt pleasant as I stood before …

The Big Mistake of her life

Her cell phone rang again. She looked at it. Rohan’s name was flashing on it. She kept staring at it, not knowing what she was supposed to do. She tried to concentrate on something that was airing on TV, but only in vain. She couldn’t believe what her life has turned into.

She was a simple small-town girl. An innocent girl when she had come to this big city. She was enjoying the new city life and was very happy, until she met Rohan. He was so candid and sweet that she at once fell in love with him. He initiated and soon they were dating.
He used to send her flowers and expressed his love in unusual ways. She reasoned his unusual ways to impulsiveness and passion, but sometimes wondered her beliefs.

One day he revealed that he would even kill if anyone tries to separate them. That’s when she sensed trouble and decided to keep distance from him. Following days had more trouble. He tried to contact her but she kept ignoring him. She kept recieving messages from him. The threatening mails an…

Sports – In India, its synonym for cricket

There are few things that Indians are CRAZY for. And one of them is Cricket.

For those who are not aware, our national game is Hockey. But it never got the credit it deserves.
In India, there’s only one sport that maximum public watch – Cricket.

Every match is watched in every home. Every match is discussed in detail.
On every holiday, you’ll see guys playing cricket in the streets.
Every child learns cricket by default.

Our adulation towards our heroes is not less crazy. They are our heroes when we win matches. But dunno how they suddenly turn to villains when they loose.

There was a time when people watched five days test matches. As time went on, humans started loosing patience. So One-day matches were introduced for them. Now as we can’t wait for anything in life and want things in the speed of thoughts, 20-20 matches are introduced.
The funniest thing that we saw with the introduction of the 20-20s was the Auction. Ironically, when the companies are laying off people on one hand, we co…

Find yourself Game:1

try yourself

Here's something that you'd be interested. Want to play mind games ?
I would give you a situation that you have to imagine. And then answer the questions.
So shall we start ? Here we go -

1. Close your eyes. Imagine you are in the middle of a wheat field. The crop has grown up. Its going to be a good harvest.
You are happy. You look around. Far away, under a banyan tree, you see some something. What is it ? It could be some person, some thing ..what do you see ?

2. Close your eyes. Your friend handed a box to you. You are very happy. You want to open the box. You are excited. You open the box. What is in the box ?

3. Close your eyes. You have won a very big prize. You are very happy. You have never seen so much money in life. No wonder you are on seventh heaven.
You remember your closed one had casually talked about his wishes to you once. You want to gift him. Who is it ? And what would you gift him ?

Don't forget to close your eyes an…

It's funny how she met him!

It was around 5.00 in the evening. Unlike every Sunday I was at home. I was solving Sodoku puzzle, which is my favorite pastime. I could hear some noise from the balcony. It would be the teens playing cricket, I thought. I never understood the enthusiasm of Indian guys to play cricket every single day they get off. I just shrugged.

But the noise kept creeping. Till then my sister came hurriedly by me. She was buzzing with excitement as if she just won a million dollar lottery. She went directly to the window. I followed her. It was pure chaos, disarrayed crowd. Every person in the rabble was looking up somewhere. Some with mouth open with astonishment while some unstoppingly shouting. I followed their eyes. I almost jumped out of my skin. A man was lying on a window hood unconscious. Thankfully it wasn’t too small. I could see bottle by his body. How did he reach there? Was he attempting suicide? “People say he wanted to attempt suicide”, my sister shared her knowledge. In my mind, I …

Ain't Spiritual development important ?

I see everyone just running to cope with the fast life, this includes me too.
We strive hard, stress ourselves just to be updated with the current world, to earn more salary, to earn more luxuries.
But are we satisfied ? No. We aren't. We still want more, and more.

We are so concerned with our personal and financial development. We keep trying but we are never satisfied.
Just try to sit for 10 minutes alone secluded and ask yourself if you are happy with what you have. I am sure you won't.

We keep looking for happiness outside. But we should understand the happiness lies beneath, within us.
We would never be satisfied with our material needs. This is when the need for spiritual development comes into picture.
You never have targets or goals when you take the spiritual path. So every little prayer or spiritual thoughts gives you satisfaction and happiness.

just think yourself as a person who has lived his full life and is at his end. When assessing yourself, what do you think you have…

Art and Culture? : Come to India!

If we talk about Art, we cannot leave out Culture. We see our Culture in our Art. Isn’t it?

And I cannot find anything other than India, which is as rich and as carried in Arts and Culture.

India is geographically divided in states, the variation has also imbued in the culture.
To be specific, if I travel from Maharashtra to Kerala, I’ll find the two places completely different, even if I am Indian, let alone a foreigner. The living, the food, the language, the dressing, the way of worshipping God, everything changes. That makes it more interesting.

I had got a chance to travel through Europe. That time on the top of the list of places to visit in every city, were Museums and Churches. Likewise, if you come to India, apparently it couldn’t be anything else than Temples. Travel anywhere in India, you would find variety in the temple architecture too. The Lord Vishnu is idol or the avatar is portrayed differently as you travel from Tamil Nadu (Lord Balaji) to Maharashtra (Lord Vitthal) to …

All is in the deeds, Karma it’s called

As the saying goes, “To err is human”. Human cannot be perfect. If he were perfect, he’d be God.
But we can definitely try to move towards it.

We see around us, people who have achieved their goal, or some trying best to achieve theirs.We ourselves too give our best and when it we see results in our favor, we are sure its our hard work that have paid off, isn’t it?

But have you seen people trying hard to achieve their goals, be it big or small and still fail to achieve? On the contrary, have you seen people get everything easily without trying hard?

Why’s the variation? Why do one suffer while other is plain lucky to get anything so easily?What’s the mystery behind this? Will we ever know what’s in the closed book?

The answer to this is Karma, our deeds, good or bad.
We get what we give.

Let me put it this way. There was a rich merchant. He was living with his wife and son. He had everything that he wanted in his life and was living life king size. He was very happy, until his son dies. He s…