Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Mysterious village girl

I was in the middle of the novel and it was getting interested, Thrillers and horrors are my genre. Smita was sleeping on my shoulder. We had completed 4 months of marriage but never had been anywhere to spend some time together. She always discussed Trip plans with me. But I had just started my businedd and I had to devote most of my time for it. She complained that i am being callous, and my work is interfering my personal life. I retaliated. But she was persistent, I had to relent. We decided to spent time in some peaceful place, when one of my friends suggested his village would be a good place, It was a good place and his farmhouse was just next to the beach. This was enough to facinate Smita. And we were off.

We had almost passed half of the journey. The train kept its high speed. It was 2:00 am in the night and everyone was fast asleep, except me who was dug in the novel. I peeped outside. It was pitching dark. Nothing could be seen. Only sounds of rain battering on the leaves and sound of the wild wind as the train kept speeding was heard.

After sometime the train stopped at a train station. The platform was empty. As I was glancing around the station, I saw a silhouette. A girl was sitting on a rock outside the station exit. Her face was muddy. It was raining heavily, she was drenched. Her eyes were red, looked like she needed help. But there was no one around. Smita was now drinking water; I pointed het towards the girl. Which girl? She said. You need sleep, she said and then back to her dreams. I kept looking at the girl, she was looking back at me, as if she had something to tell me.
We kept starting at each other. I had started feeling restless. The train started moving. I looked back, she was there looking at me, her eyes calling me. I felt chilling.
For a moment I felt detached from everything. An unknown feeling was creeping.
I tried to sleep, but in vain. I pulled a shawl and closed my eyes, trying to think about Smita. After sometime when I looked at the train map, I found that the next station was ours. I woke up Smita and began winding up things.

The train stopped we got down. It was still night. My friend's driver had come to the station to pick up us. The rain had stopped. Everybody got in the car.
As we started, I saw the same girl, standing some yards away, near the sugarcane field. Still drenched, her tender muddy face was full of distress. She was looking towards us.
The feeling of hers was very disturbing. As I kept looking at her she turned around and starting moving into the fields. In no time she disappeared in the crops.

My mind was filled with thousands of questions. How come she here reached so fast? It took one hour for us by train. What does she want? Is she just my imagination?


  1. Ram Gopal Verma would love to have you for his next movie...just kidding

  2. wheee...whooo....adding sound effects :) hey...why don't you complete any of your stories ? And what happened to my crazy namesake in 'the big mistake...' :D

  3. @piscianemperer
    Thanks! The same question was asked by one of my friend.
    Actually you may find the sequels/continuation in future posts ;) so watch out.
    Keep reading :)

    Thanks for reading and appreciating, Rajeev and piscianemperor!

  4. Wow, this is really good. Well paced and what a twist.

  5. This has a cinematic feel that I like. Great imagery!


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