Wednesday, April 29, 2015



You ask
They stay mum

You wait
They smile

The clock ticks
And matches your heart

You ask
They stay mum

You be yourself
They be themselves

You wait
They smile

You ask
They stay mum


Monday, April 27, 2015



When will the door open?
Or at least the window?

I need to know
Or just a glimpse?

If there would be hope
Or would it be wait forever

What are you waiting for?
I am tired of standing

My legs hurt
The sun above drench me in sweat

I am afraid of the blisters
Would they would poison me

Please open the door
Or just the window?

Before the blisters open
And bitterness enters

Just once
Just once let me know

Even so, I wait here
For you to open the door


Saturday, April 25, 2015



I am in the middle of crowd
Cursing as I have enter in
Not that I feel claustrophobic
But afraid of the people in

An ugly transformation I see
From man to monster
Conscience fly away
And what remains is faceless dirt

I am afraid of the lecherous eyes
The hands that trespass space
The sounds that jump my heart beat
The words that are opposite of grace

We talk of society
We talk of culture
Where do they vanish
Why in his face I see a vulture?

It smells of decay
The face shows the filthy layers
I am afraid of transformation
I am afraid of  the Mob


Friday, April 24, 2015



I thought those feelings would never return
And that I had dealt with them for good
I had felt completely free
Until this evening nude.

They have returned!
And are tugging my mind to knot
And I am left to search 
Someone desperately to talk

I struggle to talk and smile
Have to keep away the true feeling
You cannot tell them all
And inside they are killing...


Wednesday, April 22, 2015


6 Swamp 7

The night grows every moment
With every tear fallen

The memories trying to add color
But they only smudge the clear

The memories ride you
But the emptiness prevail

You think they are treasures
But they are swamp that pull

Yet they are are sweet
Even the drowning

Cause when you are drowning
You see him

You can whisper his name
And pray in wait

Even with wet eyes
You have smile on lips

The swamp does wonders
The dew grows and he appears...


Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Y Righteous c

Something's in the wind
That freezes me
Is it the winter
Or the glimpse of love?

Something I ran away from
That feeling of being in bond
Today it looks desirable
And I yearn for the warmth

Near and close I want to be
To borrow the warmth
Body and mind when frozen
The feelings search for a form

Its dark and aloof
Where it had wandered
Them left behind
Then I didn't bother

But those who love
Have this incredible power
I look behind my shoulder
And I see them at the corner

Now is the time
To go ahead or turn
To choose the solitary ahead
Or warmth of love behind


Monday, April 20, 2015


;Quit 0

Pulling inside out
That I dream of at times
But a parts of me are not norms
Not that I am a bad stock

But the mind think of opinions
Given out without conscience
But why should I care
Coz they say I am a social animal

Dump the society
Everytime I tell myself
Look at those girls
Leaving fear on the shelf

Easy said than done
Mind shivers to swim upstream
Their words and looks
so haunt my dreams

Hell with rumors
Hell with opinions
Hell with questions
But they say I am a social animal!

I keep these pages
Written about one I want to be
Nobody looks me there
But their foxy eyes stalk in my dreams

All these pages
Written things not spoken
Haven't helped any better
now it's Body hollow with Soul stolen

I am tired of the regrets
Tired of living somebody I hate
Tired of being afraid
Its time to write goodbye, its too late.


Saturday, April 18, 2015


c Protector d

Don't worry, everyone said
Things happen, good and bad
I am not here to talk about the end
But to listen

By you I will stand
You have been through too much
Over and over at the receiver end,

Why did you endure
Why not fight back
Why not say it's enough.
They have not treated you well

For once, forget those days
Wake up, there is still love in your shell

All the worries are over, for rest
However sad the break may feel
Believe me it's for your best

Today is a new day
A new beginning ahead lay

Days will change
They will be beautiful again

Someone will bring love
You will be his queen.

But then, would you recognize him?
Will his love reach you?

I am coming to take over the bad
No more I care of when and how

To give me a chance or not
I leave in your hands now


Friday, April 17, 2015


G OverlayV

Here comes my friend bubbling
Showing her new shoes
She wants to how they look
I smile, they look fab, I say

When they hand over the receiver
I take it obligingly
They want to know how my life fare
I smile, Great I say

There are always chats
There are always smiles
I am at my best to be courteous
I am what can be my best

But when the chats stop
When the smile withers
When they drift away
What is left behind is haze

It gives me chill
Like a touch of cold steel
It not winter
Yet the loneliness returns


Thursday, April 16, 2015


q Numb =

Rivers dashing
Under the rocks
Carving its way
Impossible to stop

The high force
Killing inside
With every blow
A particle died

The soul is hollow now
Vacuum increased
It's existence sublime
It's future ceased

In this hollow soul
Wandered her cry
Waiting for echo
A hope die

Only if he says those words
Only if he hold her close
She'd forget the wounds
She'd forget the blows

She would wait for his love
Even if more pain it takes
Her every bit getting wasted
But she would wait

And she would wait...
Every denial she's ready to face
She would wait
For him she would wait


Wednesday, April 15, 2015


N Memory M

The clouds
The birds flocking

The gentle wind
The swaying flowers

Your lips
My fingers

Your ears
My whispers

Your laughter
My swaying heart

The dreams
The memories

Look so distant
Far away

Why Unattainable!
Why? Why Far away


Tuesday, April 14, 2015


= Lost <

Maybe a few virtues is good for you
But not enough for them

You light the candle
And they keep searching

You ask, what is it?
But they have no clue

You search with them
The wax burning your skin

More it hurts, when you know
The search would wear you thin

But you hold the candle still
Hoping in it’s light they will see you

But when you ask if its found
They say no and ..just go


Monday, April 13, 2015


r Knife m

Do you know the feeling
of the knife dug in your heart? 
That fear which will expose itself
That'd kill you before a start

It is easy to smile
And carry that mask around
But in the mystic dusk
It tears you open like a hound

There could be two lives
And could be two faces
Why could that be frightening
To show one of its traces?

Not everyone will understand
Many ready to pounce
You could see through their mask
Yet afraid to announce

It is killing
To smile and walk like a doll
Yet you smile and clap
And slowly slide down the black hole


Saturday, April 11, 2015


XJourney .

The silence sounds beautiful
The noise goes unnoticed
His slumped stature
Looks around dispirited

People looked frenzy
With the goals and purpose
Like struck with luck
Life bubbling with thirst

If he could understand 
Whats written for tomorrow
Why was he chosen
For the dark sorrow

The unknown is cruel
It tears him inside
Why couldn't he know
And save his stride

But struggle is written
For him and all
But why for others its easy
When he has to crawl

He has to find out
What are they happy about
What is life to them
When for him its a Doubt

Will he find out
Or assume a deal
But assumptions he hate
And will seek for real

What is life
Why it is a secret
Dictionary says beautiful
When he saw hatred

But he will search
Travel lands and cross the seas
Finding love and life
Whatever it needs

One day his eyes would see the dawn
The rainbow florish
So is his dream
Now that the journey has began


Thursday, April 09, 2015


l Healing l

To see you in that bright smile
From here, lying on the bed
Is something I want to wake up to
And refill the draining spirit of mine

Your smile that spells
Pulls me back from that darkness
Again and again, against the fate
Every night, I have a reason to wake

The brightness also hints of something
Something broken, some part dead
My body's broken
But my heart hurts more to see you sad

Not that anything can be done
And it comes down to the dusk
When you look into my eyes
And I drown in yours

That promise you take from me
Without uttering a word
My heart speaks thousand words
A promise to open my eyes to you, it murmurs

I want you to feel
I want you to know
My heart is filled with love for you
No matter what happens to me, today tomorrow


Wednesday, April 08, 2015


 + God +

That day I went to the temple
And was surprised at people's urgency
Is it so easy to depend on God
Than a friend beside you


Tuesday, April 07, 2015


O Forlorn "

Your life is a solo war
Nobody can see or hear
Your overwhelming smile
Nor your overpowering tears

It's only you
You have to mend yourself
Nobody cares
Its the forlorn truth


Monday, April 06, 2015


U Entitled S

Life is far from the dreams
I don't want the grandness of Taj Mahal
But can I have the peace of ruined temple?
...At least

Saturday, April 04, 2015



Its deep and dark
Hollow and profound

In this darkness
The sweet voice calls

Enticing me
Inviting me

But beyond darkness
The eyes gleam

Not of friends
But killers willing

I take step ahead
And take one back

Confused and undecided
Weakness crawl into me

The voice still calling
My mind distressed

Are they angels?
Or demons in ambush

Where's the voice from?
It sounds far yet within

What am I afraid of?
Whom do I fear?


Friday, April 03, 2015



The footprints
Over the sand

I follow them
Searching through the surf

Fading and getting wash away
Make it difficult

But I follow them
One footprint after another

Some things drain you
Yet they give you hope

Is it too late?
Will I see you again?
My heart pleads
My heart asks again

Will you?
Will you come and Save me?


Thursday, April 02, 2015



The summer sun shines
The rain have created the puddle
We jump into them
The rainbow above appears
Our giggles spreads around
And the cool breeze blows
I see them two kids grow every moment
But the distance between them grown

She says the three words
But the breeze carry them astray

She runs shouting the words
But he seems to be gone away

She looks around the trees
Behind the stony house
Up the mountain
And down the road

The two are still there
I can see ...them together

But he’s lost in something
Right in front of her

And she searching
Calling him and crying
They still can't see (sigh)
They still can't see


Wednesday, April 01, 2015



When I opened the door
You were here to foray
Looking at me
As if it was just another day

I stare at you 
Thinking of the reason you to be here
But instead my mind jumped
At the prospect of you near

But now that you smile at me
And ask about coming together
I stumble in my own mind
Taking a long breather

All the stories I heard
Would you call it rumors?
Were they just friends?
Or you'r back for small break from the circle 

You say past doesn't matter
It's to be back that counts
But your present is a fickle
And future nowhere to be found

I stare at you, torn inside
My friends warn me to stay away
Why do you like to addict me,
And abandon me to stray?

I know it's just a matter of time
That I see this smile
You would be gone
And I hear another rumor in line

So here and now I say no to you
As I say it, cut and blood I feel
But the little love unspent 
I keep will it for the wound to heal