Thursday, April 16, 2015


q Numb =

Rivers dashing
Under the rocks
Carving its way
Impossible to stop

The high force
Killing inside
With every blow
A particle died

The soul is hollow now
Vacuum increased
It's existence sublime
It's future ceased

In this hollow soul
Wandered her cry
Waiting for echo
A hope die

Only if he says those words
Only if he hold her close
She'd forget the wounds
She'd forget the blows

She would wait for his love
Even if more pain it takes
Her every bit getting wasted
But she would wait

And she would wait...
Every denial she's ready to face
She would wait
For him she would wait



  1. Ah the pain that comes with the wait.

  2. Sweet! Maybe he is not worth the wait. Why would he make her wait?


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