Saturday, September 26, 2009

Thy belief gives strength

Few days back, I found an old friend online. It's more than two years years since we met. So we had a lot to talk about.

Old memories were revived, all smiles and laugh, and then all of a sudden, she asked Do you believe in god ? I was surprised, What kind of question is that ? Off course I do. I am a firm believer in god. But Why this question out of nothing? I asked. Nothing, actually past few months many things happened in my life, so now I really doubt if god really exist. I was more than shocked. I had never seen her so low. Once lively and straight-forward, I remember how we used to sit and chat long in tea break, we were never short of stories.

But when she said that, probably I understood what she really meant. From past several months she is staying alone in US for a job assignment and faced few problems there. Few months back when I too was at onsite in Europe, there were times when I too felt a bit lonely and disturbed. I had shared my thoughts with her, and she had consoled me. Well later I kept my mind busy in things and rescued myself. But at that point one thing that helped me was spirituality.

In bad times when many find solace in prayers, there are some who loose belief in God. I think that during bad times nothing could be more dangerous than losing faith. All we look for is a support and prayers can give us strength and a moral support that save us from breaking down.

And when you pray to God, somehow you get that unknown feeling that He will make things fine. And yes HE WILL MAKE THINGS FINE.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Smoking ?

Maein Zindagi Ka Saath Nibhata Chala Gaya
har Fikar Ko Dhuen Mein Udata Chala Gaya...

Probably that's what guys hymn when they light the cigarette. Smoking seems to be part of life for some, rather as important as food for some. I have always been taken to surprise by smokers with their impulse to smoke. For instance, earlier our office was far from the main road and one
had to walk for 10-20 minutes to reach any shop, which was not of concern for most but it certainly was for those who couldn't get their daily dose. So they waited every day for inter-office shuttle in afternoon, have a sniff and get an auto back. Most of them kept good inventory, occasionally there would be lending and borrowing.

Then, after smoking, a way out, Chewing-gums and Mint chocolates, a must before entering office or to avoid confrontation with parents. That is also important, isn't it ?
One reason for smoking I have heard is that it gives them temporarily release from all the tensions. Is it just the tension ? and you give in ?

One open question from me to all those who smoke,
What do you think of the statutory warning ? - Smoking is injurious to health!

P.S. The question is just to improve my GK on smoking psychology.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Red Wall

When she painted that wall red, she had some plans. Years passed but the wall remained plain.

She had painted Ganesha for the wall, but it was least interesting for the rest. The painting never hung on the wall.

Finally she decided to gift the painting to someone. But couldn't part from it. It was dear to her…

Life is difficult for some
for some it’s easy
Its hunger for some
for some it’s party
It’s about undone plans for some
for some genie's wishes
Some are lucky
while some stay hungry…

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The killer on street

It was cold foggy night. He was alone on the dark street. He could hardly see what's a feet ahead. His mother had said, God is always with you. Though he was never afraid of the dark, for some reason he wished that the fog drifts away. Lately from few weeks an awful news had hit the headlines. He had seen the gory pics of people murdered in cold nights by a serial killer. His motive still unknown.

'Men brutally murdered'

He kept walking. The silence was killing. Only he could hear were the sounds of the chirping crickets. He sighed as he realized that the thick fog was getting clear. A noise and he stopped. The air smelled sinful as if some bad thing is going to happen. Will it be him ? He stood still waiting to for the person to be visible.

The picture was now getting clear and he saw the man's face. He was talking on the phone. A sly smile. He's the same man. His mother's words revived in his ears, 'Those who hit woman are demons. They don't deserve to live' His eyes widened, red with anger. it was just yesterday when he had seen the man bruising his wife. Out of control, he looked wild. He looked up and whispered, See mom, I am ready to send another demon to hell...

Written for Three Word Wednesday

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lonavala trip

After spending drably days in office and weekends wasting at home doing nothing, finally we had a plan for weekend.

A movie or an outing ? Outing got majority and we finalized for Lonavala trip. With monsoon reviving in the city, we were not short of destinations, but Lonavala was the first name to come up and we said ok.

We were 7 when we planned but by Friday evening just a night before the D day, four members dropped out. I am surprised how casually people take their words. Seems like promises are meant only to be broken for some. Anyways, we didn't let our spirit dampen and we sought out for a joyful day.

After a lot of run for train and bus, we finally arrived at Lonavala at 12.30 pm, 2 hours behind schedule. The first thing we did was to have lunch. Then we stepped out to explore. Since we had wasted much time just in travelling we could only visit at the most 2-3 spots of Lonavala, we realised. We picked 2.

1) Bushy Dam
As we reached the place a couple of groups were enjoying in the stream flowing the mountain. A small trek led us to a waterfall gushing down a rocky mountain. The steep and slippery path (due to slimy alga) made it little difficult. After enjoying in the water we started for the next spot walking through the clear stream. It was fun.

2) Lion's point
It was 4 pm and with little time in hand we decided to go for the next best spot, the Lion's point. This place is famous of the views of deep valleys around Lonavala. We hired an auto for Rs.300 to Lion's point and back to Lonavala station with 1 hour waiting at the spot. But it was raining for past few hours which made the weather pretty cold. And as we reached the place, it grew foggy. We could hardly see anything down the valley. There was another waterfall down the hill. We trekked down carefully. This time it was big and splashy. There were hollow spaces filled with water, we feared how deep they would be.

After enjoying for quite some time, we started our journey back. By this time it was too hazy and we could hardly see anything few steps ahead. It was wonderful experience.

We were back to the station biding adieu , when we realized that we haven't bought the famous Lonavala chikkis, fudge or sweets, unfortunately. I comforted myself with jelly chocolates that I bought from the hawkers in the train. One more thing I want to mention is the Vada pav that they sell here in train. They are really good.

A good place for hikers, but I would recommend the travelers to start the day early to get the most of it.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The weak moment

He leaped from edge in thin air
Now that heights didn't scare
He knew this would be end of all
But now that that he didn't care

No life, no pitiful looks. Life's now a mayhem
The young soldier sobbed...hopes were thin...

The man came running to his mother
He ended life, he yelled with shudder
Without limbs, life was difficult for anyone
But you were a soldier of war won

You would have won this war of life too
The old mother sobbed.......hopes are thin...

Written for Three Words Wednesday

Monday, September 07, 2009

Ganapati Bappa Morya

He came
He blessed
He went...

The mundane streets of Mumbai got a reason to celebrate and it lit with twinkling lights, pandals, spiritual songs...for our beloved God Ganesh.

Last two weeks I was too busy with office work. For first time I was reaching home past 10 pm, that too in days of festival which was upsetting me. But that didn't kept me away from visiting few pandals. Visiting Sarvajanik Ganapatis one after another that are dotted closely in Mumbai streets has its own fun.

Uploading few pics...