Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Red Wall

When she painted that wall red, she had some plans. Years passed but the wall remained plain.

She had painted Ganesha for the wall, but it was least interesting for the rest. The painting never hung on the wall.

Finally she decided to gift the painting to someone. But couldn't part from it. It was dear to her…

Life is difficult for some
for some it’s easy
Its hunger for some
for some it’s party
It’s about undone plans for some
for some genie's wishes
Some are lucky
while some stay hungry…


  1. @anthonynorth
    Thanks for reading. You are right. Thats a part and parcel of life.

  2. @Anirudh
    Stay hungry ? I will agree if you say about living life fully.

    But when I wrote this article I had the other aspects of life in mind, the emotional aspects, where we most of the times rely on others, those closer to our hearts. But not always we get what we expect....


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