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Blogadda Travel Photo contest

Blogadada has launched a contest wherein we have to post our 5 favourite travel Photos. So here are my entries, Photos special to me. Sailing to a new horizon!
This picture is taken in Dabhol, Konkan Maharashtra. We had taken a ferry to cross the river divide. Two enthusiastic kids were trying their best to haul the boat towards the sea without fearing anything. One fears when one think of failures. These kids seemed completely unaware of the word 'Failure' itself. What I like is when they saw me taking their photo, they posed themselves, smiling ear to ear. We can learn so much from these small kids! Travel does teach us a lot! * In the wooks, by the river, I dream of a beautiful home… This picture is taken at Lonavala, Maharashtra in Monsoon. I guess it's not a house, but should be some guest house. But how beautiful it would be to live by a river. It brings dreams alive. No dream is bigger than to own a big beautiful house to relax! Home is home! It’s the home where we com…

Got the ‘Cool blogger’ Award

Awards are motivating, specially when one is struggling to escape procrastination. Thanks to Tarun for honouring me with this award, it really helps. Tarun is a commendable writer with fully researched and sensible posts. He writes wonderful stories and poetries too.

Well, the award name is also very cool. In this scorching heat, when one seeks escape from heat, getting a ‘Cool-blogger’ award is like going ‘What the beep’ (have you seen that ad ? Nothing like anything, It’s Micromax’s tagline, for those who don’t know. Dunno how people come up with such stuff. btw, I never utter the phrase, just added here with sheer excitement) I would like to give this award to some of my fellow buddies, who also happen to be cool in their blog views. I would like to give the award to - Mia for her candid and honest views in her blog ‘Keeping the moon’Nethra for her beautiful stories in ‘Otiose Opinions’Saurabh for his short and fantastic 55’ers in ‘Stuff I learnt today’Sid for his humorous and explor…

Convert your blog to book

Printing your blog articles, how does it sound ? Yea, It’s possible. Blogger have come up with Blog2Print. Using this tool you can convert your blog into book at following expenses.Soft cover is at $14.95. Price includes 20 pages. Extra pages at 35 cents each. Hard cover is at $24.95. And extra pages at 35 cents. PDF version will be for $7.95. You can select articles that you want to print. For more information, check following links -Blog2Print AnnouncementBlog2Print EnhancementThe feature is good to gift someone, but just 20 pages for 14.95 $ is a bit expensive for me!

Who dunnit ? My answer

As I’ve written in my earlier post Blogadda had started this contest called ‘Who dunnit it ?’ A murder plot is posted in the story ‘Reunion’, by Ajay Nair, which we have to read and identify the killer. Below is my interpretation of story, with my answer to the quest, the identification of killer. It may be correct or incorrect, we can only know after the contest is closed, on Wednesday. So before reading further don’t forget to read the main story ‘Reunion’. * Lila liked to spread her love around. How difficult is it to live with such a wife ? It’s beyond imagination. Lila had charmed M., I., R. and G. in her love. Each of whom had never shared the same feelings post-marriage like that before marriage. M., R. did marry her rather quick but their bail out from the harrowing marriage also had been equally fast. G. lived his own way, sharing his love, just like Lila, without getting into the trap of marrying her. Sia had differences with Lila, but she’d abandoned her. The only person who …

Blogadda contest – Who dunnit ?

Here’s an excuse to give your creative mind a reason to get carried away in imagination and bring out some interesting stuff for us readers to read. Blogadda has started a contest - A Mystery Fiction Contest. Check out the following snip -You have to guess the killer, there are a lot of hidden clues, some are obvious some are not, some are distractions, some are for real
so you have to get very smart to crack the puzzle.
Ajay Nair, a blogadda member has written a mystery ‘Reunion’. We have to play detective and crack the mystery. C’mon, play Sherlock Holmes and identify the Killer! * New Look *If you’ve noticed, I’ve changed my blog template. I am using the Template designer, a new feature Blogger have added for us to tweak the once rigid and simple blog platform. Check out here to find out more about Blogger Template Designer. And well, how do u find the new look ?

White Desert : Part 4

Part 1 * Part 2 * Part 3 Tashi looked dumbfounded. Why wouldn’t he ? He had not expected him alive. Anil glared at him with eyes wide. His hand holding the knife, shaking as if set on vibration. Tashi moved forward. His gaze fixed on Anil. But instead of anger, a smile was carved on his face. Why did he look happy ? Anil sleuthed him. He was puzzled. His brain refused to cooperate. The next moment he couldn’t believe what he saw. Tashi folded hands and thanked God. “Why did you try to kill me, Tashi ?” No answer. “What do you want ?” No answer. Anil saw amazement on Tashi’s face. Anil was now shaking, with anger. What does he think ? He will easily get away ? “Kill?” Tashi uttered, visibly astonished. He stood in silence trying to comprehend the questions Anil was shooting at him. He stood with mouth open, loss of words, dazed. “No. Tashi did not kill you” said a voice. Both the faces turned to the tent door. A man was standing at the door. Both men stood silent staring at him, still mudd…

White Desert : Part 3

Part 1 * Part 2When his eyes opened, he was inside a tent. A familiar tent. He was lying in a sleeping bag. To his left were some utensils. All shut except one. Something was lying inside. Were they eggs ? He felt dizzy, his eyes burning, his body heavy and aching every inch. A number of packets were lying around. To his right, bulk of medicines laid near. Except him, there was no one in the tent. The only thing that sounded alive was the wind that blew outside with hustle as if upset with something. He breathed deep. Where was he ? Why is he lying in a sleeping bag ? Is anything wrong ? Why is his head hurting so bad ?He strived to think, but couldn’t without hurting his head. The last he could remember was the sight of him lying in the snow. He tried hard, recollected some memory, but only in flashes. He threw up. But what happened after?He strained more. The pain was unbearable, frowning, he held his head between hands, massaging the temples. Yes! Somebody was there. Who was it ? H…

White Desert : Part 2

Part 1
While the other professional trekkers left, Anil stayed back. But after one hour, Anil decided to do a solo. There wasn’t anything to be worried of, but Tashi had observed the clumsiness and eagerness in Anil and which made him restless. Since morning he had a bizarre feeling of ‘Something’s gonna go wrong’ and his intuition was a thing that Tashi, like all Sherpas, trusted and reckoned on. Something wasn’t right!
Sun was shining bright in the sky. He had been walking since morning. He bit the last of the only energy bar left. The oxygen in air was depleting and so was his health, but not his spirit. He glanced his watch, altimeter read 5500 meters. He had surpassed 350 meters of distance and should have been on the way back to the camp. But he was in full spirit. Never had he felt so excited. The eagerness and excitement had kept him walking. But now his body refused to co-operate. He dragged his legs and breathed heavily after every three steps he took. He need to climb down imm…

White Desert : Part 1

It was early May. Anil stood before the mighty Himalayas. A law professor by profession, most of his life was spent in a class room. At 35, he was single and loved it that way. He was wary of relationships and responsibility. Weekdays in college and weekend in bars had been his life. He was tired of teaching same subjects year after year. He looked for freedom,from repeating the same words before batches after batches. He wanted a change, a stark deviation from the dumb chores. And this was it. Before finalizing expedition he had considered a number of options including bungee jumping. But he would jump once and the whole thrill for next would be over. He wanted something long lasting and a different try. So he decided for an expedition to Himalayas. He had small history of mountaineering and Everest would be his biggest bet. It wouldn’t be a full-fledged expedition but enough to give him the excitement he cited. “Do not get carried away. Keep up with the plan. I will still ask you to …

Back from break, hopefully

Fortunately or Unfortunately, the big, lushly, controversial stories are over. Swami Nityanand, Shashi Tharoor, Sania Mirza and Lait Modi, the list was never big. Last few weeks have been haven for the journalists. Without trying too hard, the controversialists themselves were offering them stories. But it was equally negative for me. Office load was pretty good, TV was boring and my mind was in a block, a writer’s block, as I learnt from a friend it’s called. Photo blogging and blogging was hit hard. Somehow I tried to buck up by reading other posts, but somehow it didn't worked. So now to our refresh minds, we are following a different schedule at home. It’s Doremon, Sinchan and Takeshi’s castle that we are watching from last week. And yes, they are much better than the other TV regulars. And yes, the T20 world cup is also back, so there’s a some entertainment to add too.I am quite sure I am recovering from the broken interest in writing and would try to maintain the regularity.…