Got the ‘Cool blogger’ Award

Awards are motivating, specially when one is struggling to escape procrastination. Thanks to Tarun for honouring me with this award, it really helps. Tarun is a commendable writer with fully researched and sensible posts. He writes wonderful stories and poetries too.

Well, the award name is also very cool. In this scorching heat, when one seeks escape from heat, getting a ‘Cool-blogger’ award is like going ‘What the beep’ (have you seen that ad ? Nothing like anything, It’s Micromax’s tagline, for those who don’t know. Dunno how people come up with such stuff. btw, I never utter the phrase, just added here with sheer excitement)
I would like to give this award to some of my fellow buddies, who also happen to be cool in their blog views. I would like to give the award to -

Mia for her candid and honest views in her blog ‘Keeping the moon

Nethra for her beautiful stories in ‘Otiose Opinions

Saurabh for his short and fantastic 55’ers in ‘Stuff I learnt today

Sid for his humorous and exploring ideas in ‘Sid-O-Scope

Rajat for short and impressive poems in ‘Soliloquies

Tarun for his constant support and encouragement. And his wonderful writings in ‘In my point of view’.

Mridula for her beautiful pictures from the Mountains and other pics in her travel blog ‘Travel Tales from India’.

Keep visiting!


  1. You always keep on changing the UI..this one's pretty cool too!

  2. Receiving is good but yes, giving is better and extremely satisfying... enjoy the happiness!

  3. Congratulations on winning this cute award :)

  4. Hey you deserved it...and thanks for your kind words :)

  5. Thanks for the award... but honestly I don't write for being appreciated, I want that my words are understood and conveyed. Just look beyond those few words and there lies my award.

  6. Congrats!! :D
    Thanks!! So sweet and kind of you!! :)

  7. No probs :) It's up to you :)

  8. Thank you all. And congrats to u too...Keep writing and keep reading!

  9. Yay! Thanks a lot for the award! Glad that you like my stuff!

  10. Megha, everything is all set :-) Really excited! Hope nothing comes up to stop everything! mi tula email kela ahee.. Anyway, I have no choice but to disappear from here for a month now, and if I keep coming back, then will protect the blog again. That's the best way to keep myself out I have learned, hopefully my so-called strong will friends say will come into play, and I'll stay out for a month without having to protect the blog. I'm writing a lot today..Chal, take care!! Will try to drop by when I get the chance!! Hope it RAINS a LOT in India and Canada too! :D :D :D

  11. yay yay yay... i got a award....yay yay yay.... feel great like i am doing some great work!!!

    thanks a lot.

    Ps. Disqus was not loading for quite sometimes....

  12. ya...disqus is showing some loading problems in past few days...will have to check for some more days, else will switch back to basics :)

  13. Great :) Yes hope it rains, a lot, and it rains over the lakes and rivers, can't think of water cut :(

  14. Yea, I like your blog and your 55rs. Keep writing :)

  15. congrats... and thanks for commenting.. hope to see ur reply to contest soon


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