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TV jinxed

Bahus, Betiyan has captured the idiot box nowadays. Switch on the TV and you will find some dramatic serial is on. Like every other serial on every channel, the story would be rotating around Bahu or Beti, who is a victim of some or the other social custom. Being a Leo (moon sign), I really don't like to see people crying with helplessness. If one feels low or dejected or betrayed, maybe he or she may cry, but how long ? How many episode the director would feature them crying and cursing? How come this increase the TRPs? Do Indian people like to see Hero(sorry, I forgot, that this character has disappeared from Indian television) or the Heroine weak and insubstantial. In fact, I would say if the betrayed character strikes back and stands up against the forces, then people should appreciate it. At least I would like it that way.Enough of tragedies, reality shows. I want thrillers/horror shows and comedies. I am waiting for a revolution. Will it ever happen ?

Train in Rain

I love the rains. Its a pleasant weather. You find everything around changed with weather, specially the train.The train is one thing that gets worse in this season.
Some changes in train don't go well with me. Like-The train gets messy. Some people keep their wet umbrellas on the seat, don't know how a sensible person can do this. A dry seat in this damp environment is one thing that every other person wishes for after boarding the train. Some even sit with their raincoats/windcheaters on.The muddy water is all over the ground and you have to take special care that you don't spoil your dress. The water enters through the door, and all the seats adjoining the door get wet. This reduces the number of seats, which in turn causes the rush to move where its dry. One cannot stand at the door. Well it’s not an issue for me since I used to stand at the door just to get free from the scorching heat of the summer. But now that the air is fresh and cold, it doesn't interest me…


The doll stood out of the toys around. She saw it and at once she knew she want it. But how easy will it be for a street beggar to buy it ? she knew the chances. But still she walked in the shop. "Ye kitne ka, sahab?" How much does this cost? she asked the person sitting at a counter near the door. "Dedso rupaye" One fifty rupees, he replied looking at the ten year old beggar with sympathy. She stood outside watching the doll, thinking how could she buy it. What she earned was only enough for food. But she was eager to buy the doll. Lost in thoughts, she kept walking, when she saw a newspaper stand. "Poochke dekhti hoon" I'll ask him, let's try, she said to herself. To her surprise, the newspaper vendor agreed to let her deliver the newspapers for which he will give her Rs.100. "Abhari saheb" Thank you sir, she said. She was thankful to him from the bottom of her heart, she knew that very few would really believe a street child. Since …

Walk in the rain

I was ready to leave for office. Mom poured me a cup of tea. I peeped out of the window while I sipped the tea. It was pouring. It was darker than usual and I could see very few people on the road. "I am feeling so good today. Why so ?" I asked Mom while leaving.Its 10 minutes of walking, to reach the railway station. Today was a different journey with the heavy rains coming down on all the walkers. The scorching heat even in early morning was gone with the wind. It was more cooler and pleasant with the surrounding trees growing greener. The sound of the vehicles was submerged in the drizzling sound of the rains. No pollution only the nature.While walking even though most of the people, like my sister find traveling in rains very inconvenient, I was almost enjoying every bit of the task. Everything seemed different and I was looking for the peculiarities around, when I saw few people standing under roof of a closed shop, without umbrellas. Some half drenched, while some full…

The strange night

It was very dark and the thunders and the lightening was frightening the 10 year old. But now that he had already covered much distance, he couldn't go back. He had not expected the cloudbursts when he left the school. The then simple path now looked cruel. He would have never have made the mistake of leaving, but the rain betrayed him on his way.

It takes one hour of walking but four hours had passed but still too far from home. The thunders nailed him many a times and the wind was in full action to shove him back as he stumbled ahead. With the road lights off due to rains, at times he found himself at the same place, cramping in the dark.

He saw the field ahead, crossing would be a risk. He knew that with the waters in the fields, it would be menage for the snakes and many other animals and insects. Also, he was very tired now. He looked for shelter around. With such fierce lightening, trees could prove fatal, he had learned in school. He figured a ruined house at a distance. Hav…

Rain is falling

Like me, many of you might be celebrating, with the onset of monsoon. The monsoon took too long to reach Mumbai this year, the reason being Global warming, the pacific water is heating up, which blocks the rain clouds to reach Southeast Asia.But nevertheless, the rain has now arrived and have bought smiles to every face. And along with it, brought many goodies for us.The smell of the earth as the rain wets the ground, must be liked by most of us. First rain is close to most of the people, many get drenched in the first rain, as a custom (some say it's a cure to prickly heat) The season has it own memories which everyone doesn't fail to recite every year. The teatime being the favorite moment to share these. Hot tea/coffee with Bhajiya(Onion/Potato) is the best time everyone looks for. No matter with whom you are with, you cannot miss the pleasure.  Have a sip and just hear the rain fall.  The season also brings my favorite, corn. I like it boiled-salted and roasted-lemon-salte…

Horror Fantasy - Dangling

Deluded, I was sitting on a very weird tree. I could see that the huge trunk went down ceaseless and disappeared into the think fog below. The crooked branches extended to eternity. Completely leafless, the uncountable branches went entangled giving it a creepy look. It was pitch dark around when the clouds veiled the moon. When they went away the moonlight falling on the creepy branches added to the horror.

The tree was wet so was I, I realized. On the tree, dotted till far away, were creatures, plain white hazy figures. Some were sitting, some dangling down the branches while some swaying with the wind. Their tapered tails was moving in the rhythm of the wind. The creatures created cruel sounds that no human could stay conscious.

But I seemed to be sitting there for long, smiling, probably talking to the ghosts. They seemed harmless as I sat, not knowing how long I have been there.
Then I asked, "You are great guys. Why do you scare humans ?"
"Great guys" came a voic…

Unknown plans

Life sometimes seems complete unreasonable. Sometimes you are sure of things, but things happen just the other way, leaving you bewildered. Sometimes the theory of destiny and luck just seem to be too evident to deny.

A few colleagues of mine are from Bangalore and have migrated to Mumbai for job. When announced that there's a project which requires few resources for Bangalore, there was a kind of joy in the Bangalore colleagues. But sometimes life seems absurd and what happens is just opposite what you want. All of them were rejected (They were of high skillset and experienced. We were taken aback by the rejection) and those who were selected were from Mumbai who were not at all interested to leave Mumbai for Bangalore. We all were surprised at this and were awed by the way things are planned up there by Him.

I now completely agree with levi's quote, "Only God can make a truly random selection".

Cold Mountain: About Everest & Expeditions

How about an expedition to Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world ? Sounds exciting ? I think the answers from people would be flat yes or no, nothing in between. People saying yes might feel it as, exciting and challenging. While majority of the people in No category might consider is reckless or don't find themselves, that courageous. I am currently reading Into thin air by Jon Krakauer. It's a book about the expedition to Mount Everest in 1996, leaded by Rob Hall, when On the summit day, a storm threw in killing eight climbers while leaving several others stranded. It's a marvelous book which gives insight into this extremely different life of what is called An Expedition. Challenging game or a reckless sport ? Ignorant of the life on the mountains, the pain, risks and the dangers associated with every expedition, we consider it as either of these. With higher altitude, the air gets thinner, our brain gets lesser and lesser oxygen, the body retaliates. The difficu…

Mumbai Local

8.30 am in morning, venue crowded ladies compartment, Mumbai train.

Everyone was busy with themselves. Some reading holy books, some dozing, some staring out of the window, some applying makeup, a few standing at the door while some restlessly cursing their neighbours for pushing her inside.

Sitting at the window seat, I was gazing out of window, when Parel station arrived. The train had not even stopped, when the ladies rustled in the compartment. The train started moving. There was a noise of struggle over the door to get in, and then a shriek. "Shit" I heard myself uttering (with an embarrassment that I couldn't help myself from getting rid of that word) and echo around (i suppose many have the habit of using the word). Another dangerous attemp! I was flustered at the recklessness.

My heart skipped a beat. Every neck stood upright to get the view at the door. Thankfully the lady managed to enter in the compartment. She as wearing red, i could see ambiguous expression of…

Wrong time, wrong person..

Like every other Saturday, she woke up late. Laziness and Folly were some traits that crept out of her on weekends.
And today her maid was on leave, leaving her hostile to what is said to be Bad lunch. She knew how bad she was at household work.

The movie was about to begin. She kept the tea and milk on the gas stove as the movie started.
It was her favorite actor's movie and no way she was going to miss it. She had dreamt about him. How crazy she was for him in her college days.
But things are different now. The crazy teenage girl was now responsible matured woman now, she thought, smiling to herself.
She recalled she has to meet her fiance the next day.

Dreaming about the actor and fiance, she sensed something was burning badly. She jumped out of the couch and caught the wild smoke coming out of kitchen.
Off she ran to kitchen. The tea vessel was almost black and fuming while the milk was overflowing. Hurriedly she picked it up with bare hands. "Mummy" she cried as she left …