Friday, June 26, 2009

Walk in the rain





I was ready to leave for office. Mom poured me a cup of tea. I peeped out of the window while I sipped the tea. It was pouring. It was darker than usual and I could see very few people on the road. "I am feeling so good today. Why so ?" I asked Mom while leaving.

Its 10 minutes of walking, to reach the railway station. Today was a different journey with the heavy rains coming down on all the walkers. The scorching heat even in early morning was gone with the wind. It was more cooler and pleasant with the surrounding trees growing greener. The sound of the vehicles was submerged in the drizzling sound of the rains. No pollution only the nature.

While walking even though most of the people, like my sister find traveling in rains very inconvenient, I was almost enjoying every bit of the task. Everything seemed different and I was looking for the peculiarities around, when I saw few people standing under roof of a closed shop, without umbrellas. Some half drenched, while some fully drenched. I shrugged. Not with indifference but with awareness of a typical Indian attitude (at least those of most Mumbaikars). While I was in Netherlands, people used to watch forecast to find if it would rain. But here, we Indians find it an overhead to carry an umbrella even in rainy season. Just before leaving home, peep out of window, if you see the sun, then the decision is made, it will not rain the whole day, and you step out without umbrella. And when it rains, you curse it that the weather didn't obey you, and now you are running looking for shelter. While some found it wise to halt at some shelter, some were in hurry and were running on the road, soaking. And the shrug was because I knew these guys will follow the same attitude the next day too.

Walking further, near a popcorn stall (I wondered who would stop in this heavy rain to buy a popcorn), I saw a cute child with pink raincoat up to her knees standing in the rain, stretching her hands, giggling, inviting the rain. It was such a good sight.

I was smiling all along the walk, now that I knew why I was feeling better, happy.


  1. I liked this post :-) Very nicely written.
    Yeah, the Mumbaikars (Indians) don't look at the weather forecast, coz its so pathetic :-) The IMD brings out a new forecast every 5 days. Once it is 'Excess Rainfall'. Then some days later '5 % less rainfall'.

  2. @Whiteopal
    Thanks. Commenting after a long time ? Seems you are busy with engg :)

    You are right, our MET dept is not that apt. We are bound to get drenched if we follow them.

  3. @ megha,

    yup ... monsoon rains always bring smiles to the lips !

    nice post !

    cheers !

  4. Thanks Vamsi. The season has it own charm. Thanks for visiting :)

  5. yeah...fourth year taking up all my time :-) i'll come more often. Secondly, i like your take on things around us/life much more than the fiction stories, so i usually comment more on such posts :-)

  6. @Whiteopal
    Ohh! Forth year, All the best :)

    Thanks for appreciating my work, you know it's very encouraging. I like your blog too, for the lighter side of life :)

    Keep visiting and commenting :)


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