Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What you interpret

I was sitting at the window
Gazing outside...

Fields were lush green,
with the Alps adding to sheen,

Children were playing,
Herds were grazing,

Suddenly the woman appeared,
Looking at her a cow stirred

The woman started running,
and the cow started following,

My heart started pounding,
as I apprehended some hitting and dashing,

I stood straight, to see what's next,
I started to pray, the cow to calm down and to woman to getaway

The woman entered a house,
The Cow followed her

She came out with a tub,
The Cow stood before her

She caressed her hand over the cow's back,
The cow stood beside her, then ate from the rack,

I was surprised, to see things turning differently,
What I thought and How it was...

Sometimes the scene is different than what we see
Sometimes the language is not what we read...

I was happy to see the Care for the Pet
I was happy to see the Love for the Master

P.S I was in Himachal Pradesh last week. I had been observing things out of my Hotel room window. The life in the faraway villages are so different and interesting than our mundane city life. I felt very touched when I learn t the woman was hurrying to feed the calf.

* I am combining Follow and Language prompt (Sunday Scribblings) into this single post.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Reaching the Heaven

As the heat is killing me in Mumbai
I want to slip into the haven

into the pine woods with birds perched on
into the canvas with colors vivid colors spilled on

into the Himalayas
into the Glaciers
into the valleys
into the streams

I want to slip into the haven
into the history of century old temples
into the alluring world of monasteries

into the Rappelling
into the Paragliding
into the Skiing
into the Rafting

I want to slip into the haven
into the heaven on Earth..called Himachal ...

Written for Three Words Wednesday Prompt : Allure Perch Vivid.

P.S. I would be going for a 8-day trip to Himachal Pradesh. Its the place I have always wanted to go.

Monday, April 13, 2009

When a child sees ..a communal riot..

It's the story of some 17 years back, year 1992. I was in school. I remember, it was recess time and all the kids were playing and having snacks. But it was different that day. I saw some kids leaving the school with their parents. "What happened ?" I asked my friend. She shrugged. Later there was an announcement that it would be half day. There were some problems and nobody should leave without their parents. Somebody told me that there had been a riot between the Hindus and the Muslims. I was happy that I could reach home early but at the same time the news of riots was disturbing me. I took my bag and stood waiting for my father. "Will dad come to pick me" "Is he safe ? Is mummy, my little sister safe ?" thoughts flying in my head.

I could see my father entering the gate. Happily, I ran towards him. We left the school. We reached the train station, a train was already at the platform, we sighed and got seated. The area near the station was all occupied by Muslims. So we were a little frightened. The train was sparsely occupied. Suddenly we heard some noises. Some jerks were banging the train and barking at the travelers to get down. Immediately all doors were closed, the glass windows were down. Something cold rushed through my nerves. I was witnessing a communal fight ?. Something I had never heard of, never seen. I was confused, as to why people are fighting, somebody said it was religion they were fighting for. But I couldn't understand.

We heard somebody say, some jerks had thrown cement blocks on the track and some were lying in the tracks so that the train cannot go ahead. I was listening in horror. My dad asked me to relax, not to listen and read something. But how could I ?

The door were still closed everyone sharing their experience and problems when we heard some shouts. The police had reached and were getting the bullies off the train. We watched through the glass windows, in horror, in relief. The train horn blew and momentarily, there was a cheer.
We got down at our station. One level was completed safely. Now the next, to reach home which was around twenty minutes walk. Dad was holding my bag and my hand. We took a detour, a secluded path. The road was deserted and was signed by the fight that might have happened before we came. The roads were dotted by stones and broken glass bottles, liquids spilled, I wondered what could it be, things burning around. "How did you come ?" I asked dad. There was no answer. He shooed me. Gingerly we walked, leaving everything on God. My lips were praying, the road seemed too long...

P.S Thankfully we didnt meet any disaster on the way and reached home safely. I cannot forget that day. The road still flashes before my eyes.

Written for Sunday scribblings Prompt - #158 -- Scary

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Girls are good girls…

It would just take 2-3 hours of air travel to reach Madrid from Netherlands. We were a group of five. I have always preferred traveling by train over flights. But the time saving made us think of flights. We had settled in our seats and were having some casual talks. One of who had a travel book was suggesting us a plan. As we pretended to listen to him, the serving of the breakfast started.

This was the best part of the flights for some of us. The guys always interested in asking of the breakfast options or anything irrelevant, to the Air-hostess. So as the hostess were heading, these guys were fully ready with ploys, to flirt around the hostesses. We, two girls ridiculed them, reminding them of their stupidity.

That's when some air-host (I think that’s counterpart for air-hostess) came. And I am not exaggerating here, they were stunning. So now the girls got their part of fun. And we enjoyed our part of conversations (I wont call it flirting ;) ) , but I would say we cannot vie guys in flirting.

Hey, see how you girls are big hypocrite…the guys said and we just giggled it off. There are no rules for girls!!

Written for Three Words Wednesday Prompt: Flirt Ploy Stunning.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Don't Mind !!

Like every other street, people were busy with their work. Some traveling some groups of guys killing time sitting on the parked vehicles as if paid for this. I always wondered what do they do there for hours.

The man was walking down the busy street. He was totally occupied in some thoughts, when his eyes met the estranged mobile phone on the road. He took some steps ahead, slowing down, probably making a choice whether to pick or let lit go. A decision was made and he took steps back. Stood there looking at the phone for some seconds and then bent down to pick. A gush of cat talks and laughter roared from groups around him. he'd made move they were waiting for. His eyes widened with astonishment and embarrassment reminding him of April fool's day. Ohh! 1'st April, reminding himself, he hurried, smiling to himself and avoiding any eyes.

This was the fifth person in row who got caught in the trick. I enjoyed as I stood in my balcony watching, celebrating the April Fool's day.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

The churning [Part 3]

Sonia feels Rohan is no longer behaving normal, rather threatening. She took a decision. Read First part here. And Second part here.

“Good night ” said to herself as she lie on the bed. But soon the settled thoughts started whirling again, making her yet again restless.

Earlier she was worried thinking what was she supposed to do..now she was worried thinking if what she had done was right.

“I didn't even hear what his sister had to say. Did she understood what I was trying to say ? I shouldn't have hung up without clarifying. Isn't it ?” she questioned herself.

“But I have become so fragile emotionally that a slightest mention of past event make me tremble. I would have broke down had I started to tell her about the situation. That would have made the matters worse. But when I gather myself I will go to meet her” she was talking herself in nervousness. She reminded herself to be stronger.

“What happened to Rohan is not good. Is he like that and that I didn't see his psychological problems before getting into relationship ? Whatever it is, he has to get over this. ” Her mind was speeding uncontrollably.

“But the truth is that I may not look at him like before. I loved him. But the love has now change to fear. ” she felt guilty. “Can things be same as before,as if nothing has happened ?” She knew the answer. She could see the truth. It would never be the same. When you are in trauma, you don't see anything positive. And Sonia was in one such stress.

After rolling on bed for long time, she somehow felt asleep.

The room was completely dark. The door cracked as it opened. A person entered in. Someone was sobbing, it had to be in pain. The silhouette moved further. A slight beam of light was entering from somewhere, enough to just highlight a figure sitting on the floor with legs pulled towards itself and head buried in. The picture was blurry and dark. But the sound was clear. The person was crying.

She woke up. A nightmare. Who were they ? Was the person crying was herself and the one entering and watching was Rohan ? or was it the other way ?

Was it fear ? or was it guilt ?

Thursday, April 02, 2009


Sonia feels Rohan is no longer behaving normal, rather threatening. Read First part here.

She was trembling, crushed. She had picked the phone to call the police, but didn't knew what to say..

Somehow there were varying thoughts about him in her mind…What’s right ? Should I hand him over to police ? Will that be right ?

She thought something and slammed the receiver back. I need to think before taking any action. Panic shouldn't make me do something wrong.

First I need to relax. She went straight to the refrigerator, opened the freezer and took out ice-cream. She chose pistachio over chocolate. Ice-cream was a stress buster for her and she knew it would help her relax when she needs to be in good state of mind. It worked and she felt better.

What to do? What would a sensible person do? Suddenly a thought clicked in mind. She browsed through some contacts and finally got Andy’s number. Andy was a common friend of Rohan and her. She pressed dial button. After two rings, there was an answer.

“Hey Sonia! How are you? What a pleasant surprise! Hey, where did you vanish ?”.

“I am not fine”, he sensed the tension in her voice.

“What happened dear? Anything wrong?. Tell me.” there was a worry in his voice.

“You can help me. It’s about Rohan. He is behaving strangely. Do you have any of his family contacts?” she said nervously.

“Hmm, let me see. Maybe I have. I used to get his calls when he had lost his cell!!”

“Really?” she said almost jumping, she felt a sudden hope.

Maybe talking to Andy had helped her. Andy dictated the numbers. “Andy, you don't know how relieved I am. Can you meet me tomorrow? I will tell you everything.”

“Yes, off course.” He reminded her of the hotel near their college.

“Now I am in a bit hurry! Catch you tomorrow. Thanks again.” They hung up.

She dialed the number Andy had given. A lady answered who stated as Rohan’s sister.

“I am Rohan’s friend. Actually Rohan is not well. There’s some problem, maybe some tension. He needs your help. Please do not panic. He just needs your support. ”

“What?”. Before hearing anything she ended the call. They will come and understand, she thought to herself.

She felt much lighter. Maybe she did just the right thing, maybe not. Discarding the thought she went to her bedroom. Her phone beeped again. It was Andy’s Good night message. She sighed. Good night she said to herself.

Continued here.
Written for Three Words Wednesday Prompt words Knack Crush Varied, used latter two.