Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Reaching the Heaven

As the heat is killing me in Mumbai
I want to slip into the haven

into the pine woods with birds perched on
into the canvas with colors vivid colors spilled on

into the Himalayas
into the Glaciers
into the valleys
into the streams

I want to slip into the haven
into the history of century old temples
into the alluring world of monasteries

into the Rappelling
into the Paragliding
into the Skiing
into the Rafting

I want to slip into the haven
into the heaven on Earth..called Himachal ...

Written for Three Words Wednesday Prompt : Allure Perch Vivid.

P.S. I would be going for a 8-day trip to Himachal Pradesh. Its the place I have always wanted to go.


  1. This one is rather interesting. The repetition works well to lull the reader into the peace promised by "the haven".

    And you might be able to sell it to a tourist bureau or travel agency someplace. *grin*

  2. Nicely, this makes me want to slip into the haven too.

  3. haven from heat is always welcome and you make it sound devine

  4. Sounds like a nice place. I wanna go too.

  5. It sounds lovely...I don't blame you a bit for wanting to go there!

  6. @Megha,
    sounds great. Wish I too could take off :(.

  7. @ Thomg
    Ya...I too have heard much about the place..perftect retreat

    @ Mendur
    haha...thanks for apreciating, to be true, i never thought i could write something close to poetry, it was just a try, Good that you liked it.

    @ Sweet Talking Guy
    Yea...Get a break...start planning :)

    @ Pia
    Thanks Pia. Would try more on poems...

    @ Angel
    hehe...why not...its a great place...

    @ Fledgling Poet
    Ya, i was longing for a break from the mundane life...

    @ Hashir
    haha..start planning, there are so many beautiful places in India...

    @ Tumblewords
    Thanks :) keep visiting...would be posting more on the place after my return

  8. This year, even Bangalore is getting roasted.

    Lucky you :)

  9. @BrownPhantom
    yea...but Bangalore is still has much better climate...

  10. Hey, is this picture of Hidimba Temple in Manali? Enjoy your trip.

  11. Himachal Pradesh is a must visit place, Its like an elixir to a chaotic lifestyle.

  12. alluring chant rhythm to this poem.

  13. wow this is so awesome! have fun there!! and great poem. :)

  14. me too me too..

    Have a great trip Megha!!

  15. @Mridula
    Yes, it is..its really good, even the surrounding forest is enchanting :)

    @Ashish Sukhadeve
    Yes it is..I just loved it...would visit it again definitely

    Thanks Mia

    Thanks. It's a great place, I was sad while returning

    @Sudharm baxi
    :D Thanks..its really great...


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