Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Her heart cried all night – Part 1/2

Gracy was sitting on the chair at the dining table looking out of the weathered window which opened to the pine forest devoid of any life. Her eyes were sore red due to crying. 
How unlucky she had been since the day she entered this world. Her mother died in child birth, her father abandoning her subsequently. They never talked. The only person who pulled her close was her nanny. She was an old lady, Gracy called her granny. She was the only one whom she could speak her heart out. Like her family life, her school life was neither easy.
Probably the problem was in her self. Other students found her lost in thoughts, otherworldly, sometimes talking to the dead. Gracy often said she can see her mother. But nobody believed her. Her mannerisms were weird for this sophisticated world. Her father who was already hateful towards her contemplated of institutionalizing her. But her granny came to her rescue.
With time, things grew worse. Her paranormal connection disconnected people from her. Now when she looked for shelter, her deceased mother ceased to see her. Gracy's life became a barren desert with the mirage that fooled her with a sublime memory to spend a single happy moment with her parents.
Years passed, Gracy grew into a beautiful woman, but a weird woman who was given a blind eye. A few years ago, her father had died, leaving her all the money, which was the last thing she expected from him, the first, he never understood. She did a small job just to keep herself engaged. One day she made a decision to shift to the house that once granny had mentioned. Granny didn't stop her or warn her. Granny knew what she was looking for. She requested granny to accompany her but granny refused. Granny said she wanted to spend her last years with her family. Refusals were a part of Gracy's life. She was once again left alone...shattered.
She looked out of the window with the coffee mug in hand. Two weeks had passed since she shifted to this new house. She wasn't happy but also not surprised when nothing happened what she had wished. Refusals were a part of Gracy's life. From the day of birth, every happiness that came her way was drenched with some poignant sadness. But today she felt too hapless, too tired of her life. Broken from inside, the tears flowed down incessantly.
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Introduction of Gallery page!


Hi friends, If you have noticed, I have added a new page Gallery. I have assorted all my writings on one page. Don’t forget to explore this page. Would like to hear your suggestions and comments!

Happy reading!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


This period of four months is the most awaited period for the people working on ship trawlers. The sea is difficult and risky at monsoon. For four months they step on land and live the short life at Home to their fullest.

Every life is different and each has it’s own challenges and difficulty, isn’t it ?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rain Rain

Monsoon is in. Summer is out. Now we talk of rains, rains and just rains. And thats what I would be blogging for some time. Here's a pic taken at Ferry wharf, Mumbai during high tide. The large drops of rain made a beautiful pattern on the water, like a grainy chart, hadn't it ?

The ship, should be fish trawler is the highlight that I liked in the gray picture. Keep watching this space for more pics and more monsoon stories.

Well, how's the monsoon with you ?

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Will it every come true ?

Lost in wild thoughts…

With the first sunlight,
I opened my eyes

I breathe in the fresh air
And forget all my plights

The first chirp of the bird
That tingles my ears

The open window brings the freshness,
In my soul, longer that hovers

The cool breeze that stings me
Also brings the first scent of the beaut'l flowers

I want to be there
To free the shackle

To own my dream home
Beyond the concrete jungle

In the wild nature
I want to live in peace

Mountains, Woods, Birds, Rivers
One among them, is my fairy dream

- Megha, The Dreamer

P.S : I was posting this picture on Facebook. As I started to write the description, I don’t know how, but the lines came out with a flow. Seems they were deep within me waiting for me to realise…It’s a dream, a very fairy dream

Saturday, June 05, 2010



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The wind blew eastwards brushing the chill to their faces. They were 50 something, married for decades, spending time together was now not only rare but never thought of, until today. With no one in vicinity, they sat together, close. The atmosphere was quite cool and beautiful. But with the age, the cold was more of inconvenience. Hands were wound tight around the cup of coffee, vapour swirling thick  from the cup, crawling up thinning, vanishing. Sitting on the steps of guest house, they waited for the sun to set. It was a heritage house, a huge, beautifully decorated with traditional mountain culture. It opened into a beautiful view of the valley, with a small rocky road that snaked down the hill. With the backdrop of pine stretching over the hill slope, the sun could only be seen partially. All this, after so many years, sitting together, can only be a dream, playing magic before their eyes. A dream that they yearned years ago only to be forgotten. But now, the magic wand had swung, rewinding the days to their time of youth, when they had been here, after their wedding.

“Wonderful! Isn't it ?”, Navin said to Reena. She smiled in approval. Both watched the sun moving down slowly between the trees, throwing beautiful shades all over the sky.

“Thanks to you, Navin” she said. A faint smile crackled on his face, the face that had wrinkled over years of hard work. He had put in lots of efforts and time to raise the now successful business. It paid off well, but only after years of travelling and separation, then later raising the kids and expanding the business. In earning all the mercenary profits, they lost their youth and routine set in. But in all this Reena never complained.

“Thanks to you, Reena”, he turned to her, gratefully. Tough time had worked out its effect on him, but she had eluded the time, and still effused the same glow.  Though her features had matured with time, they grew subtle. Her cheerful smile still spread the same contagious happiness around. They both smiled. Over the years, they had learned to appreciate each other, one of the many secrets to their successful marriage.

“Our children are now settled. They have their own families. Lets live the rest of life for each other” , he said. A smile appeared on her face. The blush was evident on her face, and why not, such romantic words had fallen on her years after decades. She nodded and rested head on his shoulder....They thought of that lucky day the turn of events also turned their life...


It was last Friday. Like every other day, Navin and their son Rupesh drove together to their office. From past few weeks they were too busy even to think of anything other than work. As Navin jumped out of the car, collecting his things, he was contemplating the agenda for the day.

The first half passed and the clock showed 2 pm. He pushed the files to the edge and started opening his lunch box.  To his surprise, a folded paper was lying  hidden on the small steel cover of the steel container. He frowned. This never happened before. Something made him ponder. He mulled over the open window. Yes. Reena looked different this morning, he saw something in her look that he hadn't seen past several years. What can it be ? He unfolded it.

The contents startled him. The lines were too romantic...

"Darling, the most beautiful time of my life was when u held me in your arms" His face blushed red. He couldn't stop smiling. Was this the secret of the twinkle in Reena's eyes ? But she never been so vocal about love. So age is getting a new Reena from the old. That would be interesting. He laughed. He was enjoying it. Romancing at 50. Without opening the lid to peep the contents he moved aside the container. Under it was another letter on the middle container's lid. Now he was smiling ear to ear. Whatever miracle or dream it is, it's damn good, he chuckled to himself. He unfolded the second letter.

"Darling, the most beautiful words that ever fell on my ears were those sweet three words that you whispered in my ears"

Reena was in a good mood to bomb me out with these letters, he thought. But when was the last time he said uttered those words to her ? Wouldn't be less than decades. A doubt now crept in his mind. He shoved this container aside. As expected there was another letter in the hiding. He was grinning, Why hadn't this happened before ?

"Darling, the most biggest award of my life is you.

I love you. Please come home early today! Love, Neha."

Neha ? So this is a different love story. He was laughing. Hard until it hurt. His cabin's door opened. His son hushed inside, with the other lunchbox in hand, they were swapped in hurry. Why didn't it strike him before ? His son is newly married and such a letters are expected in early marriage days.

"Come son....how many days have passed since your marriage ?"

"One month", Rupesh was promt but the voice apprehensive, guessing, seems Neha had done another stupidity.

Navin continued, "Don't you think you need a break from this work and take her out somewhere ?"

Rupesh was silent, he was seeing a new candid avatar of his dad, unlike the old 'lover of work' father. What's the matter ?

Nain continued, "Well, I think that Neha will agree with me. She has some letters for you". Navin was laughing, with mummed lips, trying hard to control. Today was a best day of his past years that he could think of. Reading someone's letters can be so enjoying, specially when they are love letters...the thought made him laugh loud.

Rupesh's mouth fell. He felt sudden anger on Neha. Stupid, he thought.

Navin was not done yet, he continued, "No problem son. I'll arrange a good trip for both of you"

Rupesh was smiling, blushing. But his eyes twinkled, as if in avenge, that caught Navin offhanded.

Rupesh continued with a big grin, "Dad, I think you too need a break". Navin frowned with surprise.

"Mom would agree with me. She too has a letter for you". What ? What is this weird day ? Navin grabbed the lunch box from his son's hand and banged it on the desk, in the hush of the moment. For the first time, after decades, his wife wrote a letter to him and his son caught them. How embarrassing. Rupesh smiled over the victory.

"No worries Dad. I will also arrange a trip for you too". He said. Off course two different places, to avoid further embarrassment, he mumbled to himself as he left, happy and lively.

Navin opened the letter. In a beautiful cursive handwriting Reena had written,

"Rupesh, When I slept last night, I knew I would write this letter to you the very morning.

Whenever I see Rupesh and Neha together, I think of our old days. The days that are still alive in my memories, though little faded with time, as if they are calling us to relive them together. Why can't we have some time together, just like the old days, in the mountains, again, sipping coffee together ?

Even though the words were lost in years, I still remember the way you proposed me. But today I have to say to you that I love you.

Waiting for you, Reena"

Rupesh slipped in chair silent, overwhelmed by emotion. Yes, he wants to live the rest of his life with his wife, not behind the files


The two were still sitting there. The sun had set, the darkness fell, but in their life, the sun had risen, announcing the new beginning of their second innings.

- The End -

P.S : If you find the letters funny or not good, please don't blame me. I am not good at letters, let alone love letters. Nor do I read romantic novels. If you have some beautiful romantic lines, please share.

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