Sunday, June 06, 2010

Will it every come true ?

Lost in wild thoughts…

With the first sunlight,
I opened my eyes

I breathe in the fresh air
And forget all my plights

The first chirp of the bird
That tingles my ears

The open window brings the freshness,
In my soul, longer that hovers

The cool breeze that stings me
Also brings the first scent of the beaut'l flowers

I want to be there
To free the shackle

To own my dream home
Beyond the concrete jungle

In the wild nature
I want to live in peace

Mountains, Woods, Birds, Rivers
One among them, is my fairy dream

- Megha, The Dreamer

P.S : I was posting this picture on Facebook. As I started to write the description, I don’t know how, but the lines came out with a flow. Seems they were deep within me waiting for me to realise…It’s a dream, a very fairy dream


  1. Good one! May your dream come true..

  2. What it takes to make a dream come true... first of all a dream. You have it, what next find it out and it will surely come true :)

  3. as u said,
    the post reflects instant, natural and instinctual writing,......
    natural dream to be with nature to feel oneself...
    serene, soothing, sublime

  4. Yea...did it sound materialistic ? I agree I am a little materialistic...
    Thanks for reading and sharing your views :)

  5. yes...but such dreams come at a heavy price ;)
    but nevertheless one shouldnt stop dreaming and running after it, who knows, what's in His mind...
    Thanks for reading and commentng :)

  6. Thanks Mia. I suppose the compliment was for both the pic and the lines ;)

  7. that's what I call a comment :)
    Thanks for reading and commenting.

  8. Nope..not at all.........i didn't find any materialistic factors in this poem.
    And as long as materialistic thoughts act as a means to reach our end called happiness (not pleasure), it is healthy . :) :) :)
    keep expressing :)

  9. Dreams are meant to be beautiful, something just like your beautiful words :D :D
    May all your dreams come true....
    Keep dreaming!!

  10. Yes for both :)
    You are on twitter? I'm going to follow you, if that is okay with you. Will send you a message to tell you who I am.

  11. yea...if u dream of anything such beautiful world, hope it comes true too :)

  12. ya, u r right. Sometimes there is a very indefinite and crude line between happiness and's all upon us to do the right pick which is indeed very difficult...isnt it ?

  13. I want to be lost in this beautiful field of flowers too.

  14. Hey Megha...this is really cool one... :) ... May all your dreams come true in positive way... !!!

  15. I would love to have a house in the center of a vast green field....with mowed lawns emanating from the house...

    Beautiful thought.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  16. Wallah Wallah..honest and fast

  17. wow!!
    Yeah.thats the best thing..
    go back to the nature..leaving all stupid things behind!!
    I love it!


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