Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rain Rain

Monsoon is in. Summer is out. Now we talk of rains, rains and just rains. And thats what I would be blogging for some time. Here's a pic taken at Ferry wharf, Mumbai during high tide. The large drops of rain made a beautiful pattern on the water, like a grainy chart, hadn't it ?

The ship, should be fish trawler is the highlight that I liked in the gray picture. Keep watching this space for more pics and more monsoon stories.

Well, how's the monsoon with you ?


  1. rains... i am embracing them every single day. jus love it :)

  2. rain rain go away
    come again another day
    little Johnny wants to play
    rain rain go to Spain
    do not show you face again


  3. got drenched two days running.... and it has stopped here since :(

  4. Woke me up this morning :)

  5. One single word... wet. My mobile...wet.. :(

  6. its cold here..and raining everyday!

  7. I feel it's gonna rain like this for days
    So let it rain down and wash everything away
    I hope that tomorrow the sun will shine
    With every tomorrow comes another life...

    Rains are beautiful, just like everything else, and sometimes even more.

  8. Thank you all for the wetty comments :)

    Yea, monsoon is refreshing, something we were so eagerly waiting for, isnt it ?

    Tarun, I would never sing that poem, remember last time there was scanty rainfaill and MAH gov declared water cut :( Cant imagine it happening again.

    Yes Floods are bad, but Rain is good.

  9. MOnsoon Rwaks!!
    We getting daily showers in the evening

    awesome climate!

  10. hey just discovered your blog...must say really wonderful..keep going

  11. I love rain but it didn't rain since 2 days. :(

    Anyway, nice picture! :)

  12. Yea, monsoon has started it's's taking it's own course :)


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