Monday, April 06, 2009

Don't Mind !!

Like every other street, people were busy with their work. Some traveling some groups of guys killing time sitting on the parked vehicles as if paid for this. I always wondered what do they do there for hours.

The man was walking down the busy street. He was totally occupied in some thoughts, when his eyes met the estranged mobile phone on the road. He took some steps ahead, slowing down, probably making a choice whether to pick or let lit go. A decision was made and he took steps back. Stood there looking at the phone for some seconds and then bent down to pick. A gush of cat talks and laughter roared from groups around him. he'd made move they were waiting for. His eyes widened with astonishment and embarrassment reminding him of April fool's day. Ohh! 1'st April, reminding himself, he hurried, smiling to himself and avoiding any eyes.

This was the fifth person in row who got caught in the trick. I enjoyed as I stood in my balcony watching, celebrating the April Fool's day.


  1. That's sweet and funny - reminds me of the tricks my brothers use to play, gluing coins to the pavement in the days when people would actually bother to bend to pick them up. LOL!

  2. Jay,
    ya that's one too they tried a year before..its so funny how people behave before picking it

  3. good post Megha, its a nice take on celebration :)

  4. This is funny! I've never heard of using a cell-phone as the fool's trick. I know the coins both from try to pick 'em up AND get 'em glued down. Good post!

  5. @Alice & Tumblewords
    Thanks! is fun watching these tricks :)

  6. you header looks absolutely stunning :) Where did you get it from ?

    I modified the original using outlook 2007 which give too many options to play around graphics. Even Windows live writer is a good option.

    I have been looking for fonts and all, and found a very good site -

    would be making improvements in the blog struct :)



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