Saturday, April 04, 2009

The churning [Part 3]

Sonia feels Rohan is no longer behaving normal, rather threatening. She took a decision. Read First part here. And Second part here.

“Good night ” said to herself as she lie on the bed. But soon the settled thoughts started whirling again, making her yet again restless.

Earlier she was worried thinking what was she supposed to she was worried thinking if what she had done was right.

“I didn't even hear what his sister had to say. Did she understood what I was trying to say ? I shouldn't have hung up without clarifying. Isn't it ?” she questioned herself.

“But I have become so fragile emotionally that a slightest mention of past event make me tremble. I would have broke down had I started to tell her about the situation. That would have made the matters worse. But when I gather myself I will go to meet her” she was talking herself in nervousness. She reminded herself to be stronger.

“What happened to Rohan is not good. Is he like that and that I didn't see his psychological problems before getting into relationship ? Whatever it is, he has to get over this. ” Her mind was speeding uncontrollably.

“But the truth is that I may not look at him like before. I loved him. But the love has now change to fear. ” she felt guilty. “Can things be same as before,as if nothing has happened ?” She knew the answer. She could see the truth. It would never be the same. When you are in trauma, you don't see anything positive. And Sonia was in one such stress.

After rolling on bed for long time, she somehow felt asleep.

The room was completely dark. The door cracked as it opened. A person entered in. Someone was sobbing, it had to be in pain. The silhouette moved further. A slight beam of light was entering from somewhere, enough to just highlight a figure sitting on the floor with legs pulled towards itself and head buried in. The picture was blurry and dark. But the sound was clear. The person was crying.

She woke up. A nightmare. Who were they ? Was the person crying was herself and the one entering and watching was Rohan ? or was it the other way ?

Was it fear ? or was it guilt ?

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