Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Big Mistake of her life

Her cell phone rang again. She looked at it. Rohan’s name was flashing on it. She kept staring at it, not knowing what she was supposed to do. She tried to concentrate on something that was airing on TV, but only in vain. She couldn’t believe what her life has turned into.

She was a simple small-town girl. An innocent girl when she had come to this big city. She was enjoying the new city life and was very happy, until she met Rohan. He was so candid and sweet that she at once fell in love with him. He initiated and soon they were dating.
He used to send her flowers and expressed his love in unusual ways. She reasoned his unusual ways to impulsiveness and passion, but sometimes wondered her beliefs.

One day he revealed that he would even kill if anyone tries to separate them. That’s when she sensed trouble and decided to keep distance from him. Following days had more trouble. He tried to contact her but she kept ignoring him. She kept recieving messages from him. The threatening mails and letters kept pouring. Love had now taken the form of fear.

One day her phone rang, seeing his number, she ignored, it kept ringing.Next was a message from him “Please come back Sonia, I love you. Why don’t you understand? if you don’t come today I would kill myself”, She panicked.

Not knowing what to do, she decided to meet him for last time and make it clear that its over. She knew the risk.She knew she was unsafe. She was trembling as she reached his door. She rang the bell. Nobody answered. The door was slightly open. Gulping the lump under throat, she pushed the door and entered the hall. No sign of him anywhere. Her heart was beating harder. She saw a letter lying on the table. “I love you Sonia”. It was written in blood. The paper fell from her hand. She was trembling with fear. She turned to run away when someone held her hand. She felt a pinch in her stomach. Her eyes widened with fear. She was drenched with sweat. “I knew you would come back”, said a voice from her back. She turned, she was almost crying. Her eyes met his. He looked like a devil. His face was covered with sweat and something red. He stretched his hand. “I LOVE YOU SONIA” was cut into his hand; blood was oozing out, his shirt almost drenched with blood. She almost skipped a heartbeat. She jerked his hand and ran away. “Come back Sonia. Try to understand me” the words kept following her.

The psycho was back, trying to reach her. Her cell ringed again. Thirty missed calls. It rang again. This time a message "Come back else i would kill myself". She knew it was time for action.But didnt know what was she supposed to do. Call the police, her mind hinted. Grabbing courage, she picked the receiver with trembling hands and dialed.

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Written for Three Words Wednesday : Candid Impulse Risk


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