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Sonia feels Rohan is no longer behaving normal, rather threatening. Read First part here.

She was trembling, crushed. She had picked the phone to call the police, but didn't knew what to say..

Somehow there were varying thoughts about him in her mind…What’s right ? Should I hand him over to police ? Will that be right ?

She thought something and slammed the receiver back. I need to think before taking any action. Panic shouldn't make me do something wrong.

First I need to relax. She went straight to the refrigerator, opened the freezer and took out ice-cream. She chose pistachio over chocolate. Ice-cream was a stress buster for her and she knew it would help her relax when she needs to be in good state of mind. It worked and she felt better.

What to do? What would a sensible person do? Suddenly a thought clicked in mind. She browsed through some contacts and finally got Andy’s number. Andy was a common friend of Rohan and her. She pressed dial button. After two rings, there was an answer.

“Hey Sonia! How are you? What a pleasant surprise! Hey, where did you vanish ?”.

“I am not fine”, he sensed the tension in her voice.

“What happened dear? Anything wrong?. Tell me.” there was a worry in his voice.

“You can help me. It’s about Rohan. He is behaving strangely. Do you have any of his family contacts?” she said nervously.

“Hmm, let me see. Maybe I have. I used to get his calls when he had lost his cell!!”

“Really?” she said almost jumping, she felt a sudden hope.

Maybe talking to Andy had helped her. Andy dictated the numbers. “Andy, you don't know how relieved I am. Can you meet me tomorrow? I will tell you everything.”

“Yes, off course.” He reminded her of the hotel near their college.

“Now I am in a bit hurry! Catch you tomorrow. Thanks again.” They hung up.

She dialed the number Andy had given. A lady answered who stated as Rohan’s sister.

“I am Rohan’s friend. Actually Rohan is not well. There’s some problem, maybe some tension. He needs your help. Please do not panic. He just needs your support. ”

“What?”. Before hearing anything she ended the call. They will come and understand, she thought to herself.

She felt much lighter. Maybe she did just the right thing, maybe not. Discarding the thought she went to her bedroom. Her phone beeped again. It was Andy’s Good night message. She sighed. Good night she said to herself.

Continued here.
Written for Three Words Wednesday Prompt words Knack Crush Varied, used latter two.


  1. Why would she hang up on his sister? Why wouldn't she explain or at least confirm the sister would come?

  2. I'm with Susan. I think there needs to be a bit of detail after the hang-up graph.

  3.'ll find out in next chapter of this...will post soon..


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