Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What you interpret

I was sitting at the window
Gazing outside...

Fields were lush green,
with the Alps adding to sheen,

Children were playing,
Herds were grazing,

Suddenly the woman appeared,
Looking at her a cow stirred

The woman started running,
and the cow started following,

My heart started pounding,
as I apprehended some hitting and dashing,

I stood straight, to see what's next,
I started to pray, the cow to calm down and to woman to getaway

The woman entered a house,
The Cow followed her

She came out with a tub,
The Cow stood before her

She caressed her hand over the cow's back,
The cow stood beside her, then ate from the rack,

I was surprised, to see things turning differently,
What I thought and How it was...

Sometimes the scene is different than what we see
Sometimes the language is not what we read...

I was happy to see the Care for the Pet
I was happy to see the Love for the Master

P.S I was in Himachal Pradesh last week. I had been observing things out of my Hotel room window. The life in the faraway villages are so different and interesting than our mundane city life. I felt very touched when I learn t the woman was hurrying to feed the calf.

* I am combining Follow and Language prompt (Sunday Scribblings) into this single post.


  1. Great piece :-) Visiting after a long time. So how did the trip go ? No post/photos about that ?

  2. Thanks Whiteopal. The trip was fantastic. Would be posting trip details and pics soon (Actually there's some problem with the broadband at home)


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