Thursday, April 09, 2009

Girls are good girls…

It would just take 2-3 hours of air travel to reach Madrid from Netherlands. We were a group of five. I have always preferred traveling by train over flights. But the time saving made us think of flights. We had settled in our seats and were having some casual talks. One of who had a travel book was suggesting us a plan. As we pretended to listen to him, the serving of the breakfast started.

This was the best part of the flights for some of us. The guys always interested in asking of the breakfast options or anything irrelevant, to the Air-hostess. So as the hostess were heading, these guys were fully ready with ploys, to flirt around the hostesses. We, two girls ridiculed them, reminding them of their stupidity.

That's when some air-host (I think that’s counterpart for air-hostess) came. And I am not exaggerating here, they were stunning. So now the girls got their part of fun. And we enjoyed our part of conversations (I wont call it flirting ;) ) , but I would say we cannot vie guys in flirting.

Hey, see how you girls are big hypocrite…the guys said and we just giggled it off. There are no rules for girls!!

Written for Three Words Wednesday Prompt: Flirt Ploy Stunning.


  1. Fun to turn the tables on the men.

  2. @witchmojo thomj tumblewords
    thanks! keep reading

  3. lol..nice post...i didn't know that there are 'air hosts ' :)

  4. That "no rule" rule isn't fair :).
    Good read.

  5. @whiteopal Brownphantom
    haha..yea..air host.. ;)
    Thanks for appreciating :)

    No rule is the only rule ;)


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