Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Horror Fantasy - Dangling

Deluded, I was sitting on a very weird tree. I could see that the huge trunk went down ceaseless and disappeared into the think fog below. The crooked branches extended to eternity. Completely leafless, the uncountable branches went entangled giving it a creepy look. It was pitch dark around when the clouds veiled the moon. When they went away the moonlight falling on the creepy branches added to the horror.

The tree was wet so was I, I realized. On the tree, dotted till far away, were creatures, plain white hazy figures. Some were sitting, some dangling down the branches while some swaying with the wind. Their tapered tails was moving in the rhythm of the wind. The creatures created cruel sounds that no human could stay conscious.

But I seemed to be sitting there for long, smiling, probably talking to the ghosts. They seemed harmless as I sat, not knowing how long I have been there.
Then I asked, "You are great guys. Why do you scare humans ?"
"Great guys" came a voice from above followed be a screechy wicked laughter, that made me jump out of my skin, alerting me against something.
"You will know" came another from right. My hair stood on end. I knew that I was now panicked.

One blink, I found that the faraway creatures seemed closer, their hollow eyes arresting mine. Another blink, more closer, diminishing the darkness with their white figures. They were appearing nearer with every blink. I was cold, frozen, bewildered, terrified, screaming. Another blink and...

Written for Three Words Wednesday : Prompt - Arresting Rhythmic Wicked.


  1. It's been fun to see what people have done with this week's words. Dark, scary and brooding seem to be the way to go. This has some very good moments, the eye blinks really bring a chill to the ending.

  2. Thanks ThomG for reading and more thanks for giving such a wonderful prompt this week. 3WW acts as catalyst to my mind for ideas :)

    Keep visiting!

  3. @anthonynorth Andy Tumblewords

  4. Creepy, but a few lines could use some editing. They're clunky. Enjoyed the read.

  5. i m creeped out but totally stunned :D

    My 3WW

  6. spooky, my chrome crashed when i was about to comment :(...

    i hate it when one ends with three dots we have a sequel post?

  7. @Susan
    Thanks for the feedback. That was probably coz I just posted the first version. Thanks for reading :)

    @Winnie & AD
    Thanks for reading and appreciating.

  8. @ani_aset
    I prefer Firefox over chrome, dunno why, probably since I have been using it for long and you know, it difficult to change.

    Thanks for the appreciation. Well, there is no sequel in this case. Coz every mind deals with the three dots differently, and sequel will just loose the thrill... (one more reason being I cant come up with what could happen next, any idea ?)

    Series - Reclamation (2 post story, more to come)

  9. Fun and creepy.

    I like it!

  10. Interesting Megha.
    Horror was nicely carved.
    Your first paragraph was picturesque.Am trying for this sincelong.
    Gud work

  11. @Strattonm & maglomaniac
    Thanks for reading and appreciating :)

  12. lol...sounds like Vikram aur Vetal :-)

  13. @whiteopal
    haha....i used to watch that, and was my fav ;)

  14. Great ending..

    stolen from the air

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