Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mumbai Local

8.30 am in morning, venue crowded ladies compartment, Mumbai train.

Everyone was busy with themselves. Some reading holy books, some dozing, some staring out of the window, some applying makeup, a few standing at the door while some restlessly cursing their neighbours for pushing her inside.

Sitting at the window seat, I was gazing out of window, when Parel station arrived. The train had not even stopped, when the ladies rustled in the compartment. The train started moving. There was a noise of struggle over the door to get in, and then a shriek. "Shit" I heard myself uttering (with an embarrassment that I couldn't help myself from getting rid of that word) and echo around (i suppose many have the habit of using the word). Another dangerous attemp! I was flustered at the recklessness.

My heart skipped a beat. Every neck stood upright to get the view at the door. Thankfully the lady managed to enter in the compartment. She as wearing red, i could see ambiguous expression of fear and relief on her face. Soon there were sighs and whispering around. But everyone was relieved that there was no injury.

When the lady came in and got seated, every eye in the compartment was following her. As soon as she got seated, words of cautiousness and carefulness were shoved at her from all around. The poor lady kept listening and nodding, trying to smile.

I really wonder why people try to get in the moving train, even if it is slow. I never dare!!

Written for Three Words Wednesday : Prompt - keepsake, dangerous and restless. Used later two in the post.


  1. Yeah, good use of the three words!

  2. yea true, life is too precious for that. I always believe in one thing
    "Better to be late than LATE"

  3. that was refreshing :)

    my take on it is at

  4. words of cautiousness shoved at her... great verb there.

    I completely agree with silentlyexpress.

  5. Yes, one does wonder at impulsive behavior that is just plain dangerous. Some "redlights" should not be run no matter how restless we are.


  6. @Andy Sewina
    Thanks Andy. Keep visiting.

    ya I know. That's the perfect quote. The chances of going to hospital with broken bone is more than getting to office.

    Thanks. keep visiting.

    Thanks. keep visiting.

    It's truly dangerous. Its scary even for those who happen to witness it.

    Thanks for visiting.

  7. I used to do it for fun.. kinda thrilling.. and then necessity.. you just cant miss the train n b late...

    but now I know better :D

  8. this pic looks like vasai station.. is it ?

  9. @Winnie
    Thanks for visiting. BTW I hope you now don't attempt to board a moving train. I get jitters when I see people doing that.

    About the pic, I just picked it from web. I think you are right, its Vashi.

  10. Done that once. And decided --- never again. However, I didn't run into a crowded local. It was around afternoon after college years ago.

  11. @Psych babbler
    ya i know, most of them have the same reasons. But still, it's very dangerous.


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