Sunday, June 28, 2009

Train in Rain

I love the rains. Its a pleasant weather. You find everything around changed with weather, specially the train.

The train is one thing that gets worse in this season.
Some changes in train don't go well with me. Like-

The train gets messy. Some people keep their wet umbrellas on the seat, don't know how a sensible person can do this. A dry seat in this damp environment is one thing that every other person wishes for after boarding the train. Some even sit with their raincoats/windcheaters on.

The muddy water is all over the ground and you have to take special care that you don't spoil your dress.

The water enters through the door, and all the seats adjoining the door get wet. This reduces the number of seats, which in turn causes the rush to move where its dry.

One cannot stand at the door. Well it’s not an issue for me since I used to stand at the door just to get free from the scorching heat of the summer. But now that the air is fresh and cold, it doesn't interest me. But there are few people who never sit, standing at the door is by choice over sitting, they can have problem.

Fellow passengers are drenched and they make you too wet after seating besides you. I hate this the most coz,  to get rid of this, one can’t even get up and stand near the door.

Get the beating from the rain because of rain while standing near the door. I always travel opposite to the crowd direction, so I never have this problem, in fact most of the times I get window seat. So I can’t comment on this.

And the most important is that I don't like to sit when I am wet. (I suppose everyone would share the same feeling with me, don't you?)

Well, no matter how much you curse and complain, the truth is that we have no other option to the train. So I advise myself, to stop nagging and take it as yet another facet of life.

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