Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rain is falling

09malshej1 Kerala_4

Like me, many of you might be celebrating, with the onset of monsoon. The monsoon took too long to reach Mumbai this year, the reason being Global warming, the pacific water is heating up, which blocks the rain clouds to reach Southeast Asia.

But nevertheless, the rain has now arrived and have bought smiles to every face. And along with it, brought many goodies for us.

The smell of the earth as the rain wets the ground, must be liked by most of us. First rain is close to most of the people, many get drenched in the first rain, as a custom (some say it's a cure to prickly heat) The season has it own memories which everyone doesn't fail to recite every year. The teatime being the favorite moment to share these. Hot tea/coffee with Bhajiya(Onion/Potato) is the best time everyone looks for. No matter with whom you are with, you cannot miss the pleasure.  Have a sip and just hear the rain fall.  The season also brings my favorite, corn. I like it boiled-salted and roasted-lemon-salted, equally. I bet there would be nobody who dislikes it, isn't it ?

There is fun even to watch children wearing raincoats and gum-boots and jumping in the puddle, while their mothers scolding them. The road gets filled with colorful umbrellas and all heads turn to see any umbrella turned upside with the wind. Indian rain seems to be just like Indians. "Never obey rules" the mantra it believes in. It always runs left or right but never straight, leaving no chance for you to remain dry till you reach home or office. The only fear, at least for me, is to sit in the air conditioned office after getting drenched. This is when you find many people in washrooms waiting for their turn to get warm under the hand dryer.

The early darkness with just gray view out of the window, has it own story to tell. The damp clothes transferred from balcony to hall, brings smiles to me, no matter how inconvenience it brings.  If one really wants to enjoy the season, then he should step out in the heavy rain and reach the mountains. You will never find them so green, the waterfall adding to its beauty. If you are lucky you might see a gorgeous rainbow amidst mother nature.

With so much fun, I never bother the train delays, the mud, lost umbrellas.

Whatever it is, I just love the Rain. Do you ?


  1. i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the rain and it never rains where i m at!

    it has been cloudy for the past couple of days...

    but it sure hasnt rained :(

  2. A great season for poets.I'm sure many poets will be getting ready with their pen and paper.Wish you a great monsoon ahead.I hope monsoon will reach my place soon.

  3. I'm just waiting for a few more showers! Then I'll off to the Sahyadris to resume the treks

  4. @AD
    Thanks for reading and sharing your views. I know, it has been giving us false hope for quite some time, but at last Varun Dev has understood our plight and sent the clouds.

    I am sure it would rain at your place too in some days.

  5. @Kunu
    Yes the monsoon will reach your place too. The poets will sure be ready with their fresh poems. But I think rains inspire the artist in us too, Prose, poetry or photos anything.

  6. @Vinay
    Ya true, the sahyadris are the best location to enjoy the best of nature's beauty. One trip is on my plan list too. Any good places you have to suggest ?

  7. Got you from INdi BloGGer :)
    Mumbai has got its share of showers, but in a place like Himachal it is burning :(
    Ask your mon~not~so~soon to come here asap :)
    Keep writing :)

  8. @tarun
    Hot in Himachal ? Himachal seemed a cool place to me. May be around Kullu which is a bit hot compared to Simla.

    Anyways, you get your share of rains too :) very soon.

  9. I wished it rained in Delhi too....

  10. @What in a name
    Thanks for visiting. I know that the condition is really bad in North India. Hope the monsoon clouds reach there too very soon.


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