Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Wrong time, wrong person..

Like every other Saturday, she woke up late. Laziness and Folly were some traits that crept out of her on weekends.
And today her maid was on leave, leaving her hostile to what is said to be Bad lunch. She knew how bad she was at household work.

The movie was about to begin. She kept the tea and milk on the gas stove as the movie started.
It was her favorite actor's movie and no way she was going to miss it. She had dreamt about him. How crazy she was for him in her college days.
But things are different now. The crazy teenage girl was now responsible matured woman now, she thought, smiling to herself.
She recalled she has to meet her fiance the next day.

Dreaming about the actor and fiance, she sensed something was burning badly. She jumped out of the couch and caught the wild smoke coming out of kitchen.
Off she ran to kitchen. The tea vessel was almost black and fuming while the milk was overflowing. Hurriedly she picked it up with bare hands. "Mummy" she cried as she left the vessel as it burned her hands. The milk was all over the floor. By now the fire alarm went off. Now she was cursing herself. She was opening windows when somebody rang the doorbell.

She was mad at herself thinking what one would think to see the mess she had created.

She ran to the door. Hurriedly she opened it, and froze to see fiance at the door.

But things are different now. The crazy teenage girl was now responsible matured woman now.....her thoughts whirled in her mind teasing her of her stupidity....Stoned she stood embarrassed before him.

Written for Three Words Wednesday : Prompt - Ordinary Hostile Folly. Used later two in the post.


  1. An interesting turn of events.

  2. We never quite escape our past.

  3. @ThomG, Anthonynorth
    Thanks for reading!! Keep visiting

  4. Phew, could anything else go wrong?

    Nicely told!!

  5. Nice work - it deserves more than one reading, for sure.

  6. ahhh that is so deservin another read.
    m at work hence i will be back again :)

    but this is lovely.
    i missed by 3 word, pickin it up now

  7. @Gautami, Andy, Tumblewords and AD
    Thanks!! Great to see that you liked it :)

  8. life and acting a tangled web we weave...

  9. @one more believer
    very true...we are the actors of our own film, a film where there are no retakes :) ...

  10. Sounds a little like me, in the kitchen part, only I will not burn my fingers! Nice one. Did the fiance helped in cleaning? :D

  11. @Mridula
    Thanks for reading :)


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