Saturday, June 27, 2009


  The doll stood out of the toys around. She saw it and at once she knew she want it. But how easy will it be for a street beggar to buy it ? she knew the chances. But still she walked in the shop. "Ye kitne ka, sahab?" How much does this cost? she asked the person sitting at a counter near the door. "Dedso rupaye" One fifty rupees, he replied looking at the ten year old beggar with sympathy. She stood outside watching the doll, thinking how could she buy it.

What she earned was only enough for food. But she was eager to buy the doll. Lost in thoughts, she kept walking, when she saw a newspaper stand. "Poochke dekhti hoon" I'll ask him, let's try, she said to herself. To her surprise, the newspaper vendor agreed to let her deliver the newspapers for which he will give her Rs.100. "Abhari saheb" Thank you sir, she said. She was thankful to him from the bottom of her heart, she knew that very few would really believe a street child. Since he had agreed to give her the money in advance, she has to arrange the rest fifty rupees. That I can manage with some small work here and there, she thought. A smile appeared on her face, which was lost for some time, God is with me! she thanked God.

The day arrived. She had Rs.150 in her hand. She ran to the shop, handing the money to shopkeeper she pointed to the doll. The shopkeeper packed the doll and handed the packet to the child. She was overwhelmed as she ran her fingers over the silky lace.

Without waiting much she left the shop, after thanking the shopkeeper. Running she sopped near a small girl not more than five years. "Janamdin mubarak chotti" Happy birthday, she greeted as she handed the gift to the child. The child's eyes twinkled with joy when she saw the colorful box. They have never owned such a beautiful doll. Folding the gift wrapper carefully, the kid rolled her hands through the doll's curly hair.

Didi(elder sister), she embraced her sister, with tearful eyes, which just said..Thanks..Thanks..

Written for Sunday Scribbling. Prompt - Toys


  1. aww that is such a sweet scribble :)
    esp the end!

    i still have to test my thoughts on the prompt :)

    happy ss

  2. very caring! lots of compassion in this.

  3. Hey that is truely beautiful :) thank you!

  4. Oh what a sweet story I worked with children in a home and actually they were more generous than other kids

  5. Thanks for reading and appreciating :)

  6. It's a very nice story. Reminds me that children always have the capability of loving others unconditionally.

  7. Thanks Kajoemanis for reading. You are right. I admire how small things can make then so happy.

  8. aw, almost made me cry. So sweet to see her generosity.


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