Monday, June 15, 2009

Unknown plans

Life sometimes seems complete unreasonable. Sometimes you are sure of things, but things happen just the other way, leaving you bewildered. Sometimes the theory of destiny and luck just seem to be too evident to deny.

A few colleagues of mine are from Bangalore and have migrated to Mumbai for job. When announced that there's a project which requires few resources for Bangalore, there was a kind of joy in the Bangalore colleagues. But sometimes life seems absurd and what happens is just opposite what you want. All of them were rejected (They were of high skillset and experienced. We were taken aback by the rejection) and those who were selected were from Mumbai who were not at all interested to leave Mumbai for Bangalore. We all were surprised at this and were awed by the way things are planned up there by Him.

I now completely agree with levi's quote, "Only God can make a truly random selection".


  1. "Whatever happens, happens for good". always remember we are gods own children. He knows the big plan for us. We as kids always hate the short term decision. We only ask for sand, when god wants to give the world to us :)

  2. @ani_aset
    ya true. I truly believe but when weird things happen, they just bewilder us. But as you say, its important to see the bigger picture..

  3. Megha,
    this is actually a common experience of me n my friends... but then, this is life :)

  4. @Hashir
    True, and then we wonder why only me...isn't it ?

  5. Do corporates follow government bank like rules too ? Like you can't be posted in your home-town if you want to be an officer. Yeah, man proposes, God disposes !

  6. @Whiteopal
    haha...right quote!


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