Tuesday, June 30, 2009

TV jinxed

MEAP_television_07Bahus, Betiyan has captured the idiot box nowadays. Switch on the TV and you will find some dramatic serial is on. Like every other serial on every channel, the story would be rotating around Bahu or Beti, who is a victim of some or the other social custom.

Being a Leo (moon sign), I really don't like to see people crying with helplessness. If one feels low or dejected or betrayed, maybe he or she may cry, but how long ? How many episode the director would feature them crying and cursing? How come this increase the TRPs? Do Indian people like to see Hero(sorry, I forgot, that this character has disappeared from Indian television) or the Heroine weak and insubstantial. In fact, I would say if the betrayed character strikes back and stands up against the forces, then people should appreciate it. At least I would like it that way.

Enough of tragedies, reality shows. I want thrillers/horror shows and comedies. I am waiting for a revolution. Will it ever happen ?

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  1. it did happen with great indian laughter challenge part 1 and office office on SAB tv
    but sadly even they have degenerated into bad shows now


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