Sunday, May 02, 2010

Back from break, hopefully

Fortunately or Unfortunately, the big, lushly, controversial stories are over. Swami Nityanand, Shashi Tharoor, Sania Mirza and Lait Modi, the list was never big. Last few weeks have been haven for the journalists. Without trying too hard, the controversialists themselves were offering them stories.

But it was equally negative for me. Office load was pretty good, TV was boring and my mind was in a block, a writer’s block, as I learnt from a friend it’s called. Photo blogging and blogging was hit hard. Somehow I tried to buck up by reading other posts, but somehow it didn't worked.

So now to our refresh minds, we are following a different schedule at home. It’s Doremon, Sinchan and Takeshi’s castle that we are watching from last week. And yes, they are much better than the other TV regulars. And yes, the T20 world cup is also back, so there’s a some entertainment to add too.

I am quite sure I am recovering from the broken interest in writing and would try to maintain the regularity. Amen.


  1. Me TV baghat nahi... Karan baghtila tar me far comments karto... Ani mag parents mala hakaltat! :)

    Computer is the only way

  2. hehe...ya..i know....I hate those daily soaps...but kya karen...majhya ghari pan toch problem ahe :(


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