Sunday, May 16, 2010

Who dunnit ? My answer

As I’ve written in my earlier post Blogadda had started this contest called ‘Who dunnit it ?’ A murder plot is posted in the story ‘Reunion’, by Ajay Nair, which we have to read and identify the killer. Below is my interpretation of story, with my answer to the quest, the identification of killer. It may be correct or incorrect, we can only know after the contest is closed, on Wednesday. So before reading further don’t forget to read the main story ‘Reunion’.
Lila liked to spread her love around. How difficult is it to live with such a wife ? It’s beyond imagination. Lila had charmed M., I., R. and G. in her love. Each of whom had never shared the same feelings post-marriage like that before marriage. M., R. did marry her rather quick but their bail out from the harrowing marriage also had been equally fast. G. lived his own way, sharing his love, just like Lila, without getting into the trap of marrying her. Sia had differences with Lila, but she’d abandoned her.
The only person who spent much time before and after marriage was I. He had a strong motive and the capability to give her her part of  punishment. Rather, like written in the story, I. was only capable and the one capable had succeeded, which affirms the charge.
I. offered her rose, his way of killing, the subtle way, slow poison. He’d stuck to a slower effective way to avoid being caught red handed, but fast enough to see her dead the same day. Lila had always collected articles from her past which backs the fact that articles were found in her room.
When she came out of her room, she looked anxious because the effect of poison had started it’s action. The poison was active now, she’d started feeling uneasy, she needed to relax, so she went back inside. But as she entered her room, the poison had spread till then, and she lost control over herself, hence the things were broken and the beads fallen in bathroom.
I wanted to kill Lila, I was capable, I succeeded.
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  1. Nice one, though I have written it in a different way.

    All the best

  2. chandrikashubhamMay 17, 2010 at 1:23 PM

    Ur style of writing is really very impressive. :)

    Best wishes. :)

  3. Thanks Shanka! I read your version also, nice twist. All the best to u too :)

  4. Wow! good to see you too thought on the same lines as me :D
    Loved your take on the story :)

    Best wishes for the contest!!

  5. Thanks. All the best 2 u too :)


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