Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Convert your blog to book


Printing your blog articles, how does it sound ? Yea, It’s possible. Blogger have come up with Blog2Print. Using this tool you can convert your blog into book at following expenses.

  • Soft cover is at $14.95. Price includes 20 pages. Extra pages at 35 cents each.
  • Hard cover is at $24.95. And extra pages at 35 cents.
  • PDF version will be for $7.95.

You can select articles that you want to print. For more information, check following links -

  1. Blog2Print Announcement
  2. Blog2Print Enhancement

The feature is good to gift someone, but just 20 pages for 14.95 $ is a bit expensive for me!


  1. If this is expensive then y publish :P

  2. yea...for those who can afford :)

  3. ANy how I would prefer any non descript publisher at Darya Ganj

    Anyhow an award waiting for you in my blog :)

  4. Haha! Neverrrrrr! I honestly think my own blog is pathetic. I'm never serious, and I dodge bullets quite a bit pretend I don't get things! :P My thoughts change a LOT at times, so much so that I go back to read some things only to believe "WTH was I thinking at that time?". I have several typo's. I'm never publishing.

  5. 15$ for just 20 pages? Guess it will be more economical to edit and prepare the book manually...

  6. yea..true ..maybe there are online tools which can create pdf from posts for free....just need to google..

  7. yea...i can vouch this for you ;)
    but still i like to read your posts coz these are written directly from heart :)

  8. dunno much about publishing agencies...

    and thanks for the award :)


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