Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lonavala trip

After spending drably days in office and weekends wasting at home doing nothing, finally we had a plan for weekend.

A movie or an outing ? Outing got majority and we finalized for Lonavala trip. With monsoon reviving in the city, we were not short of destinations, but Lonavala was the first name to come up and we said ok.

We were 7 when we planned but by Friday evening just a night before the D day, four members dropped out. I am surprised how casually people take their words. Seems like promises are meant only to be broken for some. Anyways, we didn't let our spirit dampen and we sought out for a joyful day.

After a lot of run for train and bus, we finally arrived at Lonavala at 12.30 pm, 2 hours behind schedule. The first thing we did was to have lunch. Then we stepped out to explore. Since we had wasted much time just in travelling we could only visit at the most 2-3 spots of Lonavala, we realised. We picked 2.

1) Bushy Dam
As we reached the place a couple of groups were enjoying in the stream flowing the mountain. A small trek led us to a waterfall gushing down a rocky mountain. The steep and slippery path (due to slimy alga) made it little difficult. After enjoying in the water we started for the next spot walking through the clear stream. It was fun.

2) Lion's point
It was 4 pm and with little time in hand we decided to go for the next best spot, the Lion's point. This place is famous of the views of deep valleys around Lonavala. We hired an auto for Rs.300 to Lion's point and back to Lonavala station with 1 hour waiting at the spot. But it was raining for past few hours which made the weather pretty cold. And as we reached the place, it grew foggy. We could hardly see anything down the valley. There was another waterfall down the hill. We trekked down carefully. This time it was big and splashy. There were hollow spaces filled with water, we feared how deep they would be.

After enjoying for quite some time, we started our journey back. By this time it was too hazy and we could hardly see anything few steps ahead. It was wonderful experience.

We were back to the station biding adieu , when we realized that we haven't bought the famous Lonavala chikkis, fudge or sweets, unfortunately. I comforted myself with jelly chocolates that I bought from the hawkers in the train. One more thing I want to mention is the Vada pav that they sell here in train. They are really good.

A good place for hikers, but I would recommend the travelers to start the day early to get the most of it.


  1. looks like you made a hurried visit :) nice pictures though :)

  2. @Anirudh
    ya, actually.
    But it was fun and we enjoyed. The best part was it was raining and atmosphere grew more inviting.

  3. Great pics ! And that would be 'bhushy' dam i think, not 'bushy' dam :)

  4. is it ? dunno but i reference with both the names...will find out and change...

  5. I must say its nice photography....


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