Thursday, September 10, 2009

The weak moment

He leaped from edge in thin air
Now that heights didn't scare
He knew this would be end of all
But now that that he didn't care

No life, no pitiful looks. Life's now a mayhem
The young soldier sobbed...hopes were thin...

The man came running to his mother
He ended life, he yelled with shudder
Without limbs, life was difficult for anyone
But you were a soldier of war won

You would have won this war of life too
The old mother sobbed.......hopes are thin...

Written for Three Words Wednesday


  1. Wow, the feelings that this brings up are very powerful.

  2. huh. That's what came out of me after I finished reading this. Really well well done!

  3. I'm reminded of Metallica's "One." Hero or not, it would be hard to stay positive after such injuries.


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